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Painted Indigo
In office
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In office
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Profile Information
Nation Klondike
Town Telkwa
Towny Rank King
Occupation Nation leader, mayor, builder
Political Party none
Clan Volkov Family
Discord coffeeshop on a culdesac#9223
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn July 5th, 2021
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality Kansan
Gender Agender
Blood Type
Zodiac Cancer
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History

Painted "PaintedIndigo_" Indigo Volkov is a builder, architect and mayor of Telkwa. They are also the Governor of Klondike, and a major figure of the STAR Alliance.

Painted Indigo is a member of the House of Volkov, a Quebec and Klondike noble family.


Joining EarthMC originally as a hard-working laborer in a midwestern town, PaintedIndigo sought a life free of the constraints of bureaucracy. They coordinated with AdrianHES, former mayor of Albany, and together they decided to create a town together called Hiram Station. Originally intended to be a mining/resource harvesting company, the town foundered after several weeks of inactivity due to Hiram Station's nationless existence. All that remains of the town is a floating ship and some chests.

Seeking a better life in the Republic of Cascadia, Painted and Adrian ventured out west to establish New Hiram Station - a town with the same idea of being a slowly growing community that put the worker first. As Adrian felt out of place as mayor of New Hiram Station, he felt a need to return to mayor the then-dilapidated Albany, and left Painted Indigo in charge of New Hiram Station. It is then that Painted's incredible work ethic as a mayor and builder took full flight.

As Adrian went to establish Albany, and later the STAR Alliance, Painted Indigo expanded New Hiram Station's size in chunks, and built several new buildings by hand. They also single-handedly constructed many long and very needed ice rails for Cascadia and Columbia, at an excellent and unprecedented pace. As the political rifts between Cascadia and Columbia grew, Painted stayed loyal to Columbia. They later re-named the town to Telkwa. It was also around this time that Painted took machines from the Nord ice farm in Greenland, in an attempt to preempt a Cascadian-Columbian war.

Eventually, GreenyDuck, the leader of Klondike, handed over the position of leader to Painted, whom he saw as a benevolent and dedicated leader. Afterwards, Painted wanted to join Cascadia, and have Klondike as a kind of Cascadian state. In response to this, several jealous and sociopathic political enemies of Painted - among these Frey and Scrabs - decided to ruin that idea by fabricating false claims and lies, stealing Klondike towns and deleting the Klondike discord, all leading to a heavy decrease of activity in the nation.

Now, Painted Indigo works tirelessly to pick up the pieces and rebuild Klondike, equally working to strengthen the prosperity of their own dominion, as well as the general welfare of the entire northwest - through diplomacy and friendship. The benevolent Painted spares no expense to make sure a future of success and security is assured for Klondike and Telkwa. Through cooperation with the STAR Alliance, their dream for that future is slowly but surely becoming a reality. With friends and allies at their side, Painted's ethic and passion for Klondike will never waiver, but only grow.