Nova:Battle of Kigali and Dharug

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The Battle of Kigali and Dharug (otherwise known as just the Battle of Dharug or Battle of Kigali) was a battle in relation to the Sudanese Rebellion. The battle lasted over an hour, with three deaths for the Sudanese and none for the Nubians and allies.

The battle started when twomoo1119 had went to Kigali and the residents of Sudan started attacking. Yoshigamer1298 joined the game, and was asked to go over to Kigali. He gave his residents a warning regarding this if they wanted to help. This resulted in rcvq and deathmongr and their residents coming over. After this, they went to Sudan's '/n spawn' at Dharug so the group split in two and one went and fought outside of El Obeid in Dharug whilst the other remained at Kigali. After the Nubians all went back to Kigali, they re-grouped and started the attack again.

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