Glossary of Sudanese Rebellion terms

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Several phrases and words have been used in relation to The Sudanese Rebellion, and a glossary of Sudanese Rebellion terms can be found below.

👊 you in face 👊👊 in face 👊 and then your dead

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👊 you in face 👊👊 in face 👊 and then your dead is a phrase that was first used by kobiKraft and has since been used to mock him by Nubians.


Visit main article: Noobia

Noobia is a term commonly used by the Sudanese people in an attempt at an insult. Whilst the word wasn't made by them, it was put into heavy usage by the Sudanese, especially in modern times.


Visit main article: NO SHENANIGANS!

NO SHENANIGANS! was first used by TheSuperGamer205 in response to gorkymoo1119's refusal to give him the Ethiopia discord. It would become commonly used during The Sudanese Rebellion to mock TheSuperGamer205.


Whilst not a common term, N#bia has been used as a bypass to prevent being muted in the Sudanese discord, as the Sudan bot would not allow people to say Nubia.


As a result of Sudanese usage of Noobia, some Nubians would attempt to mock their usage of the word with 'Soodan', however this was short-lived due to it not being viewed as effective.

What the fuck Sudan, uncool!

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What the fuck Sudan, uncool! is a phrase that is commonly used alongside another paragraph mocking Sudan.