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Nation None
Town None
Towny Rank
Occupation Owner of EarthMC
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Discord Fix
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn January 1st 1970
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Gender Male
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Status Information
Status Semi-Active
Server Role Owner
Date of Ban
Nation History

Fix is an EarthMC Owner, Fix has a very strong Swedish accent in real life, is a dedicated memer, and long-time friend of KarlOfDuty as well as 1212ra. He is the owner of the server and the website

Fix is also the chief deity of Neo-Fixism.

Fix is the creator of EarthMC classic and EarthMC. Fix lives in sweden and personal knows KarlofDuty and 1212ra in real life. KarlofDuty and 1212ra help Fix on running EarthMC. Fix has a youtube channel where he post trailers and interesting things that are going on, on EarthMC. He is also on discord, also just known as Fix.


Fix is a very ambitious man loaded with crazy ideas.


Founding era



Fix had launched EMC for donators

Initial unpopularity


Beginning of Popularity


Terra Nova



None because he constantly spreads fear throughout the server. He is forever alone, :(


"Play the EarthMC or you might break your knee" time: always but never.

"helll" 2016-08-29

"I wished [sic] that I had a working mic" 2020-01-5

"Sign shops are back" - all the time

"Thanks for playing my minecraft server" 2019-12-29

"If you bought anything from columbia, do not make a ticket" 2019-10-27

"Lag is the main attraction point of EMC" 2019-08-29

"Who broke my minecraft server" 2019-10-18

"I'm fixing the things" 2019-07-25

"I have no plans to reset the map. We have only changed map once when we rebuilt the server from the ground up" 2019-03-10

"Welcome back to my minecraft server!" - 2020-01-26



  • Fix likes to flex that he has a big minecraft server and has allegedly told his family about it. "Yes I have told my family about my minecraft server"<ref>Testimony from Shiraz</ref>
  • Fix is the owner of the biggest "swedish" minecraft server.<ref> as of 2020-02-25</ref>
  • Fix has likely made hundreds of thousands of dollars just from the queue.
  • Fix has always been "dreaming about starting a toxic Minecraft server" to manage<ref></ref>.
  • Fix lives on top of the bedrock layer of the Nether
  • Fix occasionally lives up to his name, sometimes he doesn't.
  • Fix has won the last golf world cup
  • Fix is the God and Saviour of block kind
  • It is highly likely that him swimming in the Baltic was responsible for the 1982 Hårsfjärden incident
  • Fix is genetically related to every bee on the server
  • Endermen avoid making eye contact with Fix
  • Fix bought his username from a person named AppleProducts
  • Fix is actually a Minecraft person in real life
  • Do /t invite Fix when he's online and he will definitely join your town