Urbs Antiqua (Ancient City)

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Template:Infobox itemUrbs Antiqua (Latin for "Ancient City") is a term used for any town that was established during the Early Access of Terra Nova. Knowledge on these ancient cities is preserved here for historical value.

๐‹๐ข๐ฌ๐ญ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐”๐ซ๐›๐ž๐ฌ ๐€๐ง๐ญ๐ข๐ช๐ฎ๐ข๐ฌ

I) New York

Founder: Lucas2011

II) Seoul

Founder: SpookyScoops

III) Venice

Founder: jabesb2

IV) Paris

Founder: MLGTerra

V) Wanganui

Founder: Tribubb

VI) Byzantium (Constantinople)

Founder: Synargle

VII) Copenhagen

Founder: 4Noah18

VIII) London

Founder: MineHero43

IX) Manila

Founder: Bluehunter789

X) Toerana (Sainte Marie)

Founder: The_Pock

Location: Madagascar

XI) Berlin

Founder: EchoOcelot

XII) Wroclaw

Founder: Tymek_T

XIII) Cardiff (Wales)

Founder: FutureLemon

XIV) Jerusalem

Founder: Marko_

Disbanded Urbes Antiquรฆ

I) Tokyo

Founder: Toadally

Notes: Predecessor to Reykjavik

II) Porto Alegre

Founder: bunny119

IV) WashingtonDC

Founder: TypicalFernie

Disbander: Aceshooter11

V) Alexandria

Founder: gazim123

Disbander: Unknown

VI) Roma

Founder: Marcellus Octavian Caesar

Disbander: Unknown

VII) Milan

Founder: Cyanyde7

Disbander: Unknown

VIII) Rennes

Founder: GeneralRhombus

Disbander: Unknown

IX) WashingtonDC

Founder: TypicalFernie

Disbander: Aceshooter11

X) Quรฉbec-Montrรฉal

Founder: Seranil

Disbander: MrX1208

XI) Kotte

Founder: OsuLazulite.

Location: 14584, -1413 (Sri Lanka)

Notes: First city on TN

Disbander: Unknown

XII) Mount Magnet

Founder: Magenent

Disbander: Unknown

XIII) Mobile

Founder: Jacob8858

Notes: Capital of the Southern Conglomerate

Disbander: Unknown

XIV) Delaware

Founder: WextraMC

Location: -14280 -7320 (Delmarva peninsula)

Disbander: Unknown

XV) The Isle Of Man

Founder: killermartian_

Location: The British isles, little island between Scotland and Ireland.

Disbander: Unknown

XVI) Beijing

Founder: No_Jewtsu

Notes: 31st town. Founder left.

Cords: 21230, -7295

Disbander: Unknown

XVII) Minsk

Founder: ScaryDragon

Location: Belarus

Notes: Former capital of the Intermarium Empire. 10th town to be established.

Disbander: Sarasin

XVIII) Avalon

Founder: demon7913

Location: -14313. -3942 (Cuba)

Disbander: Unknown

XIX) Caen

Founder: Shootcity

Disbander: Unknown

XX) Bogota

Founder: Wyttie

Disbander: Unknown

XXI) Sรฃo Paulo

Founder: Carlos_Eduardo

Location: Brazil

Disbander: Unknown

XXII) Tikal

Founder: jmills321

Disbander: Lemoncake206

XXII) Pietari

Founder: Unknown

Disbander: endy776


Founder: unknown

DIsbander: Blackjeuses