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File:Japanna flag.svg
Coat of Arms
Imperial Mon

Seal.pngImperial Seal

National Information
Full Name The Japanese Empire
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem 君が代 (Kimi Ga Yo) File:Kimi ga Yo instrumental.ogg
Motto The World Under One Roof | 八紘一宇
Population 614
Chunks 14925
Capital City Tokyo
Largest City Asuka (Yamato)
Oldest City Owari
Government Information
Political System Monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Japan (日本) is a nation that occupies most of the Japanese Archipelago, Korea, China as well as Eastern Russia. There have been four different Japans in the history of EMC, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Japanese Empires. Japan has one of the deepest histories on all of EarthMC and one of the oldest which has seen Four Civil Wars, fighting off different Chinese Invasions and eventually expanding outside of Japan itself.


Japan is situated mainly on the Japanese Archipelago, Korea, China as well as Eastern Russia. With direct control over its Territories of Japan_North, Shimazu , Korea, and Bokkai. The Capital is Tokyo with a few of the main cities being: Koksan, Seoul, Minada , Toyama, Aomori, and Kyushu.


The Government of Japan is led by the Emperor and secondly the Imperial Chancellor and Prime Minister. The Emperor and Imperial Chancellor dictate the Imperial Court consisting of Imperial Advisors. While the Prime Minister which is either voted in or chosen by the Emperor, picks the Cabinet which consists of Ministers

1st Japanese Empire

Early days (19th November - 27 November 2018)

The first Japanese nation was found by the 7 original towns of Japan, which were: Sapporo, Chikugo, Mihama (Was Kyoto at the time) Kyoto (Was Osaka), Tokyo, Oboro-Maru and Sendai. The towns had collected 512g at the 14th November, however, the citizens decided to hold elections to decide who should be the Shogun and who should be the emperor. They held the election and Surfboy1 (SurfinNinja) was elected Shogun, with Neon_Krby losing to him. LostInMoonlight of old Tokyo was declared Emperor of Japan, by the citizens. The nation capital was decided to be Tokyo, and when SurfinNinja turned out to be inactive, LostInMoonlight took over the lead of the government.

1st Japanese Civil War (27 November - 3rd December 2018)

After LostInMoonlight took over the nation lead, he also turned out to be not very active, which upset Dan1804, the owner of Kyoto, who decided to take a 700g loan from Korea and he founded the nation of Oda_Shogunate, on the 28th November.

Oda_Shogunate ended up being very successful during its early days, convincing the majority of towns of Japan to join their nation. However this was going to change soon, as a new challenger approached, Niigata, Which was going to be created by FenZenyatta.

FenZenyatta spent the money he earned of selling Prussia (384g) on claims. The town of Niigata quickly reached 55 chunks, which made Niigata the largest town of Japan The largest town. FenZenyatta quickly stated that he was the most powerful town leader of Japan and started demanding more power from Dan1804.

Fen was seeking power but he didn't want to make a 4th nation, so he started messaging every of the 3 Japanese nation leaders. He ended up agreeing the most with LostInMoonlight of Tokyo, who promised reforms in the nation. That convinced FenZenyatta to leave Oda_Shogunate and join Japan.

Age of Chaos (December 2018 - May 2019)

FenZenyatta was proclaimed as the Japanese shogun, however, LostInMoonlight never gave him the ownership of the nation. FenZenyatta was viewed internally as the leader but he only had the national Chancellor role in-game. He tried making reforms but they all failed as the nation was very inactive during the period. The most significant achievement of Japan during this age was Niigata becoming the 5th largest town on the entire server.

Around the 11th January, Tokyo owned by LostInMoonlight fell to inactivity. Niigata was the next town in the line of succession, which turned FenZenyatta into the emperor.

FenZenyatta got into talks with other citizens and agreed on calling in elections for the leader of Japan. The participants of the elections were FenZenyatta of Niigata, NeonKrby of Osaka-Kyoto, and Quil of Chiba. FenZenyatta won the election on the 10th February, with Quil_ coming second. All of the 3 were campaigning for a reformed Japanese government. Fen won with 70% of the votes

In the early days of this age, FenZenyatta reformed the Japanese discord and government. He opened a Government which helps him with dealing with stuff, he doesn't have time to deal with. During this age, Japan's population was rising sharply, to the point where Japan became the most populated nation on EMC, on the 28th February.

