The Republic of the Rio Grande

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The Republic of the Rio Grande:

Template:Republic of the Rio GrandeThe Republic of the Rio Grande is a Midwestern nation, formed under the cooperation of BigshotWarrior and GodotArmando, and LordThanos first came into fruition June 27th, 2019. At its peak as an individual nation, it had between 250-300 residents and was the 3rd largest nation on EMC. At its peak as a mega nation, it had almost 20 provinces in it.


The First Republic

Formed on 06/27/2019.

First convention to discuss a newly formed Constitution took place on 07/10/2019.

The Constitution of the Republic of the Rio Grande was ratified on 07/16/2019.

The town of Louisiana was purchased by the nation on 07/19/2019.

Within the next couple of days of this occurring, ShinnyLuxarry, a mayor, attacked several Rio citizens before being apprehended by the Houston Militia. This became known as the First Texan Civil War.

On 07/30/2019 the town of Tikal in southern Mexico left the nation to join the Niger colony of Mexico. They tried to convince other Mexican towns to join them but every single town remained loyal to the Republic.

On 08/04/2019 the towns of Houston (under Acehard01), San Antonio (under Rio founder Lord Thanos), and Corpus Christi (under Father Britain) left the nation and formed Lone_Star (now known as Texas Republic) to gain more power over the region.

During this time period, the senate became the most prominent part of Rio in terms of the running of the nation. Many major senators such as Tony Montana, Dusty Camera, North Paso, Hoxaffender, CoolTitanium68,and Natezaa, along with the citizens KlaidYzta and JerryDallas would help keep the nation alive in the face of the Texas Republic threat. This period and the people associated with it would retroactively be called Classic Rio.

The Nation had seen steady growth throughout the Texas and Mexico regions with new towns being created and old towns expanding. Massive infrastructure projects had been organized to better connect the Republic.

The former Comanche town of Dallas joined the Republic on 08/19/2019, marking the end of the Comanche nations presence in the Texas region.

The nation of Sinaloa joined Rio Grande as a Province on August 28th, officially making Rio a mega nation.

The Nations of Rio Grande, Texas Republic, Confederacy, and Texas Militia attempted to form the Texan Commonwealth to ease tensions in the region. The mega nation, ended after 2 weeks on September 10, when Texas Republic left the Commonwealth and attempted to sell their nation. The Houston government declared war on Rio, starting the Second Texan Civil War. The Houstonians engaged Rio, the German Empire, and Norway at the battle of Rockport. This was a decisive victory for Rio, ending Houston power in Texas. The ensuing chaos resulted in all of the Texan towns outside the capital rejoining Rio Grande and Texan leadership fleeing to Bactria.

The Second Republic

Following the fall of the Commonwealth, the senators began ceding power to the Emperor due to burnout of government affairs.

The town of Beaumont fell in early October, leading GGOVI to raid it, taking all the items. At around the same time, a GGOVI alt, Spenpaii, joined CollegeStation, a RioGrande town, and used flyhacks in order to convince a local councillor, Zodii4c, that he was a mod that needed perms to do an investigation. Zodii4c gave the GGOVI alt perms, and GGOVI unclaimed all land and kicked all members, leading countless players to raid the town.

In Mid-September, the town of Weston created the nation of the same name, which joined Rio. This made its mayor Fractured Soul the first Rio Grande Provincial Governor.

In late September, Natezaa became Co-Chancellor of Rio along with Godot. During this time, Natezaa would get into conflict with North Paso over the power of the Emperorship. Natezaa advocated more central authority and even briefly abolished the senate. Paso, who had been largely doing the duties of the chancellor in Godot's absence, favored more senate meetings and more emphasis on the senate.

During this time, Rio began their relationship with the mod Highlander214. He would eventually get admin on the discord despite at times being a foreigner.

This time also saw the rise of Toopg, Cubs, TheAmazing_Moe, Fractured_Soul, and Samisol to Rio Grande prominence. They would hold various amounts of power for the next several months.

During this time, Rio would partake in the Second Great Server War on the side of Regional Powers.

By the end of October, the nations of Mexico, New Mexico, NorthRio (Now South Texas), Free State (Later South Africa), Colombia, Santa Fe, Cauca, and Jamacia had joined Rio as provinces.

The Third Republic

There is no hard cutoff date for the transition between Second and Third Republic. It is considered sometime in November. Godot, by this time, had been removed from power, and the power of the monarchy over the senate had been confirmed. The Provisional Governors had also replaced the senate as the centerpiece of the community. This iteration of Rio is the most famous and became the world power Rio is known for.

