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Hodin is an experienced Earthmc player who joined Earthmc on November 23rd 2019. He has been playing for more than a year and is the founder and current emperor of the large nation of Quebec. He is an active citizen who is friends with a variety of players around the server including from Quebec.


The Beginning

Hodin joined EarthMC on November 23rd, 2019. He shortly started in his first town, Cyrene, on the Libyan coast as a subject of the Greater Roman Empire (GRE). About two weeks later Hodin went on to found the town of Saint-Therese, later renamed to Montreal on December 2nd, 2019. On that same day, he introduced EarthMC to his friends Bobbelbo and Vandetti. They laid the groundworks for what would later become one of the most powerful nations on the continent of North America, and EarthMC.

The Rising

Hodin and his friends Bobbelbo and Vandetti started growing their new town, Saint Therese, rapidly. They had waited patiently for the neighboring previous town of Montreal to fall, to unite the islands of Montreal together and rename their town to Montreal. They also joined the nation of Quebec (Now known as Canada), one of the biggest nations on the server at the time lead by Scorpionzzx. Their town only grew, and the trio took various different jobs around the town. For example, Bobbelbo took the profession of Alchemy and shortly became the server's best McMMO alchemist. Vandetti became a builder for the town, and built much of the buildings in Montreal. Hodin became an expert recruiter, and recruited some of the most important officials in Quebec today, such as Morgini_ on Dec 25th (Quebec's second king), enanemes_ on Jan 17th (Quebec's PM), RonikJ on Jan 12th, and more.

As Montreal kept growing in size and population, Hodin and his friends now also including Morgini_, came up with enough gold to create the nation of Laurentides, and secede from the nation of Quebec (now Canada) on January 26th. Morgini_ went on to create his town of Alma, now known as Saguenay, and Hodin, Bobbelbo, and Vandetti kept growing Montreal.

Montreal went on to become one of the biggest towns in EarthMC, with over 90 players at its first height in February.