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Template:TownTemplateNewKiir is a town in Nubia along the nile river. It is one of the oldest towns in Nubia, being established in September 25th, 2019. It is also one of the largest jungle towns.

It is made of 2 parts, Old Kiir and Outer Kiir. Old Kiir is the walled city, and Outer Kiir is the area to the west. It has 19 residents, the important ones are Greaseballer, the mayor, and Driifter, though it had other important residents in the past. The town sits on a hill and flatter plains to the west. It was mainly built in the jungle but more effort has been put to building in the plains. The nile runs under the town. Its location is south of St. Allison, north of Kyoga, and west of Turkana.


Map of Kiir as of February 2021

Kiir's history can divided in to 3 separate times. Early history, Pre-Ethiopian revolt, and Present history.

Early History

Kiir was established because of an inside joke started by a SamONella video, under the name "South Sudan" by 2 people, Greaseballer and Lopile, on September 25th, 2019, making it the 3rd oldest town in Nubia. When it was established, gold was immediately a problem. The town didn't have enough gold to claim another chunk. Greaseballer found some chests nearby Kiir, which contained 20 gold. This would help start the towns progress. A 2nd chunk was claimed, and Lopile's house was created. After the 3rd chunk was claimed, Lopile's house was moved to make room for the hat statue, which sits in the middle of the city. Eventually, both Greaseballer and Lopile went inactive. About a month later, Greaseballer came back to the server to find out that Nubia had greatly expanded. This is when when Kiir would start recruiting. It made it to 17 residents before it would start to dip around December. It would expand, getting funded by twomoo1119 and acquiring more land, and even constructing protective walls. The construction on Flex Tower would begin, a tower made only out of materials stolen from Ancient Egypt, back when Nubia was at war with them. Some prominent people from this time were Lopile, AlexCreatus, Undo_i_do, and ItsAntlex. Around this time, Kiir finally became the name of the town, after it changed its name from South Sudan. In late January, Greaseballer would go inactive

Pre-Ethiopian Revolt

When Greaseballer came back, Kiir became a 1 man town. It's early March, 2020, and Kiir's only resident is Greaseballer. Vlad had taken control of Nubia, so Kiir, St Allison, and Mersa formed the Anti-Vlad coalition. Greaseballer also took the gold set from the Nubian Palace, fearing that Vlad might take it. Eventually, Vlad left Nubia, and Zovely became in charge. After this Greaseballer went inactive again. He came back in early May, to an even bigger problem. Gorkymoo1119 made the nation of Ethiopia to try to take over the government. Kiir is the only town that decided to stay with Nubia and MagicMoose. Greaseballer then raided the town of SSadoo_Sanctuary, and killed its owner. Greaseballer then attacked kraftier and tried to kill kobiKraft. (This was way before anyone else was doing it.) Greaseballer then goes for Mersa and built penises all around the town. In response, someone from Ethiopia built penises outside of Kiir, which were removed. At the end, twomoo1119 unified the 2 nations. Some prominent people in this time were Lopile and Zoidshock

Present History

After the end of the Ethiopia revolt, Kiir's population would start exploding. In just the few days after Kiir started to recruit, it broke its record of 17 people. It would also expand alot to the west, building new buildings and for the first time, letting the residents build. The town would then build several new buildings, such as the Theater, new houses, and the Central African Museum. The town maxed at 73 people before declining in population like the rest of Nubia. Some prominent people from this time are Lopile, Driifter, Tvpepper, and TabOfLSD.

Golden Age

Driven by the idea to one-up other towns, Driifter being an active resident, and an oversupply of materials, the town started rapidly expanding. Recruitment would slow down, but for some reason this would bring a lot of active players. Active players that joined during this era were d4ducky, Toastpanther, Sad_poo, and Meta_Menace. Also during this era, Inner Kiir was completely remodeled, other buildings like the Parkour building, Kiir Tower, Bomp Stadium, and several others would spring up. Kiir would also become decently wealthy during this, and reach 200 chunks, becoming the 6th Nubian town to do that.


In March, Greaseballer would slowly start going inactive again. Driifter would move on from Kiir and take control of Songhai. Greaseballer would attempt to revive the town but a combination of boredom from the server and other servers would stop that. in April, phrouge, one of Greaseballers friends, would join Kiir after making and disbanding the town of Maga_Suna3. He would be semi-active, only coming on for events. Kiir would continue to drop in population, eventually returning to its one man status by early June.

The Hat

Kiir Hat.png

The Hat statue sits in the center of Old Kiir, and it symbolizes Salva Kiir, the leader of South Sudan's, hat. It was recently moved into the new t spawn, in a tower, and no longer sits at Old Kiir

Flex Tower

This tower took very long to complete, around 8 months. It is only built out of materials stolen from Ancient Egypt and it is used to flex on them. It was later turned into a strip club and the tower became the largest strip club on the server.

Flex Tower.png

Central African Museum

This museum holds several treasures from Nubia and Central Africa. From a piece of kraftier stolen from the raid, to a book written by fix called "Big Meme", it has lots of stuff

Bomp Stadium

This is a stadium for the game "Bomp", which was invented in Kiir.

Kiir Tower

This tower was completed in December of 2020, It was set to be the new t spawn, and the new highest tower in Kiir

Notable People and Alumni

Lopile: He cofounded the town and helped during kraftier raids

AlexCreatus: An active old resident

Undo_I_Do: An active old resident

Novamaeda: An active old resident who helped raid Ottoman_Rumelia

TvPepper: A semi-active resident

Driifter: A councillor in Kiir, helped build outer kiir, now leads Songhai

Antlex: His first town, Founded Cuba

TabOfLSD (xkuskx): Important person in old Somerset, was in the town for a few days

motorway: Old town staff in Glasgow

archultra (ultra_death): Important person in old Bulgaria, was in the town before being kicked for inactivity

gorkymoo1119: Joined Kiir as a meme and to assist in recruiting

d4ducky: Active resident, move to Deigo when it was founded

Sad_poo: Former resident, created Deigo

Amphire: Briefly joined and was lured into the sex machine by Greaseballer and Lopile

stiiiiick: Mayor of Halaib

phrouge: Friend of Greaseballer, last resident before it hit 1 person in June 2021