Nova:Third Skirmish of Dharug

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The Third Skirmish of Dharug was a skirmish that took place between Nubia and Sudan on the 9th of January 2021 as part of the Sudanese Rebellion that lasted around 15 minutes.

The skirmish started when Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 went over to Dharug to bother Sudanese King TheSuperGamer205. TheSuperGamer205 would hide in claims underground, with twomoo1119 calling gorkymoo1119 over to assist twomoo1119 in getting the Sudanese King out of claims. Upon arrival, gorkymoo1119 went inside the building and found gorkymoo1119 hitting a pig to alert TheSuperGamer205, who saw and ran away. After around 5 more minutes, the Nubians became bored and left.

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