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The diplomatic foreign relations of Nubia are performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emperor of Nubia. However, numerous other players are advisors, such as the rest of the government, in foreign policy and relations.

Nubia is currently the largest nation in the Darya Pact and heads the Second Nubian Empire, with colonies in almost all continents. Formerly, they helped found the African Union and played a key role in Afripol. Nubia is especially influential in Africa, with it being the largest nation there by land and the largest by population with a capital on the continent. This gives it much power and influence in more minor nations around it.



Enemies: Officially at war with.
Negative: Bad relations with but not at war.
Neutral: Has some relation with, but leans in no direction (positive or negative).
Positive: Not officially allied but relations are mostly positive, nations occasionally work together.
Allies: Officially allied with via a treaty or alliance.
Colony: Nation is a colony of Nubia.

Nation Relation status Notes and information

Ancient Egypt
Neutral See Ancient Egypt-Nubia relations

Nubia has a long history regarding relations with Ancient Egypt. Formerly at war, a peace agreement was made that ended the war in early 2020. Under Yemeni Nubia, however, they went back to war as a result of a border violation. This war would last up until the ban of louisdek, when Yemen declared victory. Post-war, Ancient Egypt went fairly inactive, stopping any establishment of relation.

After Nubian independence from Yemen, the nations fought against Sudan together due to the Sudanese town in Ancient Egypt's claims, however this ended when Frog Moore joined the SPQR.

In January 2021, the town of Le Caire would fall in the Hala'ib triangle, a region both nations disputed. Nubia would place a new town, Halaib, in the region to back up their claims. However, Ancient Egypt soon noticed, and a skirmish took place on the 16th January 2021.

Positive Relations between Brazil and Nubia first opened in late 2020, after DeadlyPINGU2003 had made decent relations with Nubians. The Nubian Emperor, twomoo1119, had looked over Brazil as a nation of interest in South America.

Twomoo1119 started discussion with the Brazilian foreign affairs front regarding complaints he had from several Brazilians, leading to closer relations.

Neutral No official relations exist between Nubia and Britain, however both nations have a common enemy that is Mongolia. In early 2020, when Nubia was a member of the GRE, the nations were officially at war after Britain declared war on GRE for allegations surrounding them funding a rebel nation. The war would soon end however and relations would return to neutral.

Negative California and Nubia's first official foreign relations started in late 2020, with former Nubian colony Zambie (now Katanga) joining them after gaining independence. As a result of disputes between Nubia and Zambie, California would take a disliking towards Nubia.

After the Nubian purchase of Zambie once more, giving it to Yoshigamer1298, 57billy would move to California as a mayor. Whilst relations have mostly cleared up now, small hostilities remain between several Nubian and Californian citizens.

Positive Whilst not official allies, Nubia has citizens who are mutuals or friends with Danish citizens, most notably with Maple_d and gorkymoo1119. The two nations have helped each other in the past with support in battles regarding Svalbard, but not supported Denmark in war/battles against other nations to defend themselves.
Ethiopian Empire Flag.jpeg

Negative Ethiopia and Nubia share claims over the Ethiopian region, with Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, originally being Nubian. As a result of this, relations are mostly negative and both sides produce material that suggests the other side is not a nation to associate with.

Neutral In early 2019, El Obeid was created and soon joined the French Empire after a small fight. They would seek as much aid as possible from France. Upon Nubian creation, they would remain close to France for a few weeks until twomoo1119 took a break from the server. On return, they soon left the French Empire, worsening relations for a bit.

However, relations were fixed after a year or so of being out and especially after Yemeni Nubia, showing a new time for Nubia.

Positive Germany and Nubia share some common allies, such as Persia, but their relation has differed throughout time. During early 2020, when Germany started colonising Africa with nations such as German Togo, relations were somewhat negative as Nubia opposed the colonisation.

Since, relations have been indirect, but still have positive relations.

Allies Guinea and Nubia are officially allied, with Guinea declaring war on Sudan due to Nubia's relation with them. Both nations signed the Treaty of Mersa regarding mutual defense and recognition of Nubian borders.

Allies Upon Gujarat's creation, Nubia (under Yemeni rule) was one of the first nations to establish relations with them. Gujarat would join the Yemen Empire, and leader indian7p would work close with Nubian politician gorkymoo1119. Upon Nubian independence, relations became hostile as Gujarat remained close to Yemen. They would help Yemen in the Yemen-Nubia conflict.

