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Nexus Hype
In office
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In office
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In office
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Profile Information
Aliases Nexus

Nex Hype

Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town Stally2.png St. Allison
Towny Rank Mayor of St. Allison
Occupation Mayor of St. Allison
Political Party None
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 30th of October 2019
Place of Spawn Mongolian/Russian border
Physical Information
Nationality American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
  • 31/10/19 - 06/05/20 Flag-0.png Nubia
  • 06/05/20 - 19/05/20 EthiopiaMersa.png Ethiopia (led by Mersa)
  • 19/05/20 - 'Present' Flag-0.png Nubia (was still politically a member of Nubia during Operation Despot)

Nexus_Hype is a Nubian mayor who joined in late October of 2019. He was later approached by Nubia's Khartoum to join them, and agreed.



Nexus_Hype joined the town of Khartoum initially, becoming a close friend of the mayor. He soon was made Councillor in this town.

After a while, the then Mayor started going inactive, and offered the town to Nexus_Hype. He quickly accepted this offer. As Mayor, he got the town to about 5 people at peak. However, he found himself mainly interested in building in there.


Around mid-may 2020, gorkymoo1119 founded the nation of Ethiopia. Soon, he attempted to expand. He messaged Nexus_Hype, inviting him to the nation with Khartoum. Nexus_Hype, having seen the state of Nubia then.

Nexus_Hype was the first mayor to join, despite others planning to in the future. This infuriated the leader of Yemen and its Empire, Raining_Oranges, and the Emperor messaged Nexus_Hype in an attempt to get Khartoum to rejoin, with no success.

The Council

Nexus_Hype was made a Council member, who would help lead the nation. This meant he played a key factor in decision making across the nation, and as a government figure.

He would, however, usually take the side of Ethiopian Emperor gorkymoo1119 or Ethiopian Viceroy twomoo1119 in arguments such as these, which were often anti-TheSuperGamer205.

Mayorship of St. Allison

Prior to the Ethiopian Revolt, Konigerino had gone inactive, logging on only once a month. Soon, the then Mayor of St. Allison would direct message gorkymoo1119 on discord, requesting them to find a new Mayor, or assistant, for St. Allison.

Gorkymoo1119 had accepted this, and approached numerous members of the Ethiopian Council, such as Nexus_Hype. Nexus_Hype directed gorkymoo1119 to the former mayor of Khartoum.

After a small conversation via direct messages with the former Mayor of Khartoum, gorkymoo1119 was advised that Nexus_Hype wanted the job, and so gorkymoo1119 approached them again. Nexus_Hype said he did want it, and gorkymoo1119 told Konigerino about him.

Konigerino asked a few questions to Nexus_Hype, then accepted him in initially as a Councillor. The town was then given to twomoo1119, as he was the Viceroy of the nation and was not a Mayor of any town then, just a resident of Mersa.

After this, with help from twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119 post-unification, he managed to get St. Allison to a decent size again. Seeing this, Konigerino then officially made him Mayor of St. Allison in-game, but Konigerino remained in-charge on the discord.

Operation Despot

Visit main article: Nubia#Operation Despot

Nexus_Hype played a major part in Nubia's Operation Despot, and, with the town of St. Allison, managed to get 800 gold out of Dharug and Kraftier, with the promise he would make a nation, which he did not follow through on.