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This article about the bilateral relations of 2 nations is about the relations between Nubia and Yemen from January 2020, and should not be confused with relations between Nubia and Yemen from early 2019.

Nubia-Yemen relations, also known as Nubian-Yemeni relations, are the diplomatic and political relations between the nations of Nubia and Yemen.

The relations between these 2 nations have varied overtime, with them initially having good relations, especially as Yemen joined the First Nubian Empire.

In fact, relations were so strong that twomoo1119 offered Yemeni Emperor Raining_Oranges the throne of Nubia, after his abdication, and after both gorkymoo1119 and Konigerino denied it, despite the complex situation involving Mersa leaving for Yemen (known as Mexit)

However, relations soured after Nubia left the Yemen Empire, which eventually caused the Yemen-Nubia Conflict. Since then, relations have became mostly neutral.


2000px-Flag of Yemen.svg.png
Population 500 4
Capital El Obeid Aden
Largest City El Obeid and Mersa (both at 100) Aden
First Leaders
Current Leaders
  • Emperor of Yemen: AeroFury
Official Languages Jack1.png English and French.png French Jack1.png English


First Relations

Adal Sultanate

Adal Sultanate was a member of the First Nubian Empire, and invited Rumah and Aden into their nation. At first, these 2 towns accepted, to allow them to claim and teleport, as well as gain allies. This is how they first came into contact with the Nubians, and more specifically twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119, who would go on to play a major part in Yemen's future.

The Formation of Yemen

When Raining_Oranges gathered the gold to make a nation, they performed the appropriate command. This was in mid-January of 2020, and initially this was to be the start of an independent nation, away from any relation with any nations, and from being an subject of Nubia.

Joining the First Nubian Empire

Raided by Grand Australia

After being raided by people from Grand Australia, Yemen enemied the nation. It was clear to Raining_Oranges that they may need help, in the form of protection specifically, from another power.

Invitation to the Empire

Twomoo1119 heard of the news of the raid, and thought to himself how he could help. He decided one possible way may be to invite Yemen to the Empire. He discussed it amongst the higher ups of Nubia at the time, when Nubia was a monarchy.

After the inside discussion from the government of Nubia, an invitation to the First Nubian Empire was sent to the Yemenis via direct messages (speculated to be on discord). The Yemenis accepted due to the recent raid, and saw Nubia as a way to get protection and ensure safety whilst they built up and started Yemen and Aden. Raining_Oranges was then ranked Nation Leader in the Nubian discord, to allow for involvement in discussions, and so the Nubian populace knew Yemen had joined.

Membership in the First Nubian Empire

Growing Close

The Yemenis quickly got quite close with many Nubians, more specifically the residents of St. Allison and Mersa, especially the higher-ups. The Yemenis would participate in discussion in the Nubian discord, and often displayed their own views, as well as showing facts about the real life nation of Yemen.

The Yemenis, however, would stay out of controversy, and had little rivalry in Nubia during their membership of the First Nubian Empire, with many Nubians liking them, especially the Yemeni leader Raining_Oranges.

Yemeni Colony Crisis

Yemen expanded their own Empire on top of being in the First Nubian Empire, comparable to Nubia being in the GRE. Despite an Empire of Yemen already existing prior to the accepting of the invitation into the Nubian Empire, there was no agreement as to the relations of the colonies of Yemen with Nubia.

However, this topic was soon brought up in the Yemeni discord, by gorkymoo1119 asking about the relationship of the 2 out of curiosity. The leader of the Yemeni province of Arabia, Tafffy, said they would leave the Yemeni Empire if that meant they were considered part of the First Nubian Empire. Rushing to ensure this didn't happen, Raining_Oranges spoke with twomoo1119 and agreed for the relation to be that only Yemen was in the First Nubian Empire, not their colonies.

Members of the First Nubian Empire and Yemeni Empire agreed this was a fine response, and there was little to no rivalry to this agreement. The crisis luckily only lasted about a day, without any losses on either side. However, it was in regret of a few Nubians that they didn't attempt to get a different relation with each province other then Arabia, as they seemed to be only ones opposing it.

The Exit of Mersa to Yemen from Nubia

(This event is also known as Mexit colloquially)

As a result of gorkymoo1119 speaking many times to Raining_Oranges, Mersa joined Yemen after being promised much needed funding. Despite this being a major loss for Nubia Proper, many Nubians saw as to why gorkymoo1119 did this. There was little discussion about the event, other then questions as to the future of the relations between the two nations.

However, twomoo1119 saw this as a major loss for Nubia, and, as the Mersans mostly kept to themselves despite being one of the 3 metropolises in Nubia, he believed the majority of the rest of the Nubians did not know the extent of this. The reasons given by the leader of Mersa furthered the lack of trust of twomoo1119 in Nubia, and eventually caused the abdication of him from the office of the Emperor of Nubia.

Yemeni Nubia

(See more information regarding this here, on the Nubian wikipage)

Twomoo1119 leaves

Due to the recent loss of Mersa, on top of Kalahari, Congo and Nyasa, twomoo1119 chose to abdicate the throne of Emperor of Nubia. He had offered the job to Konigerino and gorkymoo1119, however both declined. This left twomoo1119 without an heir, however chose to approach the leader of Yemen, seeing it as Nubia's only hope.