Once Gujarat declared independence, the nations got in contact and started working together closer. Nubia would attempt to backup Gujarat against Pakistan. Eventually, Gujarat was invited to Darya by Nubia.

Neutral Nubia has had a complex history with the GRE, especially regarding borders in the Egypt region, which are disputed. Despite the disputes, Nubia shares a few allies within the GRE, such as Numidia and Israel.

Colony After peterhobo and StatusBrowser purchased India, twomoo1119 spoke with the Indian leadership regarding future relations, as they were former citizens of Mersa. It was agreed that India joining the Second Nubian Empire would be mutually beneficial.

After a small vote, India joined the Second Nubian Empire, allowing for Nubia to control foreign policy of the nation.

Allies Kaapkust and Nubia have had strong relations since mid-2020, when twomoo1119 made more contact with their leader. After much talking and friendly exchanges, Nubia decided to invite Kaapkust to the Darya Pact, as one of Nubia's main allies on the African continent.

Colony See also Nubia#The Purchase of Zambie, Nubia#The Exit of Zambie from the Second Nubian Empire, Nubia#The Reintegration of Zambie

Katanga, formerly Zambie, has had a long history with Nubia over late 2020 and early 2021. After first joining the Empire in August 2020, they left a month later in September. They became hostile to Nubia, however quickly went inactive. As a result of this, Yoshigamer1298 ended up buying it from 57billy in mid-November.

The nation was reinvited to the Second Nubian Empire after a vote, and quickly grew in population. The community was made close with Nubia to ensure there was the least problems possible.

Neutral Madagascar and Nubia have had a small history, mostly in regards to minor border disputes during Nyasa. They have previously worked together with Nubia but have generally kept neutral towards one another.

In late 2020, with the addition of Katanga, another small border dispute took place that is still in place, however it does not threaten relations.

Colony Molodezhnaya was one of the earliest colonies of Nubia, joining early in the First Nubian Empire and rejoining during the Second Nubian Empire.
Namibia Colony Namibia was bought by former Nubian resident TheKaroo and quickly initiated negotiations to join the Second Nubian Empire. They joined the Empire on the 18th January 2021, after a vote amongst Ministers came out in their favour.

Colony Nejd is a colony of Nubia, joining in early January 2021 after a vote passed in the Minister cabinet. They serve as an extension of Nubian Arabia.

Negative Nubia and Pakistan first came into contact when both were in the Yemen Empire, initially having good relations. However, after Nubian independence from Yemen and the Yemen-Nubia conflict, relations worsened, which continued post-Pakistani independence from Yemen.

Positive Nubia and Persia have had a strong relationship since Persian independence. They have attempted to work together against common hostile nations such as Pakistan.

During Nubian time in the GRE, Persia had a minor disliking to Nubia due to a corruption scandal involving twomoo1119. However, after both of their exits from the GRE, they have attempted to agree on borders and have similar goals.

Sri Lanka
Positive Upon the creation of Sri Lanka, relations were initially negative as a result of Nubian relations with Yemen. The relations would become neutral after the Yemen-Nubia conflict ended, however there was still mutual disliking of players from each other's nations.

After Neowyld bought the nation, relations leaned positive and Sri Lanka received an invite to the Darya Pact, however this was declined.

Enemies See The Sudanese Rebellion

Sudan was established as a rebel nation within Nubian borders. Despite Nubia never declaring war upon their creation, they were immediately hostile and consistently attacked members of Sudan. After a Nubian town was made near Kraftier, TheSuperGamer205 declared war.

Despite the declaration of war, most physical fighting was done by Nubia. Sudan was most commonly seen calling Nubia 'Noobia' for their fighting as they refused to fight physically and whilst at battles, usually claimhiding.

Colony See Nubia-Svalbard relations

Svalbard was a close ally of Nubia in late 2020, under Maple_d's time as nation leader. This was due to him being close to gorkymoo1119 and twomoo1119. As a result of this, gorkymoo1119 was granted access to the Royal Council channel, being allowed to see votes but not vote himself.

After Maple_d left Svalbard and gave it to 2019s, gorkymoo1119 kept the ability to see the Royal Council channel. He would suggest ideas to improve activity as it quickly went down, however none were implemented. 2019s would later resign, then giving it to faukiz_d. Faukiz_d made it into an absolute monarchy, removing the Royal Council.

Twomoo1119 and faukiz_d would eventually speak regarding this, with Svalbard later joining the Second Nubian Empire.