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Notable Actions

  • Founding of the town of Argent and nation of Deseret
  • Leaking beetroots into the general population of EMC
  • The founding of the Argent Museum
  • Presidency of Cascadia on Terra Nova from November 1st to November 21st 2019
  • Owner of Sussex, a petty kingdom of post-Accordo Britain
  • Owner of the original Eiffel Tower
  • Minister of British Affairs under FBI_Bro's prime ministry (summer 2020)
  • Owner of the only known Skeleton Horse on EMC
  • Connoisseur in rare and illegal items
  • Prime Minister of Britain from August 30th, 2020 to October 30th, 2020
  • Wiki moderator
  • Widely known for his imperialistic, authoritarian attitude toward Europe and the world as a whole
  • Leader of the Accordo Continuity Commission while it existed

Spawn and First Month

In office
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Profile Information
Aliases Aura, UnbatedAura, Unbated
Nation Denmark, Wales
Town Argent, Sussex
Towny Rank
Occupation None
Political Party Accordoism
Clan British Commonwealth, Accordo
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn May 22nd, 2019
Place of Spawn China
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Famous/Infamous
Date of Ban
Nation History
Byzantium, Bolivia-Peru, Alaska, Bering-Strait, California, Deseret, Cascadia, Frontier, Alaska, Britain, Denmark, Wales

Unbated spawned in Western China on May 22 2019. He roamed around, finding the Great Wall settlement (Qin), and kept moving. He asked in chat how to teleport, and fritzstick invited him to then Theodoro. Unbated quickly left this town after realizing he did not have access to anything.

He then moved Eastward, finding a town that had fallen only days prior. It had not been looted yet, and so he took that liberty unto himself. While he was looting this fallen town, a player by the name of GianMaster from Lima, Bolivia-Peru, invite him to join his town. Unbated quickly accepted and teleported to its spawn. While he was amazed at how beautiful the buildings were, he knew he could not stay there forever.

His goal was to make it to the Salt Lake Valley in present day Utah and establish a nation there. After about 3 days of doing nothing, GianMaster offered Unbated 64 gold to create the town of Caucasus in South America.

He quickly accepted, but after another day he disbanded Caucasus and moved North. A player named 32Benja invited Aura to join the town then named Klondike, Alaska, and Aura quickly accepted, once again. He gave Benja 10 gold in exchange for one of the Japanese Style Houses in Klondike.

He moved in and renovated the interior. The house had been destroyed by its previous inhabitant, but Aura repaired it with everything he could find. Not knowing that the farm with villagers that also happened to be in his plot was a breeder, he killed two of them and sold the last one. About a week later, Benja made his return to France, leaving Alaska to t0rguin. t0rguin did not log on in time to claim all the plots, however, and Aura got an idea.

Aura realized he could open chests in the plots adjacent to his own, and figured out he could claim said plots. He began to claim the entire town of Klondike, including the throne. He declared himself the de-facto Emperor of Alaska, and moved into a Japanese Style Palace.

He fixed up the palace and made it homely. Aura had another idea, though. He wanted to start a museum. After multiple weeks alone in the entire nation, Aura decided he had to do something. He contacted shirazmatas to ask if removing diamond blocks was grief. Shiraz said it wasn't. Aura then took out his pickaxe and stole the Alaskan Throne.

32Benja held a grudge on Aura for this. Benny_Bahama invited Aura to join Chukotka, the capital of Bering-Strait. Aura stayed in this nation for less than a day, however, and he moved to the Salt Lake Valley region to establish his town.

Founding of Argent, Deseret, and the Argent Museum

On June 13, 2019, Aura established his town. At first, the town's name was Salt City. The nation California was testing nation invite range, and Salt City happened to receive one of these invites. He joined the nation of California, and stayed there for over a month. Days after this, Aura renamed his town to Argent. A month after founding his town, however, Aura broke off from California and established the nation of Deseret. Deseret was immediately inducted into the mega-nation Cascadia, but this would change.

About a month later, a new alliance, known as Foedus Christiana began to emerge. It was spearheaded by yaznayu, a previous enemy of Unbated's, but they had grown closer. Unbated brought up this new alliance in the Cascadian Intelligence Discord and the threat it posed to the server, its potential to begin another world war, while ironically blatantly ignoring the emerging Norway and Regional Powers. He requested Silent_Dirt's permission to act as a double agent, which was never granted. Unbated misinterpreted what was said, however, and went ahead with the plan anyway.

Foedus Christiana, Cascadia pt 2, Frontier, and Permanent Ban

Deseret was inducted into Foedus Christiana as a province. Unbated was close with yaznayu and the other alliance leader, ArabJew18, but was not permitted to make extremely important decisions. Over time, despite his mission being to act as a double agent and relay information to Cascadia, he began to begin believing in Foedus' ideals, and eventually abandoned Cascadia, but he did not publicly tell anyone. On August 30th, 2019, poor leadership and the banning of yaznayu led to Foedus Christiana being infiltrated by Skater2323 and disbanded. Unbated was in denial but eventually accepted the alliance he had helped build had crumbled.