The two rebel nations, Oda_Shogunate and Tsugaru-shi also disbanded during this time period.

The Japanese succession crisis is what started Japan's downfall. It started with FenZenyatta making an announcement, talking about who could take over Japan after himself, and who it could be. FenZenyatta proposed it to be MLGTerra, a veteran from EMC Classic but the citizens didn't agree with his decision. . That was followed by other mayors disbanding their towns/quitting EMC.

2nd Japanese Civil War (10th May - 25th May 2019)

On the 10th May, FenZenyatta had gathered a group of people who were interested in reviving Japan. Everything went as they planned, and they approached Surfboy1 who has been inactive during the Demise. However, they didn't get a response and Surfboy was uninterested in giving away the nation, and a civil war had begun.

On the 15th May, Neon_Krby, who was a chancellor in Japan, gave Chancellor to FenZenyatta and both of them removed every alliance Japan had and kicked every town out of the nation. After that was done, FenZenyatta created the nation Imperial_Japan, proclaiming himself as the new emperor. All the kicked towns proceeded to join Imperial_Japan, meaning Japan became a one-town nation.

No battles happened during this civil war, just as in the previous one. It ended on the 25th May when Surfboy finally disbanded his own nation.

2nd Japanese Empire

This nation was made on the 15th day of May in 2019 with FenZenyatta as Emperor. On the 15 of May, FenZenyatta received a loan in form of gold from alek_b, and proceeded to create the nation "Imperial_Japan". His goal was to unite Japan under his leadership. Fen started a recruitment drive which started a flow of new players joining Japan. Many of those ended up being important political figures in the future Japanese history.

Synargle's 1st Era (16th June - 22nd July 2019)

Synargle become the Emperor of Japan during this time and become a much loved part of the Japanese community. Under Syn's leadership Japan built the new underground shopping centre which become a popular shopping destination. On the 22nd of July, Synargle suddenly went offline and never returned again on his discord account. During this period, everyone was uncertain about what was about to happen. Snowyy_b ended up holding the capital of the nation, Ashikaga, and elections were made to decide the next Emperor. Yllalen ended up winning those.

Age of Fire (10th August - 29th August 2019)

With Yllalen becoming Emperor, Japan become more weak on the regional scale with nations like Qing seeking to influence Japan further. They sent Baron_Sigma (Now Qorrin) to spy on Japan and make a nation there. Yllalen proposed a clan system of Japan which would see the united Japan fall into various different clans and eventually a civil war. Yllalen claims he did this under pressure from Qorrin (Baron_Sigma) and had no other choice, but considering Yllalen's manipulative nature and a tendency to lie to make himself sound good, these claims are fairly dubious. Japan did try to create a confederation of clans as a way of being unified but it did not last long.

After the ruin of the clan system, representatives of each group gathered to discuss reunifying Japan. Multiple options were proposed; eventually, a Japanese citizen by the name Fjolnir1 proposed the option of a user named Big Brother to take ownership. Big Brother was later revealed to be QqL, who quickly made a deal with Yllalen for ownership of Ashikaga. Ashikaga and Minamoto clans joined, with Shimazu declining, Yakuza and Ryukyu remaining in isolation.

An increasingly-intensifying standoff period between Shimazu and Japan began, with both racing for towns, this period ended with QqL kicking all towns out of Japan following a failed reunification.

3rd Japanese Civil War (29th August 2019 - 6th January 2020)

Upon the kicking of all Japanese towns by QqL, Alek_b, one of the remaining older players, decided to make a push for reunification. He immediately invited the kicked towns, as well as adding several Shimazu towns. He then renamed his nation to Imperial_Japan. Alek proceeded to join the Regional Powers and declared war on Shimazu, making Japan a theater of the Second Great War.

The war dragged on for months. Despite initial gains in the war, Imperial_Japan was stuck in a hiatus due to Shimazu's policy of "Defensive Talk-to-the-Hand-ing" (Self-imposed neutrality) and Alek's inactivity. Alek still attempted a policy of reunification, even with a different leader, and a handful of talks were held between Shimazu and Imperial_Japan. Multiple options were proposed, including introducing Arkas_King as the new emperor. In the end, however, the talks broke down, and the war was restarted, yet stuck in a stalemate. Multiple players on both sides grew tired of the war, with many becoming inactive.

