Gilded Era

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Decay Era


February 6th - August 19th


Gilded Era

Inert Era


The following events occurred during the Gilded Era:


  • Server begins to decline in quality
  • Global chat is often dominated by Turkish speaking players
  • Fix confirms that the war plugin will not be added.


Around February 5-10th

  • The server is shut down completely in order to upgrade to 1.16, on February 8th it is opened to Premium players.
  • The Brazilian Wipe Genocide happens
  • 7Panic becomes the first person to find Netherite, obtaining it minutes after the server releases
  • Manitoba joins British Columbia

February 10th

  • Server is updated to 1.16 and opened publicly, over 320 players at the peak join.
  • The player limit is lowered again from 125 to 100.
  • _Takii is the first player to find the disc "pigstep" in the nether.
  • British Columbia turns 1

February 12th

February 13th

February 17th

February 20th

  • Wanganui, the oldest city in the Southern hemisphere and the first capital of New Zealand fell.
  • The beacon economy was crashed by Scrabs. The price of beacons then fell to incredibly lower than normal.

February 21st

  • The Ronik Mafia killed many mobs which were contributing to the crashing the market. Scrabs's wither skeleton was one of the many victims.

February 22nd

  • KAPSK celebrates one year of existence.

February 23rd

  • Former_Qin (The placeholder successor nation of the original Qin) and the capital city Xianyang were disbanded by Englavian, after he said he "downloaded the town using a mod and couldn't be bothered to log in anymore."
  • A new nation, know as N.S.A.S, is created.
  • Olivio90 promises to make a mega event giving priority away as a prize in middle March.

February 25th

February 26th

  • Some unrelated members of Xia form a town in the ruins of Xianyang, retaining the same name.

February 28th

  • Hungrey_ is re-elected the leader of Brazil

March 2021

March 1st

  • Nubia and Brazil became the first and second most populated nations in the world.
  • Brazil declared war against Maracanau Town.
  • xK1_ is elected 14th Chancellor of British Columbia.
  • Lucas elected president of U.S.

March 4th

March 10th

March 13th

March 14th

March 23th

March 28th

April 2021

April 1st

  • JesTer_BBX is elected President of Cascadia
  • Bamgo elected president of the U.S.

April 2st

  • TwisterSelvagem is elected as the leader of Brazil after the elections were postponed due to a political internal issue.

April 4st

April 6th

April 10th

  • The Portuguese coup d'état happens and the King of Portugal escaped to Brazil
  • Brazil accepts the Refugee King of Portugal as one of their own.

April 14th

  • The town of Melun, the capital and last city of the once great Incan Empire, falls. The nation is sniped by La Plata and would be used for the current nation of Bolivia.

April 20th

  • The Fall of the Brazilian Christ Redeemer in the town of Barreiras

April 28th

  • Twisterselvagem is re-elected as president of Brazil

May 2021

May 1st

  • Bamgo is re-elected U.S. President
  • The nation of Piaui is incorporated to Brazil, being no longer a province volunteer but now an integrated spawn by GoofyMilk

May 2st

May 6th

  • The Slowmode Protests of Japan end with the protesters achieving their demands. The #suggestions channel on the Japanese discord server no longer has a 10 minute timer.

May 13th

  • The Rawhide Leak occurs. Information about potential voter fraud committed by United States politicians AdrianHES and Hambell are exposed to the public by Quebec, along with a whistleblower's (pseudonym Rawhide) testimony documenting the supposed corruption of established United States elected representatives, and the supposed rigging of the voting system.

May 17th

  • Acadia celebrates it's 1-year anniversary and adopts a Constitution

May 19th

  • Server has issues with global chat not working (unless using /global) and plot names shuffling randomly. Server also kicks people out and refuses players
  • A new sortition of priority givaway, similar to what happened at February 23rd, is promised on Brazil in the next month.
  • The town Léopoldville, and future capital of the Congo Free state, is created by S11Daniels

May 21st

  • TwisterSelvagem resigns from the presidency of Brazil and became a Senator again.
  • Fernando_Collor is appointed as the new president of Brazil untill the next elections of 30 May.
  • A coronation ceremony was held for MineHero43 as he was coronated Emperor of The North Sea.

May 28th

  • The United States of America collapses. Most of the former USA joins the Islamic Republic of New Jersey.

June 2021

June 13th

  • Skylordvoxaco is banned after reaching 3+ Warnings
  • The second anniversary of Avalon happens.

July 2021

July 3rd

  • Pope Benedict XVII declares Crusade on The Kingdom of Francia

July 4th

  • City of Kijów (Kiev) is re-established, after 2 years since it's fall, by Roman Dmowski (PanGubernator).
  • Indochina celebrates their one year anniversary.

July 12th

  • Pastelant387850 founds the town of Waddenzee in the Northern Lowlands, west of Frisia.

July 22th

  • City of Winnica (Vinnytsia) is established, in the region of Podolia, by Radislav Krstić (CiepleFlaczki).

July 25th

  • Manila falls after Skylordvoxaco being banned for 42 days, along with the Philippines being deleted.

July 26th

July 30th

  • Kingdoms of Poland and West Galicia unified into supernation, Federation of Poland.

August 2021

August 6th

  • The 4th Japanese civil war ends with Shimazu being unified back into Japan.

August 12th

  • The Manchukuo crisis begins after a Quebec player creates the new nation of Manchukuo as a colony of Greater Quebec taking land claimed by China and nearly causing conflict between Japan and China.

August 13th

  • City of Oczaków (Ochakiv) is established, in the region of Yedisan, by JozefPilsudski (Stachu).