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Tikal was a mayan themed city located within the yucatan peninsula in mexico and it was part of the nation of panama, until its abandonment. The city was reclaimed by other players


BC (Donor Only period)

during this time, on october 28th 2018, Tikal, was founded, at the time of founding, there was only one other city within the yucatan peninsula, the city of zarahemla, a road from tikal to zarahemla was made the same day and both cities became allies which still holds to this day, within tikal on the same day, the spawn pyramid was created.

AD (after donor only period)

once the general server population was allowed to play, the city of tikal began to grow in terms of claims and population, for about a month the city would thrive and grow, as of now that period has stopped however and expansion is slowing, but during this time Panama was founded, and the same day on november 12th 2018 Tikal joined panama, 2 weeks later on november 26th the kings pyramid in tikal was finished, as of now the city has been trying to connect itself with not only the rest of the yucatan, but the rest of mesoamerica and panama as well.

The fort war

During the fort war, panama had declared war on wabanaki, seeing as tikal was in the yucatan, and every other city in the yucatan was apart of wabanaki, Tikal was mostly surrounded and although, the yucatan did see combat, Tikal itself was not involved, but the founder of tikal, jmills321 did serve in the battle of the south in southeastern texas.


In march of 2019 Lemoncake206 became the lord and the leader of the city of tikal, and in may the city of tikal fell

Notable people

  • jmills321 (founder)
  • lemoncake206 (first citizen)


Seeing as tikal is mayan themed, there were originally 3 mayan themed buildings within the city, the most famous being the kings pyramid.

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