Inert Era

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Gilded Era


August 20th - November 5th


Inert Era

Hopeful Era


The following events occurred during the Inert Era:


  • Server is updated to 1.17


August 20th

  • Several players are banned following a large amount of beacon duping by the nation of N.W.T., effectively destabilizing the economy in the days following.

August 22nd

  • The thirty Pro-France Crusaders battle the Pro-Francians and the Roi of Francia, Thanamos in the centre of Paris in The Battle of Paris (8/22/2021). It is a stunning victory for Francia, who are by twenty-one players outnumbered, and the excommunicated Apostle Church followers have won over the Roman-Catholics. A man drops from the Eiffel Tower and miraculously survives- and is now revered as the reincarnation of the ballgod by the Pissists.
  • The Pissist Restoration of France happens to conmemorate Hodin's crowning as emperor of Greater Québec and as retaliation for the crusade earlier that day.

August 24th

  • The historic town of Argent is rolled back to the day before the destruction of the museum, May 30th, 2020, reclaimed by UnbatedAura, and inducted as an oversea territory of Britain. It now serves as a testament to old Terranova. The Argent Museum is sealed off to the public.

August 26th

September 2021

September 15th

September 24th

  • Japanese 2b2t players flood the server after multiple major YouTubers make videos on the server.

September 27th

  • Bharat joins the Rajasa Pact. Additionally, Indochina steps back from the alliance because of this.
  • SunFun City is created by A819.

September 28th

September 29th-30th

October 2021

October 1st

October 2nd

October 8th

October 27th

  • The third anniversary of Britain is celebrated. During an interview in the same event, Fix confirms that the war plugin wouldn't be added.

November 2021

November 5th

  • Fix announces that the 1.17 update would happen the following day.