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The Second Skirmish of Frog Moore was an event that lasted about an hour and a half at the town of Frog Moore. This was in relation to The Sudanese Rebellion.


Gorkymoo1119 Arrives

After noticing activity from the town, the Minister of Municipal Development, gorkymoo1119, came to attack the town. Nicky_Who soon noticed him, and hid in their home.


After realising the Mayor of Frog Moore, Nicky_Who, wouldn't go out of claims, gorkymoo1119 went and hid.

At first, they hid towards the north of the town, by some sand but just in distance to see Nicky_Who. He had chunks visible so he could calculate if they were going out of claims and for how long. Soon, Mayor Nicky_Who thought it was safe to go out. Gorkymoo1119 rushed out, however, Nicky_Who managed to get into claims beforehand.

He then moved to the other side of the river to set up base there for a clearer view. He saw that Nicky_Who had more floors then the last time he attacked, in the Skirmish of Frog Moore. He watched on again with chunks loaded, and noticed Nicky_Who barely went out of claims, so gorkymoo1119 teleported, thinking Nicky_Who might have a minimap and see him on the map, but did at the time doubt that.

Coming Back

A few minutes later, gorkymoo1119 came back after noticing Nicky_Who was outside claims. He attempted to get to Nicky_Who, however the server lagged and he was delayed, allowing for Nicky_Who to get back into claims before gorkymoo1119 could hit them.

Home Invasion

As had happened in the prior Skirmish of Frog Moore, Nicky_Who attempted to hide in claims inside their home. However, unlike last time, gorkymoo1119 decided not to 'camp' outside, waiting for Nicky_Who to leave claims. Instead, he thought about how to get in.

He figured the sides of the building were unclaimed, making it easy to place blocks. He placed 1 block to get to the 2nd floor (of the around 5 floored home at the time), and used lag to get to the 3rd floor, where there was a way in.

Getting in, gorkymoo1119 bothered Nicky_Who. and made them scared. Nicky_Who ran all over their home, as gorkymoo1119 gave chase. At first, he managed to do this for around 8 minutes. However, Nicky_Who later managed to get to the top floor and trap gorkymoo1119 inside.

The Emperor Arrives

Entering the home

After twomoo1119 arrived, he saw gorkymoo1119 inside and attempted to find a way in. However, he did not know gorkymoo1119's way of getting in, due to him not being shown or being present at the time of arrival of gorkymoo1119. Gorkymoo1119 managed to get out, and show the way in. The Emperor entered cautiously, unsure if there's a way out, as Sudan had Nubia enemied.

However, he soon saw an easy way to get out, and so entered, following gorkymoo1119. Gorkymoo1119 was worried twomoo1119 was trapped, however twomoo1119 then showed gorkymoo1119 how he could be able to get out.

The Camp

Twomoo1119 camped outside the house, as gorkymoo1119 attempted to chase Nicky_Who out the home. Whilst this almost worked the first time, Nicky_Who learnt to jump into the river in claims, and not outside claims.

Despite this, the Nubians continued to be patient in their mission to kill Nicky_Who, and win another fight to do with The Sudanese Rebellion. However, after realising this wouldn't work, they had another plan to bother Nicky_Who.

Nubian Raiders

Megnan_ and Noahser arrive

After twomoo1119, called for backup of Nubians in the nation chat, by asking 'If anyone's not busy atm, can you come over to Frog Moore?'. At the time, only these 2 were available, and quickly arrived.

They were soon shown how to enter into the home and chase Nicky_Who, with gorkymoo1119's assistance. Noahser was especially keen on this, and continued the chase despite other Nubians leaving the building to camp outside.

Nicky_Who hides

At first, Nicky_Who was able to stay on top of the home, however the Nubians quickly figured a way up, and scared Nicky_Who further. Nicky_Who now had nowhere to hide in Frog Moore, and, looking at their options, teleported to Dharug, the capital of Sudan, where they had an embassy. The Nubians continued to camp out there, despite Nicky_Who not being there.

Arrival of uid0x0

Soon, the Mayor of Aniba, uid0x0, arrived in god gear. This scared Nicky_Who into retreating further into Dharug, and the Nubians considered victory and left after this.

The Camp of Noahser

Afterwards, much of the Nubian attacking force left due to Nicky_Who's retreat, considering it a success. Noahser continued camping outside for Frog Moore for around 30 minutes afterwards though, as to show the 'power of Nubia'.

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