In November, 1212ra's Texas had effectively joined Rio as a province.

On November 22, Rio Grande declared war on Aceshooter's USA after it became apparent that North Paso was going to lose the election to Spiffles. Displeased with this war and the overall state of Rio, North Paso would defect to the United States, and would be labeled a traitor even after he would return to Rio just before this USA collapsed. This would create a strained relationship for the next five months.

By Decmeber 16, Rio declared war on the remnants of the United States now lead by Bidav. This would last for two months until Bidav declared the dissolving of the United States.

By the end of December, Baja, Belize, and Lousiana had joined Rio as provinces. The leader of Belize, Kamyko, was a member of Classic Rio, however, evidence emerged suggesting Kamyko was an alt of Aceshooter, leading to Kamyko's ban in game and from the Rio discord.

By January 16th, College Station had been reclaimed.

On January 28, a new constitution granting the Emperor absolute power while keeping the senate as an advisory body with limited legislative powers had entered into law. This constitution was written by Natezaa.

By the end of February, North Greenland, NT, Washington, Illinois, Kansas, and North Alaska all joined Rio as provinces.

On March 1, Beeism, a cult worshiping the Minecraft bee, had been outlawed. The justification cited the outlaw of Jahism (a cult worshiping the Houston citizen Jah the Lord) and that cults were not allowed in Rio. This, along with other incidents, led Highlander to sever ties with Rio.

By the end of March, Alabama and Brazil had joined Rio Grande as Provinces. South Africa was kicked from Rio during this time period.

Within the first 20 days of April, Toronto, Oklahoma, and Ohio joined Rio as provinces.

On April 21, North Paso reconciled his difference with Rio, and, along with GodotArmando initially, became Chancellor of Rio. During this time, he began trying to reform Rio. Under his Chancellorship, the National Infrastructure Agency was established to build Iceways in the nation. The EMC Pope also visited and met with the Rio senate during this time period.

On April 26, Rio Grande declared war on the North American Union, South American Union, and Poland without a casus beli. This war would last a month until fighting stopped. No treaty was signed.

By the end of April, Carolina, Shawnee, Georgia, had joined Rio as Provinces.

On May 13, the capital city of Rio Grande Valley celebrated its one year anniversary.

On May 21, Cubs became Chancellor of Rio. Cubs had largely become the face of Rio and this appointment reflected such.

By the end of May, Gascoyne, Commanche (now Aztec), Michigan, and Hudson Bay had joined Rio as provinces. The nation of Toronto was kicked, and Brazil left on their own volition.

By May 17th, Cubs, Samisol, Toopg, and Colur all left Rio Grande to form Sri Lanka. This led to Alabama and Illinois being sold and leaving Rio Grande. South Texas also left due to a falling out between Rio and Cubs. This time period is when Rio fell from great power status. The next day, The Amazing Moe became Chancellor of Rio.

On June 27, Rio celebrated its one year anniversary of nationhood.

A problem that had emerged was Bigshot's growing activity. This became a big problem that was contributing to the death of Rio. To prevent this, Bigshot, on July 2, Bigshot made Moe Chief Executive of Rio. This ends the Third Republic of Rio.

The Fourth Republic

Many will not consider this a continuation of Rio as this Republic co-existed at the same time as the Third Republic and the nature of its existence. The Fourth Republic of Rio Grande, Texas, and Fredonia was created in late January when North Paso, Knux the Echidna, and secretly GodotArmando created a rebellion against Rio. This eventually evolved into the Fredonian Confederacy, an alliance of towns which eventually was going to transition into a nation to oppose Rio, and restore a republican government to it. Knux, in Paso's absence, was the President. Later, Godot was made king with Paso as Chancellor. The Confederacy largely consisted of Rio towns and a couple of towns in Bidav's America. It was completely independent of either government, and the towns had much autonomy. The Confederacy, and thereby the Republic, ended with North Paso rejoining Rio.

The Fifth Republic

Considered by many to be the last iteration of Rio, the Fifth Republic was largely a dictatorship under Moe. Initially, Moe tried to revive Rio Grande. However, the increasing inactivity in the nation made it harder for it to be done.

On July 18, Natezaa had been appointed to become Chancellor of Rio again.

On July 23, Alabama had rejoined Rio as a province. Five days later, Orlando would join as a province. These would be the last provinces to join under Bigshot's Emperorship and the original Rio banner.

