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Profile Information
Aliases Maple
Nation Denmark
Town Slesvig flag.png Kongsmark
Towny Rank Mayor/King
Occupation Nation Leader
Organization Formerly Viking Cult
Formerly Interpol
Political Party idk
Signature Maple signature.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Nov 16, 2019
Place of Spawn Ayder Lake, Uzbekistan
Physical Information
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type idk
Zodiac Leo or smth
Height e
Weight i dont know
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Priority
Date of Ban
Nation History
New York
Svalbard(first time)
Antarctic Coast
Svalbard(Second time)

MapleVK is a mayor in Britain, and former King of Svalbard and the Antarctic Coast.



He first joined the server when he was curious whether any Earth based servers existed. He spawned near Bactria, near this lake. He previously wanted to create a town in Canada, where he is from irl. He joined New York City, so he could spawn in North America. But he noticed he couldn't get a plot there due to the crowdedness, and then he decided to leave. He then asked in chat for towns recruiting, Petrograd was, so he joined them.


He later noticed that a town in Svalbard, was the capital of the new nation, so he thought it's better to go join them. He worked and made friends within the nation, and slowly became an important figure. In late January, he decided to help the nation expand, and created the far west, then secluded, town of Barentsburg. In early May, his friend TreePapi, created a nation due to Svalbard being inactive. Then Bobberson_ decided to join this new nation.

Antarctic Coast

He later noticed that Svalbard was getting boring, so he decided to go found a nation as a colony of Inca

Return to Svalbard

He later knew that living in Antarctica was going to get boring, so he decided to head back to Svalbard and bring some other old players of that nation with him. After this effort was realized, he was granted the Kingdom of Svalbard by ThundorLord.

Official Abdication

On October 10th 2020, Bobberson_ announced his official exit from Svalbard, saying in DMs that he couldn't handle the stress of being the Svalbardian King especially in regards to the arguing, and that he couldn't handle a nation and his life. He stated his intentions on moving to Copenhagen and retiring there.

Time in Nubia

He live in Nubia for about a week, to wait for Copenhagen's mayor to invite him to the town. He had many friends there, such as Mengan_, so it was a good time for him, but he left on October 19th, 2020

Leaving and inactivity

On the 3rd of November 2020, Bobberson_ announced in the Nubia discord server that he had intentions of leaving the EarthMC server. Curious about this, his friend gorkymoo1119 asked in DMs as to why this might be the case. He stated that he intended to quit on November 16th 2020, the day one year after him originally joining. His reasoning was that 'its boring, and not much to do', however stated that he did not intend to fully leave and may log on every so often.


Since he did not want to leave his friends behind, he decided to return, but play less than normal. He also renamed to Maple_d around this time.

Time in Denmark

In Denmark, he became one of the prominent members, due to his recruiting skills and getting two towns outside of Core Danish Territory. He managed to become friends with most members, and boosted the population of Copenhagen from 8 to 15 in 3 days. He continues to help the nation, and has participated in the Skirmish of Horsens and Skirmish of Copenhagen, which both relate to the war his nation is in, the Second Holstein War.

Joining Slesvig

After feeling that his work in Copenhagen was done, he moved to Slesvig permanently, to help recruit and just to live in a calmer quieter region of Denmark.

Making a town

After thinking about it for a while, Maple decided to make a town in the northern reaches of Denmark, Aalborg. He quickly grew this town in terms of population, bringin it up to 18. He is still growing the town.

Coming back

After Aalborg was deemed a claimblock town, it was disbanded. Right after, Maple joined Slesvig, and became Councillor once more.

Killing Spree

Maple quickly started to kill (mostly random) players across the map. He got around 40-50 kills within 2 weeks, and raided Budbrooke several times, gaining a ton of gear and valuables from it's mayor. He contiues to Raid Budbrooke, and killing of random players. This has largely increased his resource availability, and overall wealth.

Creating Odense

After stocking up around 350 gold, him and his good friend Slickss went to the island of Funen, and founded Odense. Around this time, the two had also grinded full Netherite gear and weapons.

Taking over Slesvig

After about a month of owning Odense, Maple's friend, LegoVK requested for him to hold his town, Slesvig. He got it on March 25th, and renamed it to Jylland a few days later. He also quickly recruited around 30-40 members.

Work on Slesvig

Soon after getting Slesvig, he continued making paths in the north, finished a large mansion and recruited to 100 residents. He also claimed up Thisted and Aalborg, which was part of Oslo for most of part of the year.

