Treaty of Mersa

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Template:Treaty/Agreement The Treaty of Mersa was an agreement originally made between Nubia and Somalia, with Kanem and Guinea later signing the treaty too. The treaty had a few articles in regards to defence and agreed/recognised borders.


The agreement was designated to improve relations between Nubia and Somalia, with articles regarding diplomatic and/or physical support for defence, optional involvement in wars and a border agreement. Since, borders between Somalia and Nubia have changed, however other articles of the treaties still stand.

Treaty content

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Article 1: Mutual Defense

In the case of an aggression on a town or territory within any signatory of this treaty, the other signatories will be obliged to assist in the defence of said town or territory to the full extent of their abilities.

Aggression may be defined as any of the following acts

  • Carrying out targeted or repeated attacks against members of a signatory town or nation.
  • Verbally or otherwise harassing members of a signatory town or nation.
  • Making repeated threats towards a signatory town or nation.
  • Attempting to undermine the stability of a signatory town or nation.
  • Targeted or repeated grief of infrastructure or land that is important to a town or nation.
  • Forming a town or nation as a colony, or with the intention to become a colony of a non-African nation within,  the extent of the claims of any signatory as defined in Article 3.

Article 2: Optional Aggression

Signatories of this treaty may cite this article as proper justification to join offensive conflicts that other signatories are engaged in.

Article 3: Non Intervention

In the case of an offensive war between the following nations, the opposing party will not intervene:

Article 4: Recognition of Borders

Signatories of this treaty will recognize the following borders:


An image showing some agreed upon borders, especially in Nubian Arabia, as well as occupied areas.


Emperor of the Second Nubian Empire: twomoo1119

Nubian Minister of Defense: twomoo1119

Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Alas

Nubian Prime Minister: 57gorky

Pirate King of the Dominion of Somalia: mrpoof_

King of Kanem: ItsProngs

King of Guinea: Vic__dlt

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