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St. Allison was formally one of the biggest towns on the towny server (reached 100 citizens once) located in Nubia and with Konigerino as the founder, Nexus_Hype as the current Mayor.Template:A1i


St. Allison pasted on Google Maps

St. Allison is located in real-life South Sudan, bordering the Sudd wetlands and the White Nile. The city lies within the jurisdiction of Nubia and was, on the 10th of February 2020, the most populous town on all of EarthMC towny server, however the town has since lost many residents.


St. Allison was founded by Konigerino, Peasantino and 99daki on December 11th, 2019. Since then, the city has been focused on peaceful expansion and the assistance of allied towns. St. Allison reached Metropolis status on January 6th, 2020 and Top 10 status on January 29th, 2020. Soon after, on February 9th, 2020, St. Allison became the most populous town on Earth MC.

On February 11th, the suburb of South Allison was created to allow the city to push past the 100 resident mark. In the next day population of St. Allison suddenly dropped to 93 residents it also meant that St. Allison dropped to 6th place in most populous towns.

On March 2nd, building ice subway from Los Pollos (Bura's capital city) to St. Allison has started

In Somalia's war against Yemen/Nubia, St. Allison was treated as separated entity from Yemen/Nubia and didn't participate in war, and thus was not attacked.

Military & Politics

St. Allison does not have an active military yet and as a result rarely partakes in hostile action. The city's only military operation ocurred on December 23rd, 2019 and consisted of a retaliation strike on the rebel town "Galactic Empire", sparked by repeated attacks on the Nubian town "Illicit", amongst other attacks on other towns.


List of St. Allison's districts/suburbs:

Map of Districts (main town and proxy town)
Name Flag Creation Date Council
St. Allison (Main)
Dec 11th 2019 99daki, Nexus_Hype, Konigerino
South Allison
Feb 11th 2020 ConkleJackal, PulleQPl, Trashor
St. Allison's Districts and suburbs
St. Allison | South Allison

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