Eventually, most core Imperial_Japan mayor's - Alek_b (Shikara), Krby (Tokyo), Booster_b (Komatsu), and Saayuuki (Shiga) - would sell their towns and move to the Niger town of Alpha. Snowyy and FenZenyatta, two other core Imperial_Japan members, went on to join them. KawadaJP, the final Imperial_Japan leader, joined Shimazu before shortly making his own nation of Asano.

2nd Reunification Period (6th January - February 2020)

Following Alek's leave of Japan, several individuals attempted to move the gap. Synargle decided to make a return to Japan, Baron wanted to buy out the remaining towns, and a newly resurgent Qing, led by Mr_X1234, wanted to create a puppet nation in Japan led by QqL.

Initially, Baron assisted in Synargle buying the nation of Imperial_Japan, as well as its towns Shikara and Tokyo, in an attempt to keep Qing off the island. Imperial_Japan was promptly renamed to Tokugawa, and a new confederation was formed between Shimazu, Shimazu_North Tokugawa and Ashikaga. Asano clan led by KawadaJP refused to join the Confederation due to Shimazu being involved.

Shortly after, the town of Shiga was bought by QqL. Mr_X1234 also proceeded to buy the nation of Asano, with its town Hiroshima. Hiroshima was given to QqL, while Shiga was placed with RatDogGuy.

A few days later, Baron_Sigma quit the server, giving Shimazu to Goddess_Sairene. The leaders of the confederation, as well as QqL and Mr_X1234, joined to mediate peace.

After increased cooperation, Japan agreed to reunify under its new Emperor, Synargle.

3rd Japanese Empire

United Japan (February - July 2020)

The 3rd Japanese Empire was an extremely popular concept with the people living in Japan at the time. The first few months had been peaceful, with nearly weekly events and the introduction of a democratic form of government. The government established strong alliances and rarely got into long lasting conflicts, even aquiring 2 new colonies, Vietnam and Filipinas. Several national banks had been set up with the goal of funding new and expanding towns. The citizens of Japan had been unified under Synargle's rule and had interacted nicely with one another. The last 2 months, however, saw a drastic turn for the state of the empire. Synargle had gone inactive nearly out of nowhere, with almost zero communication weeks after. The elections that had decided the ruling ministry for the month had become increasingly competitive, and the secretive way that the government had operated had began to be looked down upon by the citizens. By the 4th and final election, the older players had turned on each other, and as a result, caused the rest of the players to begin taking sides. One of these conflicting sides, aligning with Baron_Sigma, cededed from Japan on June 9th, and soon after, a major internal debate discussing whether or not the acting regent, Sairene, or former crown prince KawadaJP, would become the next leader, arose in Japan. This debate had been the final nail in the coffin, as on June 27th, Kawada created the nation of Date, splitting Japan nearly in half.

4th Japanese Civil War (June 2020 - August 2021)

Japanese 4th Civil War < As the 4th civil war was documented heavily, a detailed account of the war from start to present can be found here.

4th Japanese Empire

3rd Reunification Period (August 2020 - August 2021)

On November 23rd, 2021 Kawada abdicated the throne and his heir, Lord__Troll, became emperor. His reign was marked by the increase of support in reunification from all nations in Japan, resulting in the creation of the new Kamakura Alliance, created between Shimazu, Ishikari, and Karafuto, to help reunite Japan. There was one major issue with the 4th Japanese empire, mainly that the emperor carried the nation, supporting most towns and town funding with his own gold, causing the mayors to be reliant on him, and the long term results began to show. On December 23rd, Lord__Troll had abdicated the throne when the towns of Sendai, and Toyama were forcefully disbanded, with Hiroshima and Yamagata falling to disputed or unknown reasons. Lord__Troll gave the throne to Enigma731, leaving him to deal with the chaos, and not more than 1 week after his ascension, the towns of the towns of Oita, Himeji, Hiroshima, Kawada, and Iturup falling to inactivity, with Fuji (Shizuoka) being reclaimed after a deal gone wrong. Xia had invaded the eastern part of Hiroshima, and since their intentions of invading Japan had become clear, the emperor of Japan called for the other nation’s help. Approximately 2k+ gold had been put into a quick reclamation, spanning one month. Xia had realized they could not advance and their operations were halted. Ishikari and Date had presented their final terms for reunification during this time as well, and on January 22nd, Ishikari joined Japan as a northern nation spawn and soon after, Date and the long exiled Okinawa rejoined as well. On August 6th, 2021, Shimazu and Japan finally came to an agreement in which Shimazu became Japan's southern n spawn, finally ending the 4th Japanese civil war and reunifying the Japanese archipelago.