Official entry of Nubia into Yemen

After Raining_Oranges took over El Obeid a day after twomoo1119's official abdication, __Vlad__ was installed as the nation leader of Nubia for Yemen, as he was seen as trustworthy.

The souring of relations between Mersa and Yemen

Mersa joined back into Yemeni Nubia, as the only major town, with Nubia relying on it for recruiting. However, gorkymoo1119 disliked many of the leaders installed to lead Nubia, and slowly grew a disliking of the Yemeni higher up's selection, eventually prompting him to make a nation, Ethiopia, to ensure there was control and to prevent a leader disliked by the community.

Mersan Ethiopia

The nation of Ethiopia joined the Yemen Empire to prevent conflict whilst it expanded into then Nubian territory, and had plans to leave the Empire once it had gotten control of all area possible. The majority of active Nubians agreed with this, as they had seen that Yemen had only caused bad events, and hadn't helped Nubia much more then prior to joining.

Twomoo1119's Return

Much to the shock of many, in Yemen, Nubia and Ethiopia as well as other areas of the Yemeni Empire, Raining_Oranges gave the Nubian nation to twomoo1119 after a vague verbal agreement which stated he would not leave the Yemen Empire once getting it back.

Hostilities after independence

Ethiopia-Nubia Reunification

After Ethiopian Emperor gorkymoo1119 and now Nubian leader twomoo1119 reached a deal to reunify the 2 nations, there was discussion amongst the Council as to what would happen after this event. The Council decided it would be best, once ready, for the reunified nations to declare independence from Yemeni rule.

The Vote

Whilst it was already agreed upon in private that Nubia would leave the Yemen Empire, there was a vote put out on the matter to the Nubian population, with 95% of the voters agreeing Nubia should leave the Yemen Empire, with only one person opposing such action.

Official Freedom

In the late hours of May 22nd for most Nubians, and the early hours of May 23rd for most Yemenis, twomoo1119 put out an announcement in regards to the vote, and peacefully made a withdrawal from the Yemeni Empire.

The Yemenis, however, were heavily outraged at this, and attacked twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119 in direct messages about this, as they were 2 key figures in making this event happen, especially in regards to the reunification agreement. The Yemenis made references to a vague agreement about Nubia not leaving Yemen between Raining_Oranges and twomoo1119.

Shared Hostilities to one another

(For more information on these events as a whole, see the Yemen-Nubia Conflict wikipage)

Alleged Attack by Nubia

Yemen claims that on the 2nd of June a citizen of the Nubian town El Daein, Troupical_Toucan, had attacked them. However, there was little evidence to support this claim, and many claims in relation to it (such as Troupical_Toucan supposedly killing a Yemeni soldier) were proven false by EMC towny logs, and, whilst the Nubians confirm they have no complete evidence against it, it has been shown, and said, by the Yemenis that many of the allegations were actually false.

First Battle

In response to the alleged attack by Nubia, Yemen launched an offensive at the town of El Daein, starting an 18 day conflict between the two, after disliking of one another had gotten worse due to independence.


Whilst there was never any official treaty to solve this conflict signed, an informal conversation between the Nubian leader, twomoo1119, and Yemeni leader, Raining_Oranges, ended the official hostilities due to many political activists from each nation pushing for peace.


Whilst peace was agreed between the two nations, there is still much disliking for each other's nations amongst nation members of Nubia and Yemen, however the official stance between Nubia and Yemen in terms of relations now is neutral.

Arabian Border

After the conflict, the border between Nubia and Yemen was still disputed. There were no official mentions of agreeing on a formal border between one another, however attempts between citizens.

21st September 2020

On the 21st of September 2020, Nubian Minister of Municipal Development, gorkymoo1119, proposed unofficially a border to Yemeni minister of Foreign Affairs, bigscarylottie. Despite a 30 minute discussion surrounding it taking place, bigscarylottie finally found a border she was happy with, and took it to the Yemeni Emperor, Raining_Oranges, however the Emperor declined it due to its origin from gorkymoo1119.

There were 3 different borders proposed, which can be seen on the image box to the right. The first border was criticised by bigscarylottie for being too close to Aden, and thus declined. The second border was more well received, however still declined by bigscarylottie as she felt it was too close still. The third was far enough to her liking, but not to the liking of Raining_Oranges. The Nubians state they will not give away any of the towns if asked to by the Yemenis, as the Yemenis have claimed the land as theirs and that the Nubian claims there as 'illegitimate', despite it being majorly controlled by the Nubians.

Attempts to steal Nubian towns from Yemen

In November and December 2020, Yemen's Emperor, Raining_Oranges, attempted to steal towns in Nubian Arabia from Nubia after Nubia's refusal to accept Yemen as a dominion in exchange for letting them control Nubian land in Arabia.

Raining_Oranges would first message Lopile, Mayor of Sanaa, about joining. This failed, with Lopile blocking the Yemeni Emperor. During this time, Raining_Oranges attempted to negotiate with gorkymoo1119 behind twomoo1119's back, however this failed, and word about it was ultimately taken to twomoo1119.

Twinned Cities