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São Paulo is an ancient city on the southern shores of Brazil.

São Paulo

Brasão da cidade de São Paulo.svg.png
Coat of Arms

Town Information
Full Name
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor GloireEtDouleir
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations Guarani, Paraguay, Federation of Brazil
Past Mayors NicoGNV
Past Councillors


Old Brazil Era

São Paulo has a long history, beginning with its founding on the 28th of October, 2018. The founder and Mayor was Dorelli. It grew the quickest out of all early Brazilian cities, and was the nation’s only Urbs Antiqua, and was very strong. The first ever Emperor of Brazil, MarcoJenkins came from São Paulo. Despite being the most powerful city, the neutral city of Belo Horizonte (which affiliated with none of the ‘factions’) was made the capital of the First Empire of Brazil. After Monte Pascoal fell, the capital became Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo’s long-lasting neighbour.

São Paulo was a conisderably large city during this time, being the second-largest in the whole of South America.

In the First Brazilian Civil War, the long-time neighbour of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, rebelled and then rapidly expanded. Eventually, the splendour of São Paulo wained as Rio became the third largest city in South America, and at times, the second. The city saw an attack from Rio on the 15th of January, 2019, in the beginning of the First Brazilian Civil War. In the midst of the First Civil War, PrestusHood founded São Sebastião, a city directly adjacent to São Paulo. This new neighbour joined Rio, in the Brazil Kingdom (which had previously been named the Confederation of Equador). With two enemy neighbours, São Paulo saw continuous warfare.

During the earlier days of the Second Brazilian Civil War, São Paulo remained firmly on the side of the Kingdom of Brazil (different to the Brazil Kingdom) and saw only a few minor skirmishes. Eventually it was stolen by PrestusHood on May 20, 2019. He changed the town’s ownership to Imperial Brazil. PrestusHood had given up São Sebastião a while ago, and soon gave up São Paulo, selling it on May 27. Despite this, the war took its toll, as it had on all parties involved, and slowly, São Paulo crumbled.

In it’s declined state, in Second Brazilian Civil War, TwisterSelvagem bought the city from Lucastorni, appointed RUANVK mayor and transferred it back to the Brazil Kingdom, the new mayor started an ambitious reconstruction project inspired by São Paulo 1920s building. During Brazil’s era of Many Kings, in late 2019, the city was bought by Paraguay, which was also known as Guarani, and NicoGNV was the Mayor. The city fell around early 2020.

Possibly due to the guidance of Ketchoop, the town was restored on March 9, 2020, and Quijle was the Mayor.

New Brazil Era

In November 2020, the DeadlyFox2003 bought São Paulo. Eventually he sold his town without asking, which was considered a terrible thing to do, as São Paulo is still regarded as an important and powerful town in Brazil.

A Turkish player held his town temporarily but Brazil bought it back and gave it to the much-preferred GloireEtDouleir.