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Noobia is often seen as a negative nickname used against the controversial African nation of Nubia by those who have disliking towards the nation. It first became in common use during the Nubian-Ancient Egypt war, often used by Ancient Egyptian leader louisdek. Its first recorded use in global chat on the towny server was by Nubian leader twomoo1119 on the 8th of August 2020. Noobian is also used instead of Nubian.


Whilst not viewed as offensive by most, it is meant to be damaging by comparing the population of Nubia to noobs (a term often used to refer to new players who have little clue what they're doing). It's often taken lightly by most, and is mostly used by nations like Sudan nowadays, due to their hostility towards Nubia.


The origin of the word is unknown in meaning. It was, however, first used by twomoo1119, however it is unknown what his intentions were by saying the word, as there's little context in known records.

Falsely spread origins

It is often viewed that the word was created during the war with Ancient Egypt, due to its common use during that period of time. However, messages show it was in use by others, mostly non Ancient Egyptians, for a few months prior. It was, however, popularised by the Ancient Egyptians.

Early Usage

The earliest known usage was by the Nubian leader, twomoo1119, himself, however most early use is by Ancient Egyptians and other enemies of the GRE, due to Nubia being a member of the GRE at the time, in late 2019. It had also been used by a few members of Glasgow, however little is known in regards to the context and situations of such.

Ancient Egyptian War Usage

In early 2020, the word was only used by Ancient Egyptians, other then the occasional joke usage of it. It was also used by Bosnians, due to Ancient Egypt then being a colony of Bosnia. It was mostly used in regards to Nubian PvP abilities, and the Nubian occupation of lower Egypt. Louisdek was the main user, and is believed to have been a key figure in making the word popular.

Louisdek did not, however, notice how little it worked, and often attempted to use it as a serious insult, with mostly results of failure.

Modern Usage

In the modern period, the word is used by figures worldwide, however semi-focused on nations who do not hold the most positive views of Nubia, such as Sudan and Mongolia.

The main modern usage is by kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205, in relation to The Sudanese Rebellion and prior held hostilities. In the Sudan discord, use of the word Nubia is banned, making users often opt to use this word, especially into consideration that the server is full of anti-Nubian members. It is especially used on members such as Nexus_Hype, gorkymoo1119, StarKiller1744 and twomoo1119.

In other uses, it is often used as a mocking of the Sudanese side by the Nubians. The insult, viewed as childish and generally inoffensive, is often used to show the lack of maturity amongst the Sudanese seen by many foreigners.