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March 6, 2022
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Polish Tasmania Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Polish Emblem.png
National Information
Full Name Polish Tasmania
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto "Poland, the Graveyard of Empires."
Population 1
Chunks 236
Capital City New_Rzeszow
Largest City New_Rzeszow
Oldest City New_Rzeszow
Government Information
Political System
Economic System
Army Size
Part of Polish Kingdom
Historical Information

Polish Tasmania is colony of Polish Kingdom, established on 2nd of June 2019 by jemenik. Located south of Australia, the colony has its capital, New Rzeszow.


Tasmania adopts all political aspects from Poland, meaning it is an absolute monarchy. POGKPP, king of Poland, has power over mainland both Poland and its overseas territories. Tasmania's colony ruler, RaddiPL, is the second-in-command of Tasmania and has absolute power over it, except matters regarding defence and foreign affairs.


April 2019

jemenik joined EarthMC for the first time on 13th of April 2019 and joined Koszyce. He quickly wanted to get out in more exotic places, and as he found an empty, unhabited piece of land under Australia, he moved to Tasmania.

June 2019

After collecting funds, Tasmania was founded in very early June 2019 with capital in New Wadowice, on south of the island.

German-Polish war

Nothing important happened on Tasmania while the war, but, in the month of May, weeks after the war declaration, a Swiss town was created in Tasmanian islands to menace their existence, with hope to reconquer Tasmania. That didn't happen though, and the city was disbanded - everything returned to its normal state.

Late 2020

Tasmania was developing extremely quickly, and gained 80 residents in few months only. However, in very late 2020, jemenik retired and gave power to RaddiPL. New Wadowice collapsed months later, and New Rzeszow, north of the island, became the new capital.

Inactivity era

Since early 2021, Tasmania became as extremely inactive as other low-tier nations, and basically, became a graveyard with two towns. Occasionally, New Krakow, neighboring to the capital, collapsed and took away 230 chunks with it. In the meanwhile, two another Tasmanian towns on south of the island, rebelled to Australia due to the reason given. One town even created another rebel nation of "SouthTasmania" and joined Australian meganation. 4 of 5 towns in the island are Australian, as of March 2022.

Notable people

  • jemenik, the establisher of Polish Tasmania.
  • RaddiPL, current ruler of Tasmania.
  • Alpajino, very active diplomat of the colony, and the developer. Retired to Poland in some 2020.