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What the fuck Sudan, uncool! is a phrase often used by a meme in relation to the Sudanese Rebellion by the Nubians. It is mainly used alongside another sentence/paragraph that suggests Sudan has done something that may be viewed as negative by most audiences, including accusations of offensive content. It was first used by gorkymoo1119 in several accusations, before the phrase became more common amongst other Nubians and allies of Nubia. It is more commonly used in Sudanese EarthMC related discords than global chat on the server.


Whilst the phrase itself isn't used to be offensive, contents alongside it are. They often contain accusations of being offensive to groups of people, in an attempt to gain a response from Sudan.

Origins and early usage

Created during gorkymoo1119's tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs in February 2021, with him originally accusing kobiKraft and TheSuperGamer205, key figures in the leadership of Sudan, of being 'racist'. Initially, the phrase would not catch on, until repeated in several other messages with different content alongside the phrase. The first person to use it other than the creator was ArcaPlays and soon StarKiller1744.

Modern usage

Whilst used less now, the phrase often comes up every so often in the main Sudanese discord, alongside similar allegations of being offensive. It is more often than not used when the Sudanese discord seems to be getting active, or some debate starts between the belligerents in the Sudanese Rebellion.

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