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This is NewYorker9's unofficial EarthMC United Nations.

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The United Nations HQ is located in New_York, New_York, on Long Island. It is accessible over any one of the two bridges crossing the Long Island Sound. The Main Entrance is on the Long Island Sound Expressway, easily accessible by the larger of the two bridges.

(Reference the map at the bottom of this page for directions from spawn in New_York.)

General Assembly and Security/Commerce council meetings will largely be held there.

The Secretary-General of the U.N. is "Raining_Oranges"

The Deputy Secretary-General of the U.N. is "UghBigred"

The United Nations Discord, where diplomatic negotiations are held, can be joined with this link:, by joining, you are not automatically becoming a delegate for your nation, but it is helpful to stay up to date on U.N. decisions and developments.

Template:United Nations The United Nations has three bodies:

The U.N. General Assembly

Open to all Delegates, for general diplomatic discussions and negotiations. Votes on large, international issues.

The U.N. Security Council:

Concerns Warfare, Alliances between nations, International security, and General peace. Is made up of a selected 8 countries.

The U.N. Commerce Council:

Concerns General trade, Trade between governments, land ownership, and rights to use international Waters. Is made up of a selected 11 countries.

MAP: Directions from "/n spawn New_York"

File:U.N-0. Directions Map
Directions from Spawn in N.Y.

As of Nov.10.2019, the U.N. is still under construction, as such, no U.N. meetings or negotiations have yet taken place.



Despite the UN in real life being a fair, and non-corrupt system, this UN has allegedly not always followed that. Accusations come from many users serverwide, notable and unknown players alike. In history, examples include:


On the 19th of February 2020, NewYorker9 stepped down from his UN's position of Secretary General, passing it non-democratically to Mow, without holding an election. Mow was relatively unknown at the time, however was a close friend of NewYorker9, which is how many believe he got the position.

On the 26th of February that year, Mow signed an alliance with NATO, despite the UN being meant as a worldwide peacekeeping organisation, not an alliance. Many were upset by this, however Mow would ensure their voices weren't heard by banning them or muting them. This only caused more known controversy, reported on by EMCL news and many others. However, NewYorker9's news, New York Times, mentioned nothing of it, due to his association with Mow, and many people saw this as showing a bias.

(More information available at UN-Ohio War page) However, the first large controversy erupted on the 28th, when Mow, without a vote, declared war on behalf of the entire UN on Ohio, as part of his recent anger towards the nation, because of them allegedly blackmailing him.

Mow loses office

On March 13th, one of the largest corruption scandals in the UN as a whole happened. Mow was taken out of office by the order of the nation of New York. This suggested to many people, and nations, that New York had control over the UN, and was allegedly using it as a chase for power. This was seen as an outrage by many, and the UN was not trusted by many as a trustworthy organisation.

On the other hand, many people heavily disliked Mow, and were happy to see the announcement, despite the negatives of this happening being widely spread. This meant the UN managed to continue, with some loss in reputation, but not at risk of no-one trusting it at all. The UN became of heavy interest from both sides after this event, however.

Raining Oranges wins elections

Raining_Oranges won the elections on 15th of March 2020, and chose Alaabrine as Deputy Secretary General. The elections, who used a First Past the Post system, upset many, with Raining_Oranges winning only 35% of the vote.

Despite Raining_Oranges winning the elections, much of the meetings, foreign announcements, internal announcements, were made by Alaabrine, with Alaabrine making 10/14 announcements by the Secretary General department. Many were angered about Raining_Oranges lack of work, and Raining_Oranges lost many supporters, including his last term's Campaign Manager, 57gorky. Raining_Oranges blamed this on him being busy in real life, however seemingly it was more to do with the tensions in East Africa near Yemen, regarding Mersan Ethiopia and Nubia, and later, the Yemen-Nubia Conflict.

June Elections

The 25th June elections had NewYorker9 as Election Administrator. He published guidelines for the election, which prevented some of people who were saying they'd enter prior from entering, and ensured Alaabrine wouldn't be able to run after this election, as his popularity had been growing.

This election, again, used the First Past the Post system, with Raining_Oranges winning with 40% of the vote, leaving 60% of voters unhappy. After this election, between June 25th and 7th of August 2020, this UN had somewhat died, with only 1 announcement made. Many arguments have happened in regards to the running of the UN, and whether it is needed, but these debates have not included UN staff.

The re-creation of the United Nations

On the 09/28/2021 a player named 69Vivaan unofficially created the United nations him and a few other guys waited a few hours to finally announce it when they made it a lot of players started to doubt them since the UN has never worked on EMC until this one was made they managed to keep the UN balanced their might have been a lot of arguments but to this date it's still standing and it's currently the biggest alliance on Earth MC.