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Profile Information
Aliases Deadly
Nation Spainflag3.png Spain
Town Miss you pingu
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party
Spouse(s) Current spouse Pastersnacks

2nd Former spouse Kam1floppa 1st Former spouse Magredon

Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 7th of September 2019
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality British Italian
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Dead
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

DeadlyPINGU2003 (formerly DeadlyFOX2003) is the Mayor of Zaragoza. He is most well known for being strongly controversial due to statements in them in chat, with accusations of racism. He has also been dismissed as a troll due to these actions.


Unknown Deadly

DeadlyPINGU2003 joined the server in September 2019 after watching one of Toycat's videos he played on the server for about 2 weeks and lived in Houston he then forgot about the server and went inactive were his history was deleted. He then returned to the server in early May 2020 in the first coronavirus lockdown because he was bored. DeadlyPINGU2003 then joined Ankara and saved up gold and created Kastamonu now Dionysia which has now fell due too inactivity . For many months DeadlyPINGU2003 lived in this town and was unknown and often mistaken for being Turkish.

Famous Deadly

Due to DeadlyPINGU2003 failing his English GSCE in August 2020 he was upset and started to troll which would help make him very famous, gaining hate by many however also some liking him. When DeadlyPINGU2003 felt good again, he continued to troll because its fun for him and he also started talking about his life and other things which he also enjoyed and made him less hated and more liked.

DeadlyPINGU2003 left the SPQR and moved to Spain in late August and created the town called Soria then he left Spain and created the town of Verona in Italia in October which now fell due to his alt account that holded it getting banned, after that he moved to Brazil and Created the town of Campinas in November. Brazil then gifted the town of Sao Pualo to DeadlyPINGU2003 which he spent lots of gold and, owned in Decmeber 2020. And then in January 2021 DeadlyPINGU2003 then bought the Large town of Zaragoza in Spain for 1.5k gold which he still lives in and owns to this day.

In late 2020, DeadlyPINGU2003 stated his intentions to quit, and took a temporary break from the server for 2 weeks before returning to it in late November 2020.

Critical opinions on him

Several attempts have been made to track opinions on DeadlyPINGU2003 using the r/EarthMC subreddit and other polling sites.

'Ban DeadlyFox' r/EarthMC post

In late October 2020, u/East-Maintenance-142 posted a poll on the EarthMC subreddit r/EarthMC regarding DeadlyFOX.


The post commented on him 'He is a very annoying self deprecating user who is heard to have contained NSFW images of another player. Do we ban him?'. Below, it had a poll with 2 options 'Ban DeadlyFox' and 'Don't Ban DeadlyFox'.

232 reddit users voted in this poll, with 181 stating that they were in favor of having the user banned, and 51 against it.

Comment Section

Below the polling and content of the submission, the comment section contained thoughts about him from r/EarthMC users, the most popular of which being from notable player Tafffy, which contained the message 'Lol hes just a troll All he wants is attention and by posting shit like this you're giving him what he wants'.

Other responses insulted DeadlyPINGU2003 (then known as DeadlyFOX2003) for his alleged immature and troll-like behaviour.

Response from Fix

Server owner, Fix, also replied to the poll, saying that he was 'not aware of the allegations presented here. Please dm me on discord with proof and I will take it from there.' as a response to the allegations that he had NSFW images of other users.

EarthMC player tierlists

Due to his large notoriety on the server, DeadlyPINGU2003 appeared on the 2nd version of the EarthMC players tierlist, made by BreachDGates. Despite his controversial past, he was placed relatively high on many people's tierlists, especially in nations he had been in before, such as Persia and SPQR. However, he was also placed low on those who only knew him for his trolling.


All suggestions to remove him from Brazil where ignored. He made several promises to quit his behaviour. Overtime, he failed to hold these promises and caused numerous debates and fights in Brazil. He started three long and aggressive arguments in Brazil’s discord, which had started over his racist comments. Not long after the third argument, he cause further trouble by selling the city of São Paulo without asking. Normally, selling a city without asking would be fine, but there was a lot of tension around him, and São Paulo was a popular city, so his choice to sell it without asking was considered rude. Another argument began, and so, he ran away to Spain, where he bought the town of Zaragoza. He remains somewhat hated by the Brazilian community, though opinions vary.