He did not stop believing in what Foedus and yaznayu had believed in, but he did seek to be re-inducted into Cascadia. Things were rocky, but after about 2 weeks Deseret was once again allowed to become a province of Cascadia and Aura was allowed to be a governor again. This time around, he took a political career seriously, and ran for president. All through Halloween, Aura would advertise his campaign on discord and in chat, and became the elected president of Cascadia on Nov 1, 2019. Unbated gave his closest friend, Pesetz, ownership of Deseret and Argent, and left for the capital of Cascadia, Astoria. He was not given control, however, and was President only in name.

The Previous president, BonZZil, did not trust him with the town and with the nation, and retained the town, much to Unbated's protests. Unbated did not accomplish much during his presidency for this reason, and his presidency is generally regarded as a fluke by Cascadians and by the public. Heated arguments and internal biases against Aura led to his resignation on November 21st, 2019. He left Astoria and returned to Deseret, seceding it from the meganation, continuing its downward spiral that had begun with the New York Riots 3 months before.

By this time, the Regional Powers, an alliance led by Britain, Norway, and Niger, had started and ended The Second Great Server War, and there was a ton of tension still in the air. Unbated decided to join the Entente with Deseret and help fight back, but he was honestly pretty useless.

Unbated did not know what to do, and was beginning to feel a burnout. He decided once again to give his nation to Pesetz and move up north, to Alaska, close to his friend SgtCartoon and Kodiak. He founded the town of Arjand and the nation of Frontier in Eastern Alaska and began to expand it. People enjoyed this town, and there were consistently groups of players doing something in the town. His house in this town had a secret, however. There was a hole leading down to a large cavern on top of the bedrock layer.

Unbated was interested in finding a way to break through it into the void, and he did so. At first, the hole was only one block wide, but with his own machines, the assistance of Fix and of the towny developer, LlamaDeal, the hole expanded to nearly 10x10. This hole is the only known remaining bedrock hole existing on the server, all others having been patched by moderators.

Unbated was unsatisfied with how Frontier had turned out, and with EarthMC as a whole, but this didn't stop him from playing. He entered Frontier and Deseret (which he was still the de-facto ruler of) into the refounded Somerset Empire, lead by waav. He was named a Prince in this alliance and was allowed to make high importance decisions. This didn't help with his burnout, and on January 16th, Aura "quit" EarthMC, and disbanded Arjand and Frontier. 11 days later, on January 27th, he was permanently banned for the violation of Rule 2.7 (Dox)

On March 7th 2020, Unbated was unbanned and allowed to return to EMC.

Post 1st Ban

He made himself very apparent in chat when he was suddenly unbanned. The chat was in shock for a very long while, with many people excited to see him return, but equally as many disappointed. Just minutes after rejoining for the first time since late January, he received an invite from Warriorrr to join the Accordo Party. This party contained many server elitists, notable members being MineHero43 , FutureLemon , Skater2323 , SlyPrince , Snowyy , and many, many others.

The members of the party seemed more than happy to have him around. Not long after this, he deleted the Somerset Discord and requested Deseret join the British Commonwealth. After a vote submitted by MineHero43, Deseret was accepted into the commonwealth. Just days later, he was again permanently banned by DocW for saying he was GGOVI . He was quickly unbanned.

Deseret was accepted into the British Commonwealth. The royalty and government liked the vocal support against the new Irish Rebellion Unbated had been giving them. It would have been accepted anyway, however. Unbated did not have much to do, however. He still expanded the museum, he participated in pvp events, wars, and military actions. Notably, one of these was the Siege of the Eiffel Tower. On April 30th, multiple people got access to the plots containing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and began bombing it and disassembling the structure. Unbated covered this event in real time on EMCL, and acted as a commander for Commonwealth forces.

No other major events happened for about another month, when around May 28th or 29th, 2020, he expressed interest in leaving Deseret. He was experiencing a burnout again, and desperately needed something to do. Warriorrr, the mayor of the British town of Sussex, was also beginning to get bored of his life in Sussex, and wanted to move to London, where he could use Westminster Palace as his home and assist the King with stuff in the city. He offered to give Unbated the town of Sussex for free, as long as he put in the effort to move all his stuff and promised to stay loyal to Britain. This was no sweat, and Unbated began moving items and animals instantly.

