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The Entente (previously known as Anti Carolina Coalition) was formed by Adaster, Wilabum and Padpai with the intent to protect nations against members of Carolina and their allies.

After beating Carolina, many nations left the alliance. The remaining members of the coalition agreed that the Anti Carolina Coalition should become a global alliance where nations protect each other.

The purposes of Entente

Entente's main goal is to protect it's members & nations from a large variety of risks such as wars.

Entente participated in a variety of wars, with the more important ones being Battle of FlavorTown and Battle of Budapest and Chlebmiasto.

List of Chancellors

Note: First owners of the alliance were Adaster, Padpai and Wilabum

  • Trajan (First chancellor, resigned)
  • xPadpai (Second chancellor, ruled for 2 weeks and resigned.)
  • ItzStitch (Third chancellor, ruled for a month.)
  • Adaster (Fourth chancellor, resigned.)
  • xPadpai (Fifth chancellor after Adaster left EMC)

Members of Entente

The current members of Entente are:


South America

North America