Decrease in population/Growth Stalement

By October he had lost most motivation to continue work on his town, mostly because none of his old friends played anymore and there were not many objectives or plans to complete. Since then he has not done much work on the town beside get many boats built.

Insiding Norge

In Late October 2021, Maple had an idea to take down Norge. He befriended them and joined the nation, and eventually convinced HGKNetwork to let him hold the nation capital while he goes to buy Oslo. When he gave Maple the town, he kicked all the loyal members and HGKNetwork never got Oslo. Because of this, he got Duke in Britain.

Creation of Denmark

From November to February 2022, playtime was normal in Britain. Occasionally he did not log on for a week or two at a time, but by February he became a bit more active. After much of the British leadership got banned on Feb 18, RoseBrugs was made leader, and he did not mind at first. Eventually, after Rose started showing poor leadership skills, he started to openly go against her, resulting in Rose removing his perms from a shared item stash and threatening to demote him. RoseBrugs eventually formed the nation of Wales due to her not being able to get London, resulting in everyone making their own nation, including Maple making Denmark.

Leadership of Denmark

Maple got most old Danish towns to join the nation, however, new additions not in the old Denmark included Faroe Islands, Hamburg, Malmo (under Copenhagen), and Blekinge (Under Aarhus), the latter 3 of which were previously part of enemies of Denmark.

Town History

  • Petrograd (Resident)
  • Blomstringenbyen (Builder)
  • Barentsburg (Mayor)

(Town name change, new nation)

  • Forlandet (Mayor)
  • Ishylle (King/Mayor)
  • IceDomain (Resident) [Friends town, used to help him tp to Svalbard for next town]
  • Jarlsberg (Mayor)
  • Suna (Resident/Recruiter)

Roles in Svalbard

He was the mayor of a small hamlet in Svalbard, called Barentsburg, until May 8th when he decided to leave the decaying nation. It's only 19 chunks.

He was also elected Supreme General by the army of Svalbard on March 1, 2020.

He was also the CEO of Icy Logistics.

McMMO Rankings

He is currently low in McMMO, however aims to increase his Combat, especially Archery and Swords


Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill.png Power 4819 247
MiningSkill.png Mining 1414 544
ExcavationSkill.png Excavation 211 6137
WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting 179 794
HerbalismSkill.png Herbalism 275 487
FishingSkill.png Fishing 207 560
AcrobaticsSkill.png Acrobatics 2172 6
SwordsSkill.png Swords 229 183
RepairSkill.png Repair 31 2807
ArcherySkill.png Archery 10 911
AlchemySkill.png Alchemy 77 922
AxesSkill.png Axes 4 2544
UnarmedSkill.png Unarmed 7 782
TamingSkill.png Taming 3 781


List of battles/conflicts participated in:

Wars and similar
Name Side Outcome
Svalbard-Nordaustlandet Unification War Epic flag (2).png Svalbard Left War
The Vestspitsbergen Rebellion Epic flag (2).png Svalbard Victory declared
Second Holstein War File:Royal Standard of Denmark.svg Denmark Victory declared
Nubia-Kindu War Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Anglo-French Conflict British flag.png Britain Victory (de facto)
Name Side Outcome
Occupation of Pyramiden Epic flag (2).png Svalbard Victory declared
Skirmish of Horsens File:Royal Standard of Denmark.svg Denmark Indecisive
Skirmish of Copenhagen File:Royal Standard of Denmark.svg Denmark Victory declared
Occupation of Malmo File:Royal Standard of Denmark.svg Denmark Victory declared
Battle of Frederikshavn File:Royal Standard of Denmark.svg Denmark Loss
Raids of Grävinstein Viking Cult.png Vikings Victory(ies) declared
Second Battle of Kindu Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Battle of Monte Lucii British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Fall of Glasgow British flag.png Britain Eventual Victory
Battle of Auvergne British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Battle of Colmar British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Battles of Myrtal Beach British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Battle of Country Roads British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Siege of Fort Frances British flag.png Britain Indecisive
Skirmish of Myrtal Beach British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Battle of Hong Kong None Onlooker
Skirmish of Dagbaro British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Battle of Montgomery None Onlooker
Battle(s) of Cherchell British flag.png Britain Victory Declared
Skirmish of Alta Floresta British flag.png Britain Victory declared
Battles of Paris and Champagne None Onlooker
Battle of Rosvik British flag.png Britain/Troms Victory declared

...and numerous other un recorded conflicts or battles


  • The "07" in his old name (Bobberson07) was often mistaken to be his birth year, 2007. However, this was chosen as 7 is his favourite number. He later replaced it with an _