By mid August, it had become apparent that Rio was dying and nearly unsalvageable. Natezaa, Tony, and Paso had all left Rio, either quiting or going to Cascadia. This made Moe decide to leave Rio and dissolve the mega nation.

Paso, however, discovered this, and on August 12, gathered several provincial governors together to form the Provisional Government of Rio Grande and Texas to maintain order in most of the remaining provinces.

On August 24th, after hemorrhaging players to Sri Lanka, Rupert's Land, Cascadia, and straight up quiting, Moe dissolved the parts of the mega nation that were not part of the Provisional Government, effectively making several nations, including Rio Grande itself, to leave the mega nation of Rio Grande. This left the in game nation of Rio as an inactive petty kingdom while Paso took on the title of Emperor. The Provisional Government would maintain the name of Rio Grande, but many would question its legitimacy without the province of Rio Grande.

On September 10, 2020, The Provisional Government was re-organized into The Republic of Texas which claimed to be the political continuation, but promised to embrace a new identity.

By December of 2020, the in game nation of Rio Grande would become the Kingdom of the Rio Grande. Although it would be inactive for several months, it would become active again when Moe, Cubs, Nate, Tony, and Bon all rejoined.


Initially, Rio Grande was run under mix of a parliamentary system and a republic, in which there was a balance similar to the real life United States Constitution regarding representation and executive power. It held three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial.

The executive's job was to make decisions regarding foreign affairs and to pass laws submitted by the legislative. They were the commander-in-chief of the military and police forces. The Emperor held no term and could only be removed from the throne by either resignation or massive inactivity (removal from the server). The Chancellor was appointed by the Emperor and is the the second-in-command. They held a term of 2 months and must be reappointed when the term expires. The Emperor could not remove the Chancellor after appointment. The Chancellor was also the head of the Senate, conducting the Senate sessions and participating in the vote.

The legislative branch was formed of a Senate similar to the real life House of Representatives in the United States. Each town was guaranteed a Senator which is the mayor by default. The mayor held no term themselves unless they resigned their position. The town also gained a seat in the Senate for every 25 citizens that joined the town, which would have had an elected official voted on by the town itself. The Senate was also in charge of any and all impeachments short of impeaching the Emperor.

In theory, the Judicial System was supposed to work like this:

"The judicial branch is made up of Chief Court Judges, Senators who are voted into office by their fellow Senators. The Predominant Judge is the head of the judicial branch and decides which cases get hearings by the supreme court of the land, the Chief Court. They interpret national laws and the Constitution to make decisions about cases brought to them both foreign and domestic.There is no set term for a Chief Court Judge besides resignation, impeachment, or removal from the server."

In practice, the Judaical system was never used.

Following the collapse of the Commonwealth, the senate grew to a massive size. This left Rio Grande in a state nearing a democracy. These senators would grant more power. With the installation of Natezaa's constitution, Bigshot gained absolute power, but rarely exercised it.

During Paso's term as chancellor, Bigshot created Ministers for different government projects. The positions were: Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Infrastructure. This meant to also curtail the powers of the chancellor.

In late September, the Republic began administering several nations as provinces to the larger nation. The leaders of these nations are known as Provincial Governors. These Provinces are: Sinaloa, NorthRio, Mexico, and New Mexico. Additionally, the city of Killeen had its own colony separate of the Rio Government.


Initially, the military consists of police forces in the towns. A militia is being organized with all soldiers equipped in full God armor in order to properly defend the Republic from outside aggression. Eventually, Tony Montana became the commanding general of Rio Grande operations. This organized military, however, was rarely used and PVP battles were usually fought without any pre-organization from the military.

Notable People

First Republic:

Emperor BigshotWarrior

Chancellor GodotArmando

Lord Thanos











Second Republic

Emperor BigshotWarrior

Chancellor Natezaa








TexasDPS (Clutch)

Fractured Soul

Third Republic

Emperor BigshotWarrior

Chancellor Natezaa

Chancellor North_Paso




Chancellor Cubs







1212ra (early)

Fractured Soul

Chancellor TheAmazing_Moe

Fourth Republic/Fredonian Confederacy

President KnuxtheEchidna

Chancellor North Paso

King GodotArmando




East Paso

Fifth Republic

Chief Executive The Amazing Moe

Tony Montana

Chancellor Natezaa




Notable Events

Rio Grande Rampage

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