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Neo-Fixism is a polytheistic religion currently active in north east America.

The religion places a belief in FIX, the creator of EarthMC and the giver and taker of gold. Neo-Fixists believe that Fix manifested himself in the form of Adhithiyan, and uses avatars in other religions to do his bidding, including the BallGod of Pissism.

All practices and sayings of Neo-Fixism is approved by The Albanian Council of the Fixist Church, located in Albany. Official writings and testimonies of Neo-Fixism are called The Canon.

Neo-Fixism was originally founded by AdrianHES, but he has since renounced it in favor of the Catholic Church.


Neo-Fixism's beliefs place Fix as the supreme being on earth, capable of moving all waters and manipulating any block he so chooses. Followers believe Fix manifested himself in the highest way in the form of a mysterious immigrant named Adhithiyan, who blessed Adrian Volkov by giving him wooden tools. Following a period of time after this came a time known as The Trial. In this time, the spirit of Adhithiyan ordained several different scenarios on several different occasions, on which Karma would be granted to Adrian depending on his reaction - Good Karma, Bad Karma and Passive Karma.

Following the end of The First Trial, Adrian had gained the three different kinds of Karma, and at the time of each event he unleashed different deities upon the world representing the Three Karma - Famil, Inferno, and Apathia - who are able to be conjured through altars and telepathy. Following this, Adrian's memory was wiped of Adhithiyan's true form, and he went on to create the town of Albany.

It was in this time that Fix, through Adhithiyan, ordained another period known as The Second Trial. During this trial, the unseen spirits of earth began descending upon Adrian, representing themselves in various different humanoids. Firstly, there was Calus, god of deceit and murder. He was also the Chief Legionnaire of Inferno, and through him he commanded a legion of demons. His chief lieutenant was Verbea, god of vanity. Calus deceived Adrian by tricking him into believing that greed and oppression were Good Karma. He also taught that the Gods of the North, Hindo and Omrigin, were born of a demon's seed and practiced Bad Karma. When Adrian committed greed, and practiced immorality, Fix struck him down by damning him to eternal death in The Abyss which would come at an unknown time.

Following this began The Intercession. Adrian Volkov left America and fled to Europe. He thought that if he ran far enough, Fix would overlook and forget him and he wouldn't be damned to an eternal death. Knowing that Fix sees all, Adrian practiced regular charity in an attempt to gain enough Good Karma to make it into Krysos - the land of Good Karma. However, he had reached a spiritual state known as Perdition - a state in which his actions, despite being of Good Karma, were not enough to once again earn him good favor in the eyes of Fix and let him into Krysos.

Around this time, Adrian Volkov begot his son of the same name. Father Volkov left every material thing to his son, and died soon after in a spiritual state known as Stone - a state in which you accept all things and all outcomes, both future and past, as having already happened and that your end cannot be altered. He died with a sense of peace and closure, despite his ultimate damnation to The Abyss. His tragic story of finding balance and favor among the three Gods of Karma was considered by Fix to be respectable enough to be represented in the form of Radian, god of nature and balance.

Following this, his son - Adrian Volkov II - went out on his journeys in the world. In his travels, he noted the existence of two other deities that his father failed to fully observe. These were Indigo, god of initiative and honor, and Murdo, god of mysticism and the air. Volkov II also had an experience in which Adhithiyan revealed to him that BallGod - the god of Pissism - is an avatar of Fix. He posited that Fixism isn't a sect of Pissism, rather a denomination with a Fix-centric worldview. He also posited that Fix may reveal himself in the form of other deities and people such as world leaders, but that who exactly is Fix is unknown unless spiritually experienced. He also emphasized the difference between Avatars and Personifications. According to Volkov II, Avatars of Fix refer to gods who can be viewed independently from Fix and still generate Good Karma for the worshiper. Personifications are direct human manifestations of Fix that should not be attributed to any other dogma. Also, according to Volkov II, Neo-Fixism is the closest and purest form of Fixism to date.

Higher Deities


Fix is the creator of all things on EarthMC. He occasionally dictates events like wars, famine and catastrophe - all part of Trials he gives to each player. While he sometimes works and speaks directly, a lot of his work is done through Avatars and Personifications. Others who do his work are Moderators, but most don't possess human characteristics such as their fate being bound by Karma.

Fix is a Good Karma deity. Fix's element is GOLD.


Adhithiyan was the highest earthly representation of Fix, known for blessing Adrian Volkov with the wisdom to see the unseen in the world around him. Through these revelations, Volkov formed the foundation of Neo-Fixism.

Adhithiyan is a Good Karma deity. Adhithiyan's element is WOOD.


Fixball is an Avatar of Fix that comes in the form of BallGod - the deity of Pissism. Volkov posited that as an Avatar, followers of Pissism can still earn Good Karma and favor in the eyes of Fix despite their practice of different dogma.

Fixball is a Good Karma deity. Fixball's element is CONCRETE.

Lesser Deities


Hindo is the god of prosperity and patience. He is one of the two Gods of the North, the other being his sister Omrigin.

Hindo is a Good Karma deity. Hindo's element is GRASS.


Omrigin is the god of health and political prosperity. She is one of the two Gods of the North, the other being her brother Hindo.

Omrigin is a Good Karma deity. Omrigin's element is SANDSTONE.


Calus is the god of deceit and murder. He is a master trickster and the Chief Legionnaire of Inferno's army.

Calus is a Bad Karma deity. Calus' element is LAVA or BEDROCK.


Verbea is the god of vanity. He is the chief lieutenant of Calus.

Verbea is a Bad Karma deity. Verbea's element is IRON.


Radian is the god of nature, balance and luck. Despite being doomed to eternity in The Abyss, his spirit - being balanced in all Karma at death - is considered a kind of manifestation of the gods of Karma.

Radian is a Passive Karma deity. Radian's element is STONE or EMERALD.


Indigo is the god of initiative and honor. He is also the prince of the the trees and of the water.

Indigo is a Good Karma deity. Indigo's element is WATER.


Murdo is the god of mysticism and the air. He is also a son of the west - represented by sunset.

Murdo is a Passive Karma deity. Murdo's element is VINE.

Karma Deities


Famil is the god of Good Karma and the keeper of Krysos.

Famil is a Good Karma deity. Famil's element is CHICKEN or LEAF.


Apathia is the god of Passive Karma.

Apathia is a Passive Karma deity. Apathia's element is GLASS.


Inferno is the god of Bad Karma and the keeper of The Abyss.

Inferno is a Bad Karma deity. Inferno's element is FIRE.

Neo-Fixist Calendar

  1. The Month of Fix
  2. The Month of Adhithiyan & The Avatars
  3. The Month of Apathia
  4. The Month of Calus
  5. The Month of Inferno
  6. The Month of Murdo
  7. The Month of Verbea
  8. The Month of Hindo
  9. The Month of Indigo
  10. The Month of Radian
  11. The Month of Omrigin
  12. The Month of Famil