Post-Reunification Period (December 25, 2020 - September 24, 2021)

The months that came after the main phase of the 4th civil war were marked with various attempts to re-establish Japan as a positively viewed nation both overseas and within its community. Along with the slow integration of the remaining rebel nations, reforms were introduced into the government to allow citizens greater representation in what once was a complete monarchy. By now, most of the original Japanese players had left EMC, and the ones that remained had little to no influence compared to their impact in previous national governments, so there had been a major focus on building a new and revitalized community. This period was also marked by the development of towns on the mainland, with many of the ruined and broken structures that littered the islands being replaced. The Shinkansen, which before had been in disrepair, was fixed up and had new routes added to it. Japan had also aquired its first overseas colony since the unification of Indochina, Prince George.

Japanese Platinum Age (September 24, 2021 - December 21, 2021)

On the 24th of September, a youtuber by the name of Oniya made a video on the server, bringing in hundreds of Japanese players who were interested in settling in Japan. This flood had nearly tripled Japan's population and created a colonial boom, with nations, such as Bokkai, being established to handle the growing population when mainland Japan had run out of room. Other nations, such as Toban, Yamato, and Manchuria, were established by new players wanting to be a part of Japan, but settling elsewhere to avoid the crowdiness of the mainland. Japanese political affairs constantly changed during this time, with unauthorized nations being made within Japanese claims, calling for war, and the increased distaste of foreign nations towards the Japanese in general, due to the nature of the new players that followed Oniyama into the server.

The Nagaoka Crisis (December 21, 2021 - January 1, 2022)

Around the 22nd of December, an investigation was launched into the crown prince at the time, Andre157, following a supposed threat of rebellion. This investigation, dubbed operation Kaiserfall, turned up evidence of the prince attempting to manipulate the system and japanese players, through the use of his in-nation clan, Ooka, to try and seize power for himself. After the investigation was made public, Andre was purged from the Japanese government and discord and Ooka members were relocated and reorganized. However, the threat of a rebellion was still imminent, as Andre still held a town on the Japanese mainland. As a precaution, the nation 4.1badname, or Japan2, was renamed to Ooka to discourage the creation of a nation. The crisis was considered over as the supposed "deadline" for the creation of the nation had passed, although the status of Nagaoka is still unknown. Following the crisis, 2 immediate policies were enacted in an attempt to prevent similar events, being the reinstation of a public voting system and the Forever Emperor doctrine, which states that the current emperor, Enigma731, would continue to remain emperor, negating the need for a crown prince. The remaining clans within Japan were heavily criticised, as the Nagaoka Crisis marked the 2nd time that a clan had attempted to seize power for itself, but no law has been put into place. Japan did bounce back in the end, gaining further public support and expanding its colonial ambitions.

Great East Asian Wars (January 18, 2022-Present)

Sino-Japanese War

On December 5th 2021, the player Techv settled the town of Kimosaki on the northwestern portion of the Korean peninsula on the Yalu River. Later, on December 12th, the town of Dandong was settled on the opposite coast of the river by Comrade_nosepoo2 on behalf of liao. Disputes over claiming in the area quickly arose, and in order to protect its interests, Kimosaki claimed 2 chunks over the Yalu River. This action had angered Dandong's mayor, as well as his overseer qbsb147, however, in the end, Dandong had ended up going inactive for about a month, and Kimosaki had continued expanding on the Korean peninsula. Then, once again in early January 2022, Dandong had asked Kimosaki to back off from the Yalu River, and as Kimosaki had now had more chunks on the other side, they refused. This led to Dandong attempting several times to claim-block Kimosaki on the west and north, with all attempts being rolled back by moderators, resulting in over 1.2k gold being wasted on claims by Liao. During these claim-blocking attempts, Dandong had crossed over into the Korean peninsula, as well as planted the town of panda_island south of Kimosaki. These actions, along with the previous disputes between Cangzhou and Izu of November of the same year and the founding of the town of PingXingGuan off the coast of Sendai, Japan declared war on the Chinese Union, with both sides stating the violation of each other's claims to be the justification. This war, known as the Sino-Japanese War, saw major conflict within the first few weeks of its declaration, with dozens of casualties being reported on either side and thousands of gold spent on setting up claims and colonies. With the help of the GEAC and Rajasa, various anti-Chinese nations were made on mainland China, including Xixia, Yan, and ROC, which is a jointly-administrated nation between Japan and the Phillipines.

