Beginning Era

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Beta Era
November 1st - December 13th

Beginning Era

Hype Era

The Beginning

The server was released to everyone, a small player base comes in and founds early towns (some towns in beta era.) and nations. Almost all of these nations grew to become some of the biggest nations in the future, while some died out fast due to a small player base. Nation price, Town price, and cost for basically everything was low, making the time required to found towns and nations small, only a few days, versus today's 1 month long gold grind. (written Feb 28th 2020)


November 1st

  • Server is released, Era Begins.
  • The nation of United States is created.

November 5th

November 6th

November 9th

November 10th

November 11th

  • The nation of Peru (now Bolivia-Peru) is created.

November 12th

  • The nation of Panama is created.

November 13th

  • The nation of the Kingdom of Oyo was created
  • Around this time MinskanRus, based in Eastern Europe was created.

November 18th

  • Kcodugall, mayor of Hong Kong is banned for cheat client.
  • The beginning of the Polish-Romanian War (Battles of Prussia).
  • The nation of Germany is created.
  • Around this time, MLGTerra abdicated from the French throne, founding ISIS (date to be clarified).

November 19th

  • The Korban Canal was created. Stretching from Lagos to Houmt Souk, the largest canal made on the server resulting in a direct route from the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Guinea.
  • The nation of Japan was created.

November 28th

November 30th

  • Coronation of xHyper20 on new polish king.

December 2nd

December 4th

  • JPapper becomes the next president of California after No_Jewtsu with H2Orangejuice as Vice President.

December 11th