On May 31st, the last of the animals arrived at the castle on Plymouth in Sussex. Unbated found a buyer for Deseret and Argent, the leaders of Rio Grande. He lined the floors and walls of the Argent Museum with TNT and advertised the coming destruction in chat. Dozens of people turned up to see the monument's destruction, and Unbated pulled the switch. The museum collapsed in one of the biggest explosions ever seen on the server, and anybody inside or within 10 blocks of the structure was vaporized instantly. Unbated gave Deseret to North_Paso, and left for Sussex.

Warriorrr gave him the run down, where stuff was, how to use certain machines in the castle and throughout the town, and what he wanted Unbated to do for the town. Unbated got on it instantly, constructing new houses, building new machines, and expanding his new castle slowly. He added new walls and connected all the towers with them. He rebuilt the horse he found in Varna in June 2019 on the castle's coast. He had found purpose again.

At the same time, the King of Britain, MineHero43, and his architect, NewYorker9, had been working on a project bigger than any other seen before on the server, the Westminster Abbey. When the general structure had been completed in a test world, the schematic was given to MineHero and kept for weeks. MineHero scouted out different areas near London and Sussex, and settled on the field surrounding and containing the Sly Cathedral.

He contacted Unbated and asked for his help in using the fields, which were mostly in Sussex, to house the colossal building. He tasked Unbated with destroying two large flats and two small huts, buildings that had been in the town for years, and repaving Plymouth Road to make more space. Unbated did this, and the foundation was laid. It ended up being about 70% in Sussex and about 30% in London. The outside walls and main structure was completed fairly quickly after, and a full construction log was located in front of the main entrance for 1 1/2 years until it was stolen in the aftermath of Accordo Crisis.

The building sat for about a month before Unbated began designing an interior containing many statues of warriors, white and blue and red banners draped from the massive ceilings and arches, a throne, and a central area with a massive Accordo symbol hanging from the central tower ceiling, complete with an End Crystal in the center.

Not much happened after that. Unbated was appointed the Minister of British Affairs under the Prime Ministry of FBI_Bro, and did as he was told.

British Prime Ministry

On August 30th, 2020, Unbated was elected as the 6th Prime Minister of Britain. Instantly he began submitting votes to the Parliament and Cabinet, most of which passed. On September 1st, he hosted an event under the Victory Tower (Previously Eiffel Tower, stolen from Paris), outside the original bounds of Castle Stonesite to celebrate the current era of EMC at the time, and to celebrate his election as Prime Minister. ~20 people showed up to the event. Remodeling and building a plaza under the Tower made Unbated realize he wanted to build more, and so he expanded the territory of Castle Stonesite, originally built as 6 towers and an underground by Warriorrr, to now include a much larger area, including Victory Tower, the area now called Victory Park.

On September 19th, 2020, talks, spearheaded by Unbated between the British Empire and Germany ended in a historic peace treaty between the two nations, ending a months long cold war. By midnight that same day, he had begun and ended talks between GRE and Russia, two nations who at the time were warring (albeit for not a very long time), resulting in peace between the two nations.


Throughout his term, he rapidly expanded the Commonwealth, creating such a network that there became alliances within alliances. For a time of about 2 months, most of North America was under Commonwealth control. Unbated used this massive alliance heavily for propaganda, and old alliance posters can be viewed in British chats. The most prominent of these propaganda pieces is the following:

Maybe one of the most significant thing he did for the nation and the Commonwealth was remove Britain from the Coalition of Europe, an alliance created in January that year containing Britain, Spain, France, and SPQR, and all of their subsidiaries. The British people had been dissatisfied with the way the alliance had played out, and hostilities between Britain and the other three nations had increased substantially, to the point where the vote to leave was nearly unanimous. This vote was vetoed however by the King, and Unbated resubmitted it.

The old British Constitution stated that if a vote were vetoed, it could be resubmitted and if it passed, it could not be vetoed again. The announcement was very public, and confirmed the tensions between Britain and the other three nations. This is the only known use of this clause in the Constitution.


When Unbated lost the re-election vote to FBI_Bro, he stopped playing. He didn't see any more point in playing. His real life was changing and EarthMC wasn't the same as when he had joined. On November 3rd, 2020, Unbated stopped playing actively and remained active only on discord. He remained involved in British politics and was added to the wiki as a moderator, but this still did not stop his burnout. On January 5th, 2021, he disabled his discord account and left the server.

He returned in bursts on discord throughout the year, and then began somewhat playing actively again in August 2021. He saw no use in staying in Sussex. He decided to take a visit to Argent to relive old memories, and saw that it had been razed by the Jeffersonians and Cascadians that had taken the town after Rio. What had been built over it was a horrible replica of Bikini Bottom. He saw only 3 buildings he had built still standing, though they were in ruins.

