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The Skirmish of Kraftier was a fight that took place on the 6th of January 2021 in relation to the Sudanese Rebellion. It lasted around 40 minutes. The Skirmish is considered a draw as both sides had no deaths or losses.


Erick2317 arrived at Gizmo decided to chill around Kraftier, Yoshigamer1298 decided to help and attack kobikraft and his residents. They walked around and fight with kobikraft and one of his residents (MIHALEX228). At the end, Yoshigamer1298 left and Erick2317 was alone, he decided to stay a bit so he continue attacking. At the end, kobikraft went offline, MIHALEX228 got back to kraftier's t spawn and Erick2317 returned to West Mersa.

(For a recording of the skirmish, click the link here)

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