Russo-Japanese War

On March 3rd, Yllalen, leader of the Kingdom of Joseon, abdicated and appointed TessSeymour as Queen, which angered many of its citizens as the coronation had gone against the Joseon constitution. After her coronation, Tess proceeded to join Russia on March 3rd, during which Joseon citizens attempted to hold a vote to impeach her, but were banned and muted in retaliation. As Joseon is in Japanese-controlled Korea, this event was shunned by Japan as being a European invasion of its territory. Talks began with both True Russia and the Russian Empire in an attempt to dissolve the situation, however, talks with Russia quickly fell apart. Japan and True Russia decided to publish an ultimatum against both Joseon and Russia that stated Tess was to give up the crown to CharleyCheno, former crown prince of Joseon, and the next day, Japan had joined the greater conflict of what is known as the Russian Civil War.

List of Japanese Nations and Successions

1st Japanese Empire

The first Japanese nation, formed by the 7 original Japanese towns.

Predecessor: None

Successor: 1st Imperial Japan


Rebel nation made during the 1st civil war to escape the politics of that time.

Predecessor: 1st Japanese Empire

Successor: None

Oda Shogunate

Rebel nation made during the 1st civil war in an attempt to revive an inactive Japan.

Predecessor: 1st Japanese Empire

Successor: None

1st Imperial Japan

Created by FenZenyatta during the 2nd civil war to unite Japan during a succession crisis.

Predecessor: 1st Japanese Empire

Successor: 2nd Japanese Empire

2nd Japanese Empire

The Japanese Empire under FenZenyatta’s rule up until the 3rd Civil War

Predecessor: 1st Imperial Japan

Successor: Ashikaga


The remnants of the 2nd Japanese Empire after mass secession

Predecessor: 2nd Japanese Empire

Successor: None

1st Shimazu Clan

First state to secede from the 2nd Japanese Empire, rejoining the 3rd Japanese Empire as a proxy nation

Predecessor: 1st Ryukyu nation

Successor: Japan_South

Shimazu North

Northern proxy state of the 1st Shimazu Clan

Predecessor: 1st Shimazu Clan

Successor: None

1st Hokkaido nation

Reason for creation unknown

Predecessor: 2nd Japanese Empire

Successor: None


Reason for creation unknown, eventually sold to become a Korean nation

Predecessor: 2nd Japanese Empire

Successor: South Korea


Last of 3 nations made by KawadaJP during the 3rd civil war, was reformed into a northern proxy state.

Predecessor: Nihon

Successor: 1st Japan_North

2nd Imperial Japan

Proper successor of the 2nd Japanese Empire, eventually made into the 3rd Japanese Empire

Predecessor: Yakuza

Successor: Tokugawa

3rd Japanese Empire

Result of the 3rd civil war when the clans reunified under Synargle

Predecessor: Tokugawa

Successor: 4th Japanese Empire

2nd Shimazu Clan

First nation to secede from the 3rd Japanese Empire, kicking off the 4th civil war

Predecessor: 3rd Japanese Empire

Successor: TBD

1st Date Clan

Formed by KawadaJP to contest Sairene’s claim to the throne after Synargle’s abdication