He hated this, and asked Slayer to roll back the area. He did, and Unbated claimed the area and refounded Argent. He fixed up the buildings and made sure the town was exactly as it was the day it had fallen. The museum was back to its original condition, and it is sealed off to the public. He moved all his most important relics from the most secure vault under Castle Stonesite in Sussex to his residence in Argent. The town now stands as a testament to the past.

Post 2nd Ban

Argent stood unused and and largely vacant for around 2 months. On November 12th, 2021, Unbated would be permanently banned yet again for the same reason as the first ban, violation of Rule 2.7. He spent 30 days arguing with mods and making his case when on December 12th, jkmartindale would agree that what he had done was not justified by a permanent ban, and, because 30 days had already elapsed, a 30 day ban would make no sense, so he decided to unban Unbated.

Over the 30 days of his abscense Unbated had remained active on discord and in the British build server working on buildings for a potential post-reset town he planned on making. One thing he had discussed with fellow Accordo member MapleVK was the creation of a nation where Argent stood, purely out of spite for the mega-nations of the region, Jefferson and Cascadia. Maple came through with this, and agreed to give Unbated 800 gold to assist in the creation.

On the same day he was unbanned, Unbated created the nation of British Deseret. It was inducted as a direct colony of Britain the day after. He began actually building and expanding his town, and aims to have it outshine its former glory.

Pre Accordo Crisis

Unbated worked on Argent for the months that followed, expanding it to over 100 chunks and reaching the nation status of Federation before once again being recalled to Britain. The highest levels of the British government had "worked out" a deal with the French leader MegaliMan to sell Paris to London and establish British France, something Unbated had wanted since his Prime Ministry. Minehero asked him to return to Europe, but to Scandinavia, specifically Aarhus. They planned to announce the purchase and did not want any potential rebels establishing rebel towns in areas that had recently fallen, and Unbated was given the task of expanding Aarhus to where there was no room for any possible towns. He accomplished this but largely stopped contributing after he had finished.

During this period, Unbated decided to do something he hadn't done since 2019. He decided to sell one of his illegal items for gold. The last time he had sold any of his items had been to Magenent in 2019, he traded a Synargle head and a 1212ra head for the 2019 WoW Comp Trident, which Pesetz would manage to lose after getting extremely angry at Unbated and ghosting him for a month. This time, it was on his own accord, and he sold one of his most prized illegal items for 300 gold to Megaboy23.

Accordo Crisis & Aftermath

On February 18th, Unbated saw an announcement from SlyPrince in the British discord that accused Warrior of being a traitor and getting MineHero43 and Angloist banned. He was extremely confused and thought the announcement was a joke at first. He asked other Accordo members and it turned out everybody was serious, the fracturing and fall of Accordo and Britain had begun.

He decided to rally the most trusted non-leadership Accordo members into one group chat to decide what they would do and help mitigate damage. This original group chat was known as the Accordo Cleanup Crew and consisted of Unbated, RoseBrugs, Seranil, Gabeee, Jooey83, CrazyMarCraft, MapleVK, FBI_Bro, Joe76_ and Taki as the general group, though membership would change as different people's opinions were needed. Unbated decided that the 10 person cap on group chats was too limiting, and decided to make a discord instead.

He changed the name of the new group to the Accordo Continuity Commission after it had become all too clear that the situation was serious and there was a very real threat of Accordo ceasing existence. This group functioned very well for multiple weeks as they created an inventory of which towns they would lose and how to best prevent damage to Britain as a whole. It was soon realized that because Minehero had not made anybody a Chancellor in London, the town would go to a random resident. This caused a split in the leadership of the group. As Unbated was the head, RoseBrugs and Joe76_ took up the right hand after Rose had been voted as the indefinite though assuredly temporary Queen Regent. Unbated had been named by SlyPrince as his preferred successor to Minehero, but Minehero believed that Pesetz should take Britain instead.

Rose believed she was the true heir as she had been voted in by the group who still maintained a loose but definitely there grip on the isles and Scandinavia. She began to use too much power and other members of the group did not agree with what she had begun doing, including silencing people she didn't like and going against the generally hands-off policy of the previous King regarding behavior. Maple especially hated it as he had been a victim of her silencing. Unbated wasn't having any of it and intended to call a recall vote regarding who was the true ruler of Britain. Around this time, towns began to fall and Unbated was unbanned after being banned for doxxing a 3rd time.

Eventually, it boiled over and Unbated decided that he would leave the nation of Britain to make his loyalty unclear to people while it was still unclear to himself, which unintentionally caused a chain reaction and more towns began to secede and form their own, new nations. Unbated remained loyal to no side, instead preferring to keep his loyalty in Britain and Accordo, and nation hopping between the two most significant factions, Denmark and Wales. He does prefer Denmark, however, because for seemingly no reason, Rose denied Unbated access to all of his illegal items and most of his mending items even though he had done absolutely nothing wrong to her.