Siege of Kraftier

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The Siege of Kraftier was a fight that happened on the 26th December 2020 as part of the Sudanese Rebellion.

The siege lasted around an hour and a half, with Sudanese fighters leaving as Nubians did. During the battle, the Sudanese mostly claim hid, but the Sudanese later trapping twomoo1119 using lava. However, TheSuperGamer205 also died to their own trap. Few forts were built - Fort Tiggley, Fort Piggley, Fort Wiggley and Fort Biggley. At a later point in the battle, foreigners such as daenef and shellblu turned up, as well as around 2 other foreigners. Daenef proceeded to help with the battle, but the other foreigners just watched on. glennjerman, a Sudanese fighter, later left the server after refusal to fight properly.


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