Battle of Sanaa

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Template:Battle template The Battle of Sanaa was a minor battle between Nubia and Pakistan, part of Pakistan's supporting role of Yemen in the Yemen-Nubia Proxy War, as this attack was heavily influenced by Pakistan's ally, Yemen involving them, however denied close relations with them after despite evidence of affiliation. It happened in Sanaa and surrounding areas.



Pakistan had joined its ally, Yemen, in war against the rebelling Kingdom of Nubia. Many previous battles had occurred, with Nubia succeeding in numbers, but Yemen overpowering Nubia in military prowess in a few battles, as the first few battles consisted of non-god gear new players. This was perhaps most apparent in the Battle of Sanaa.

Pakistani Invasion

On June 11, 2020, Pakistan sent an expeditionary force of King Jayden2566 and Chancellor TheRealJewy in an attack against the southern Nubian coast. Most of the town’s population, as well as two important figures in Nubia, then Prime Minister 57Gorky and Emperor Twomoo1119, were mobilized to defend the city.


First Wave

In the first wave, TheRealJewy lead the assault, directly pushing towards the town. Jayden7566 remained on the sidelines. Sanaa was unable to deal a decisive blow against the attackers, but took few casualties. Following the first attack, Jayden7566 returned to Pakistan.

Second Wave

The most intense fighting occurred in the second wave, where Nubia took extreme casualties. Additionally, Nubia’s ally, Nordaustlandet, sent support against Pakistan due to their ongoing war with them. Jewy made repeated assaults against the city, eventually leading to a drawn out melee with multiple traps used to prevent Jewy from escaping. Casualties were very high for Nubia, but mainly consisted of new players during the battle.

Third Assault

Eventually, TheRealJewy received suitable loot from the defenders, and returned to Pakistan, with Jayden7566 taking his place. The battle itself also slowed down, with terrain damage from the battle leading to a slow assault. No combat deaths were reported during the third wave, but fortifications were further destroyed and terrain griefed.