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Kraftier is the 7th largest city in Nubia and is ruled by kobikraft it was founded on May the 6th. On June 12th, Kraftier became a Metropolis (as it had above 28 residents), since then it fell off due to the destruction of the town and kicking of most residents.


Kraftier was founded by kobikraft on may 6th 2020. Kobikraft first joined the server on April 10th and wanted to make a town that had a large population and many claims, but it took awhile to get 64 gold as kobikraft only voted once a day, and often spent gold on other items regarding combat and necessities. On May the 1st, the Ethiopian Emperor, 57gorky, messaged him after kobikraft asked why people disliked Ancient Egypt, the nation Kobi (nickname for kobikraft) was in at the time, to which 57gorky answered his inquiry, and Kobi told him he wished to create a town, which Gorky (nickname for 57gorky) told him that he would fund Kobi's town if he reached 32g and Gorky were to choose where it went. Kobi agreed. Later, on May the 6th he messaged Gorky and went to create Kraftier, under the supervision of the Ethiopian Emperor.

The first residents.

On May 7th, Kraftier's first resident (other then the Mayor) joined, named TodaysTheDay. At that time, Kraftier was just a tiny, 2 chunk town however over the next few days he got about 4 more residents and he had his biggest growth on May 15th of 4 residents in that single day. By May 17th he had 14 residents in total but he remained at that figure for awhile. Then, on May the 21st, the town left Ethiopia and joined Nubia as part of the Ethiopian reunification with Nubia, Kraftier slowly started becoming more and more inactive, however, on June 1st Kraftier managed to recruit 3 more residents. On the same day, a battle broke out at Kraftier, which involved major griefs and an outnumbered fight in Kraftier's disadvantage. Kraftier was outnumbered, leaving Kobi to watch the havoc break out outside his town. However, within the next week and 3 days, Kraftier got 2 more residents and signed an agreement regarding peace and help with the nation/people of Gujarat, which was heavily disliked by Gorky and other people from Nubia.

Spike in population

On June 11th, Kobi asked 57gorky after Gorky told Kobi and other Nubians about his successful night of recruitment for the Nubian town of Western Arabia, Sanaa. Gorky recruited 4 people within the next few hours and, once again, the town was finally growing. It was becoming active again, to the pleasure of Kobi. Kobi also started making a lot of gold during this period from mining, trading and more. On June 12th, Gorky recruited 8 more residents, which Kobi invited to Kraftier and who joined. Kobi then expanded 7 chunks and he became the 3rd biggest town in Nubia at that time. Later that day, trusted Kraftier Councillor noahjc20082 told Kobi to stop what expanding with less then 16g in the town bank, which Gorky disagreed with as it meant Kraftier would stop growing at such rates, which it did as Kobi started to slow down and listen to the Councillor, yet did not stop fully allowing Gorky to recruit, as over the next days he got 2 residents per day. Kraftier was then raided in a 2v3 fight. Gorky continued to help him recruit up until June the 27th when kobikraft and 57billy (Mayor of West Mersa) had a large argument, eventually causing Kobi to declare war on West Mersa, and prior he had declared war on South Mersa as well. Due to this, Gorky revoked the status of sister city and stopped helping Kobi, meaning Kobi had to rely on himself to recruit. He managed to get his town to a peak of 90 residents at one point, then got Daniel10a, former town staff of Kraftier, to make the town of East Kraftier, as his proxy. In the following days Kraftier started losing residents from the daily inactivity purges, at lowest dropping to 70 residents. However, then in early August, former King of Ohio and Nova Scotia, and previous enemy of Kraftier, Tafffy joined Kraftier. Tafffy then managed to get population of Kraftier to rise once more, at one point achieving 80 residents.

Destruction of Kraftier

Tafffy, being a part of the server's historical aristocracy, allowed block destruction and theft in the town for foreigners. In the ensuing chaos, Kraftier was looted of all of its valuables, and the city itself was almost completely destroyed. Shortly afterwards, Kraftier was kicked from Ethiopia, though it was allowed to return shortly afterwards.



Mayor kobikraft

East Kraftier:

Mayor minecookie200, Kelcan2002, WillAGiraffe.

Sister city

(Formerly) Mersa, Nubia - lead by Mayor 57gorky, former Ethiopian Emperor who funded his town. Mersa and Kraftier became sister cities on June the 13th. However, the Mayor of Mersa, 57gorky revoked this status on July 1st, after kobikraft declared war on the towns of West and South Mersa.