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The Skirmish of Frog Moore was a skirmish associated with The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion. It lasted, in total about 1 hours, with 0 casualties on either side, as Nicky_Who refused to fight.


Activity Noticed

After Nubian Minister of Municipal Development, gorkymoo1119 spotted Nicky_Who on the dynmap, he communicated this with the rest of Nubian forces, asking if any were willing or wanted to go there with him.

Alone Mission


After no one was available other than himself, the Minister planned his journey down to Frog Moore.

It was known that Nicky_Who, from former times Gorkymoo1119 had killed them, did not know how to fight in 1.15.2, however the last time an attack involving them happened was a bit ago, so slowly became aware.

Journey from Ancient Egypt

After gearing up from Mersa, he teleported to /n spawn Ancient_Egypt and made his way southwards towards Frog Moore.

The journey was small, however the Minister was trying to be careful, and stopped of in thebes, a town north of Frog Moore, to plan his attack starting.


First Attack

Rush In

Gorkymoo1119 ran in, to see Nicky_Who on a tall pillar. After noticing this, he pillared up next to Nicky_Who to attack, and pushed them down.

After getting a first hit and making Nicky_Who fall from about 15 blocks, he realised Nicky_Who was in thorns god armour, however was not attacking him back. He continued to chase Nicky_Who down, but Nicky_Who managed to get inside their home at Frog Moore, allowing for them to escape


Attempting to scare Nicky_Who, he circles the 1 claim town, to try prevent Nicky_Who from getting out. Nicky_Who watched on from their windows, awaiting the Nubian to be out of view.

Eventually, Nicky_Who got bored and went to Dharug via /res spawn, which was quickly seen on the dynmap by Nubians, and Emperor twomoo1119 trying to head down.

Gorkymoo1119 had, in the meanwhile, went back towards the town of thebes to stay in a stable whilst he updated twomoo1119, as they attempted to get Nicky_Who back to the town.

Twomoo1119 arrives


The Nubian Emperor, twomoo1119, moved over towards Frog Moore from the Nubian /n spawn. Gorkymoo1119 recognised this fact, and attempted to tempt Nicky_Who out so they could attack the Mayor of Frog Moore easier.


The Emperor than advised they stay out of view of Nicky_Who, to tempt them out. This lasted around 5 minutes, until Nicky_Who thought the place was safe.

They watched on, from their screens, and the dynmap as to find Nicky_Who's location as soon as they were far away from the claims of Frog Moore.


The Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 than decided it was safe to get out of hiding to attack. Once hitting Nicky_Who twice with a sword, they had gotten them down to approximately half the original health.

Quickly, Nicky_Who retreated, and attempted to hit them with a shovel. After Nicky_Who was seen opening a door, gorkymoo1119 hit them away, towards the nearby river.

Emperor twomoo1119 then attempted to kill them, however Nicky_Who jumped into the river and and managed to get inside the home of Frog Moore, saving them from death, as they were approximately 2 hits from being killed.

After getting in, Nicky_Who teleported, and the Nubians decided to wait elsewhere in the meanwhile.

Second Attack


After Nicky_Who had waited over 10 minutes, they thought it was safe to continue their original work. However, unknown to them, the Nubians, and specifically gorkymoo1119 had continued to watch over the area.

As soon as he saw this, gorkymoo1119 made a march from the capital of Ancient Egypt to attack them once more.


After the Nubian had hit Nicky_Who, Nicky_Who ran back into claims. The Nubian managed to get 5 hits, but then realised the reason Nicky_Who hadn't died was a s a result of using the wrong sword in his inventory.

Nicky_Who remained in claims until soon leaving game, and the fight ended without a winner in regards to casualties.

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