Predecessor: 3rd Japanese Empire

Successor: 4th Japanese Empire

2nd Ryuzoji Clan

First seceded as a Japanese ally, second time seceded as a rebel nation

Predecessor: 1st Ryuzoji Clan

Successor: 2nd Date Clan

2nd Hokkaido nation

Seceded as a neutral state during the 4th civil war

Predecessor: 1st Japan_North

Successor: None

Obama nation

Seceded as a meme nation, got 4.1’d by mods

Predecessor: 3rd Japanese Empire

Successor: None


Seceded first as a neutral nation, then was split between Date and Japan

Predecessor: 3rd Japanese Empire

Successor: None

Ishikari Shogunate

First made as a Shimazu proxy state, then declared independence later on

Predecessor: Ishikari State

Successor: 2nd Japan_North


Created as an economic state and worked with nations that seceded from the 3rd Japanese empire

Predecessor: None

Successor: None


Was originally kicked for scamming, but later rejoined the 4th Japanese Empire before being disbanded

Predecessor: 3rd Japanese Empire

Successor: Ryukuan_Islands

4th Japanese Empire

The result of unification between Date and Japan during the 4th civil war

Predecessor: 3rd Japanese Empire

Successor: TBD


A troll nation made by Qql after he left Japan; renamed to Ooka as a response to the Nagaoka Crisis

Predecessor: 4th Japanese Empire

Successor: ROC

Previous Rulers and Notable People


LostInMoonlight was the first Emperor of Japan. He is remembered for his inactivity and lack of effort put into the nation. He lost his emperorship when his town, Tokyo, disbanded due to Inactivity.


FenZenyatta gained power when Tokyo disbanded on the 20th January. However he wasn't viewed as an Emperor until he won the elections. The period of time between the fall of Tokyo and the elections was viewed as an "Interregnum" period by many Japanese citizens.

He was elected as the Emperor of Japan on the 10th February 2019. During his reign, Japan achieved many things, like becoming the most populated nation on /n list


Reunified Japan after the 3rd civil war and ruled up until May of 2020, when he became inactive and made Sairene his heir


Unified the nations of Date and Japan during the 4th civil war. Led Japan to a Second Golden Era with Japan becoming #2 on the /n list and various large scale Infrastructure projects being built. He also initiated the original invasions of the Korean peninsula, taking over 75% of its land before his abdication.


Had ruled the colony of Borneo in mid 2020, later becoming Kawada's heir, ruling for exactly one month. Currently is Daimyo of Toyama and serves as the Imperial Chancellor in the Japanese government.


As the longest reigning Japanese emperor, he oversaw the reunification of the remaining 4th civil war nations into Japan and conducted government and infrastructure reforms. He also oversaw the establishment of several overseas colonies and led Japan through its platinum age, eventually defending the nation's territory against the Russians and Chinese.


Neon_Krby founded the town of Sapporo, which was one of the founding towns of Japan. He later on moved to take care of Sendai (which was annexed by Niigata before Niigata's fall). He proceeded to make towns in Alaska and China between his times in Japanese towns. He was the owner of Osaka-Kyoto, which was made on the ruins of old Kyoto (former capital of Oda_Shogunate ) on the 30th January. He later went on to create the town of Choshi on May 10th 2019 which later became the current Tokyo. After Tokyo he left Japan and went on to quit EMC before returning in February 2022.


He was the first Shogun of Japan back in November. He became the Emperor in March 2019, during the Demise of Japan. He ran Kyoto up until March of 2022.


Was the empress of Japan following the abidcation of Synargle and Shimazu's secession. Also played a large role during the 3rd civil war and has served in the current government of Japan.


Had served as emperor some time during the 2nd Japanese Empire. He also served as an advisor to various later emperors and was a participant in the 3rd and 4th civil wars


Led the nation of Yakuza/Imperial Japan during the 4th civil war. His leadership style and community would go on to be a staple of the future Japanese playerbase and government.


Was the leader of Shimazu during the 3rd and 4th civil wars and served as prime minister in the 3rd Japanese empire. Had been responsible for various events leading up to both civil wars, eventually being the reason for several reforms.


Was the last emperor of the 2nd Japanese empire and leader of Ashikaga during the 3rd civil war. Is now mainly known for his tendancy to start conflicts with Japan.


Leader of the Japanese colony of Bokkai and the Great East Asian Confederacy. Is most well known for being a major leader of the ethnic Japanese players that joined during the Japanese YouTuber invasion, along with Oniya


Is a notable player within Japan for his work in the Imperial Cabinet and the Yomiuri Shimbun. Previously owned the town of Hiroshima before being banned.