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Flag of Kijów


Coat of arms of Kijów


Map of Kijów

Town Information
Full Name
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Official Language Polish flag.png Polish
Official Religion Receboga.png Slavic native church
Government Information
Mayor Romanglowa.png Roman Dmowski
Councillors KrzysztofTyniec
Political System Urbancommune.png Urban commune
Historical Information
Past Nations Coat of Arms of Polish Kingdom.png Polish Kingdom
Past Mayors None
Past Councillors Radislav Krstić (CiepleFlaczki)

Kijów (eng. Kiev) - Polish city located in region of Kievan Ukraine on the Dnieper river (mostly Kremenchuk Reservoir), part of Federation of Poland. Urban commune of Kijów, consists of City of Kijów (Miasto Kijów), Cherkasy District (Osiedle miejskie Czerkasy), Lubny palace (separated estate, Pałac Łubnie), Border settlement Kremenchuk (Osada graniczna Krzemieńczuk) & Chekhryn village (Wieś Czehryń). Capital city of Duchy of Lesser Rus (Księstwo Małorusi) & Grand Duchy of Pridnestrovia (Wielkie Księstwo Naddniestrzańskie), autonomous province in the Federation of Poland, depending of Kingdom of West Galicia.


Establishment and fall of Kijów

On June 14, 2019, citizens of Koszyce - Naro (xFlyingEagle) and Roman Dmowski (PanGubernator), prepared a trip to takeover ruins of Kijów (Kiev). Roman Dmowski became mayor of Kijów. June 16, 2019 - the skirmish with Teodoro (Former part of Greater Roman Empire) warriors has started, under the walls of Kijów, as they claimed the Kievan territories to be Teodorian. Skirmish dynamically changed it's places on Rusyn steppes, and ended near Bielce (Balti, former city, today ruins) with few deaths of not fully armed Polish troops (on Teodorian side 2 men with godsets, on Polish side 9 men with various equipment). Peace talks ignited on June 17, 2019. Polish diplomats accepted demands of GRE, to abandon their claims. City of Kijów fell down on 17th of June 2019.

Naro and Roman Dmowski standing next to Kievan city hall, during First Foray on Kijów, June 14, 2019.

Re-establishment of Kijów

On July 3, 2021, Roman Dmowski after some time of developing Finnish city of Jyvaskyla, and making it city with parts of polish culture, for example language, took all his things to his house in Koszyce, and moved out from Finland. In Koszyce, he was thinking about his future, and renewal of Polish people's glory. He decided, to re-establish city of Kijów, which was his first ever own city, lost 2 years ago. He has had chosen Wołk, second king of West Galicia as his partner in doing second foray on Kijów. It started somewhere around 12:20 AM CEST/UTC+2, July 4th of 2021. Without any resistance, Poles managed to go through the East Galicia, Podolia, Rusyn steppe and Dnieper river, to walls of fallen Kijów. With help of abandoned boat, Dmowski and Wołk sailed to eastern left edge of Kremenchuk Reservoir. After that, they ran to front of city hall. Roman Dmowski proudly hung two Polish flags on the wooden masts there. At 12:40 AM CEST/UTC+2, Kijów was re-established. This event, was summed up by singing Kievan anthem, Polish version of La Varsovienne 1831 (pl. Warszawianka), which in Kijów is called Kijowianka (it is the same as Warszawianka, except the name), and words of it's mayor, Roman Dmowski: "Niech żyje naród polski, poprowadzę kijowski lud. Tak mi dopomóż Bóg." The event was recorded, and published on YouTube:

Roman Dmowski standing in front of Kievan city hall on 3rd of July 2021

Wołk and Roman Dmowski standing in front of Kievan city hall on 4th of July 2021 (visible flags, Dmowski is holding Karelian Scepter, obtained during his stay in Finland)


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