South Mersa

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South Mersa
Town Information
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Government Information
Mayor ApklFace.png Apkl_19
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors NopnopFace.png Nopnop100
Past Councillors

South Mersa was a town that was part of Nubia, and had a status of proxy town belonging to Mersa lead by Gorkymoo1119. Apkl_19 was the mayor prior to disbandment and Nopnop100 founded the town. The town used to have about 25 residents when Nubia got to 1000 residents. Before disbandment, South Mersa had 1 resident (the mayor) and the city hasn’t changed a lot since their takeover.


Early History


When Mersa reached around 92 residents, and had finished half of the modern city, Nopnop100 and Gorkymoo1119 talked to each other about a potential town expansion of Mersa via a proxy town. They had known each other due to Nopnop100's large donations to Mersa from late February 2020. A few days before the creation, Nopnop100 began to explore the southern area of Mersa and decide where to establish the town. On March 20th 2020, the town was created and Nopnop100 began to build some houses.

First buildings

The first building was the /t spawn building in the city, as well as Erick2317's iceroad for the town he created to keep South Mersa connected to the rest of Nubia and Africa. After a few weeks, it was demolished by Nopnop100 and a better-looking iceroad station was created. During this time, houses were built by Nopnop100 for his residents, as well as residents creating their own.

First residents and participation in Mersa/Nubia politics

Nopnop100 began to recruit and entered to Nubian politics via gorkymoo1119 during Mexit, it directly participated in the period of Yemeni Kings and creation of Mersa's Ethiopia, and became a very trusted person with gorkymoo1119.

Increase in wealth and attacks on Kraftier

Due to the new sign shop system, Nopnop100 could easily make money with animals and other valuable items and quickly gained 1000 gold in less than 2 weeks, and participated in Kraftier attacks, often defending or attacking the town During this time, Nopnop100 started making mapart as well.

Nopnop100's exit

Nopnop100 left South Mersa on September 10th and passed the ownership to the now mayor Apkl_19 due to being an active resident, and as a result of gorkymoo1119 recommending him.


In mid-October 2020, Apkl_19 announced he would be quitting the server. 42 days later, the town would all as a result of the continued inactivity.

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