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Template:Region Nubian Arabia is a region of Nubia located in Arabia, bordering Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It holds 3 towns, with the largest towns being Sanaa and Asir (same population).

It is the furthest east region of Nubia, and it's territory changes regularly to the loss and gaining of towns. The territory is disputed by Yemen, viewing the claims as illegitimate. They did formerly allow for Nubia to occupy them in the Yemen-Nubia Conflict, but expressed displeasure then too.



In late 2019, twomoo1119's then friend, CasualMow, created Mowville above Mecca, as part of Nubia's ongoing quest to gain territory, as they had almost maximised land they could control south of El Obeid. The town didn't stay in the nation for as long as wanted though, joining Ancient Egypt after twomoo1119 refused to give CasualMow second in command.

After this, the town was disbanded as CasualMow moved to North America. A few other towns were placed nearby during the end of the Stabilization Era, however none failed to last that long. There were a few attempts up until March to place towns there, when Yemen took over control of Nubia, ultimately ending any attempts at placing towns there during their control over the nation.

Return of twomoo1119 in May

Upon return of twomoo1119 in May 2020, hostilities between Yemen and Yemeni East Africa rose, with twomoo1119 joining Mersa, capital of Ethiopia, to show his support for an attempt to break away from Yemen.

Gorkymoo1119, leader of Ethiopia, was not happy with the Yemeni leadership over Nubia since March and with the assistance of several Ethiopian Council members helped plan a way to leave Yemen and make their own nation, including planting towns in Yemeni claimed Arabia. This ultimately went nowhere for Ethiopia due to the reunification of Nubia and Ethiopia on the 21st of May.