Second Philippine Civil War

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Second Philippine Civil War
Date 12 February 2021 - 02 July 2021
Location Philippines
Result Republican victory
  • Skylordvoxaco is permanently banned
  • Collapse of the Philippine Dictatorship
  • Unification of the Philippines
Disbanding of the Philippines, Philippine Republic claims Manila.
Katipunan .png Philippine Republic
Supported by:
Nusantara.png Nusantara
IndochinaFlag.png Indochina
Ss.png Philippines
Commanders and leaders
Katipunan .png President Yeti
Katipunan .png jayisa
Katipunan .png Pagong04
Katipunan .png illidanlestat
Katipunan .png i_viper18
Ss.png Imperator Skylordvoxaco
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
10-15 killed Estimated to be 10-20 killed

The Second Philippine Civil War was a civil war in the Philippines being fought between the new Philippine Republic, a republic, and the Philippines, a unitary fascist dictatorship.


The first town to seek civil war was Bacolod, owned by Marangal during the First Philippine Civil War. However, Marangal lacked support, and was banned after he was found to be an alt-account of SirInfinity. He then attempted to continue the movement under his second alt-account, Peanut_1220, but was discovered and reported by Illidanlestat.

Two months later in January of 2021, a larger revolutionary movement started because of a new EMC update, which required nations to be allied with each other to trade and teleport. The Philippines could no longer trade with foreign nations, as Skylordvoxaco refused to ally with most other nations. This new movement was lead by long time players such as Illidanlestat and Jayisa, as well as newer players including YetI_MC and Pagong04. Weeks after the update, Skylordvoxaco received information of the movement. However, Skylordvoxaco continued to ignore the citizens' demands, so eight of the nine towns seceded from the Philippines under Illidanlestat's orders on February 12, 2021 to form their own nation, the Philippine Republic. It's capital would be the new town of Greater_Manila, positioned south of Manila.


Illidanlestat was fired from Secretary of Foreign Affairs on February 16 by YetI_MC for charges of leaking nation secrets to Indochina, although all other charges against him were dropped. Godlyeriss, the one who wrote the charges, was appointed as the new Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and has since improved relations with the Middle East and has convinced some nations to join the conflict on the revolutionary side.

The first battle of the war started on February 18, 2021 when Skylordvoxaco joined the server for the first time in 12 days. What followed was a two hour siege of Manila and Skylordvoxaco's palace. Due to claim hiding, there was only one casualty, which was an accidental kill when Persian citizen, Fruitloopins killed Minister_Miong due to misinformation.

illidanlestat became general and him and i_viper18 started spying on Skylordvoxaco. Meanwhile on the Manila and Greater_Manila Border godlyeriss and a few others built a wall around Manila, along with a few trenches. In response to this Skylordvoxaco built a wall of his own in his side of Manila.

On February 25 illidanlestat planned to trick Skylordvoxaco by bringing ___Lach___ out of hiding and to help him kill Skylordvoxaco as he had pvp plots from earlier fights which killed 1 person. The plan failed as Skylordvoxaco did his claimhiding trick this time out of the pvp plots. Then for an unknown reason HB6_ and a few other people came to manila and fought illidanlestat for 20 minutes, nobody was killed but everyones armor was severly damaged or minorly damaged. Skylordvoxaco turned off pvp after 20 minutes for an unknown reason and the battle ended with nobody winning as nobody was killed. Skylordvoxaco claims victory as illidanlestat went back home after the battle but most in the Philippine Discord agrees that it was a stalemate.

The next day on February 26 2021 the vice president of the Philippine Federal Republic (Pagong04) created a joke about returning to monke, soon this turned into memes about Duterte and constant spam, it was contained in the governor chat for 20 minutes before spilling into announcements then into public general, this caused more than 5 pings in less than five minutes in the raided channels, then illidanlestat and DTK69 realized this is going too far and attempted to end the spam one by one. This went as far as illidanlestat threatening to secede the island clusters of Visayas and Mindanao, fortunately the spam ended after that. The aftermath was many of the senators reputation being damaged due to them participating in the spam, this also annoyed many Discord users in the server. And now there is fear that Yeti_MC (The Philippine President) will demote everyone who participated in the spam. Godlyeriss later seceded due to corruption in the Philippines FR and became a protectorate of Xia.

The Xia War and The Federal States Of Visayas

On February 27 2021, Godlyeriss notified Xia that the Philippine FR had previously claimed the mycelium islands and kindly asked them to vacate. Xia responded by declaring war. The next day illidanlestat was killed causing outrage in the Philippine FR. Later that day Illidanlestat attempted to make a peace treaty with Xia but was about to be sued by Godlyeriss saying that Illidanlestat didn't have the right to make a treaty in the Constitution and that only he did, later on he got demoted from a senator. (fact checked, true). But then, on March 2 2021 Godlyeriss seceded the Phillipine FR. Illidanlestat later seceded from the nation saying that he will join after the Xia war ends and announced the creation of the Federal States Of The Visayas with its capital being Dumaguete. His nation was based off the real life Negros Republic.

End of civil conflict

While the war against the Xia, now the Chinese Empire, and Oman continues to go on, the civil conflict has reached its conclusion. The parties, throughout the early days of March negotiated an armistice which included the following key points. Although skirmishes are happening and a revival of the civil war may begin.

  • There shall be only one Philippine State in practice, both nations may continue to exist in technicality, Manila, Pampanga, and northern Luzon shall be administered by the Imperial Filipinos, the rest of the nation shall be under the democratic Philippine FR's jurisdiction.
  • The two systems within the Philippine State shall share information, a common military force, and coexist within the same archipelago.
  • Despite the Philippines being a single nation, they may, for now, pursue different foreign policies, legal codes, and governmental practices.
  • The 2 systems may, in the near future, further integrate, the goal of both systems is for eventual total unification.
  • Skylordvocaxo abdicates the throne
  • Skylordvoxaco has been banned resulting in the Philippine FR declaring victory
  • Manila fell on July 25 2021 resulting in full FR Victory, as of July 2021 Manila is filled with people finding loot and hunting other people visiting Manila. Polar Bear Killed, Turtle rescued.
  • It should also be noted that the Visayas Republic has been reincorporated into the Federal Republic of the Philippines in.
  • Mid April, (Philippine FR), and that the Sino-Philippine War is largely quiet with the exception of minor skirmishes throughout East Asia and Southeast Arabia. It ended atleast a month after the Second Civil War ended in a white peace.