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This article about the bilateral relations of 2 nations is about the relations between Nubia and the current Svalbard, and should not be confused with relations between Nubia and Svalbard from late 2018.

Nubia-Svalbard relations, also known as Nubian-Svalbardian relations, are the diplomatic and political relations between the nations of Nubia and Svalbard.

The relations between these 2 nations have remained mostly positive, with minor drama between some citizens of theirs. They have, however, supported one another in war scenarios historically though.


Population 500 30
Capital El Obeid Longyearbyen
Largest City El Obeid and Mersa (both at 100 population) Longyearbyen (15 Population)
First Leaders
Current Leaders
Official Languages Jack1.png English and French.png French Jack1.png English, Norway.png Norwegian and Polish flag.png Polish


First Relations

Yemeni Nubian relations with the Svalbardians

The first official relations between Svalbard and Nubia are suspected to have started when the Prime Minister of Nubia, gorkymoo1119 joined the Svalbard discord to keep an eye on their business, as Svalbard was growing in importance and size (Reaching the top of /n list 2 in late Feb 2020). However, there was little talk about relations then, keeping the nations peaceful to one another. There was little talking between the sides in the Svalbard discord and Nubia discord too.

United Nations

After Svalbard entered into the United Nations, the Nubians under Yemen showed their support, due to gorkymoo1119 being the Campaign Manager for Raining_Oranges. This was one of the first situations involving Nubian leadership speaking with the Svalbardian leadership, due to them being quite far away from one another and thus not very prevalent in each other's politics.

Nubian Independence from Yemen

The Battle of Sanaa

During the battle of Sanaa, Nordaustlandet, which was made up of major active Svalbardians, sent a soldier to support Nubia in their fight against the Yemeni ally, Pakistan. This was as a result of Pakistan attacking Nordaustlandet and Svalbard several times.

Initially, when the Nordaustlandet support turned up, Nubia was unsure of the side they were taking. However, after confirmation between messages from twomoo1119 and Santacruiser, as well as a read of the wiki, Nubia trusted Nordaustlandet were on their side. Afterwards, Mersa considered formally recognising Nordaustlandet independence from Svalbard, after a request from the citizen of Nordaustlandet to twomoo1119, however afterwards decided against it.

Official Support

Nordaustlandet said they supported Nubia in the Yemen-Nubia Conflict, as a result of Pakistan being allowed to support Yemen, by the Yemeni government. This was the first time relations between Nubia and Svalbard involved fighting in-game.

The Svalbardian Reunification

Visit main article: Svalbard-Nordaustlandet Unification War

Initial Conversation

In conversation between gorkymoo1119 and Bobberson_, the Nubian Minister of Municipal Development agreed to help Svalbard in the case of war against Nordaustlandet. However, he made sure to state that this was not an official war, but instead Nubia just supporting them.


Gorkymoo1119 spoke with the Nubian government about this, and, much to his disappointment, they didn't want to involve themselves further. After the news was reported back to the Svalbardian government, it was shown that Nubia had a support status.

War against Sudanese Rebels

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After being asked by twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119, Bobberson_ put out a vote out in the Svalbardian government channel. It was agreed upon that they'd help their ally, Nubia, in the war against Sudan, after Svalbard's King, Bobberson_, put out an announcement in regards to it.

Consideration of the abdication of Bobberson_

After the abdication of Bobberson_ from Svalbardian King, the Nubian government, especially gorkymoo1119 and twomoo1119, have been discussing amongst themselves the future of the bilateral relations between the 2 nations. The Mersan town staff considered removing the status of sister city of Longyearbyen to Mersa, however soon decided against it.

Cancelling of abdication

After some private talks in the Svalbardian government, Bobberson_ changed his mind and decided that he wished to remain King.

Nubian Svalbard

Eventually, Bobberson_ abdicated and moved to Nubia, where he met several Nubians who he ended up becoming friendly with. After this, he moved to Denmark, whilst 2019s had just became the official King.

Vestspitsbergen rebels

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In early October 2020, Leathermonster created the nation of Vestspitsbergen. Bobberson_ requested some Nubians assist in the fight against them, which they did (namely Mengan_ and gorkymoo1119). They helped attempt to fight them, which improved Svalbardian-Nubian relations even more.


Svalbard had slowly started becoming inactive, with eventually Konge 2019s becomes the most and only active. This severely harmed Svalbardian morale, with another Svalbard Restoration Group being formed, where it was suggested faukiz_d become Konge.

Twinned Cities