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Icy Logistics was a transportation company.


IcyLogistics is a transportation company that builds ice roads upon request. It was founded by Bobberson07

It was made because the founder was running short on gold, and was skilled in ice road building. With some friends he started the company. Bobberson07 later gave the comapny to Wertzui2.

Due to Wertzui2 being inactive, former CEO Bobberson07 disbanded the company.

It was a subsidary of Endless Incorporated

It also had stocks in NASDAQ


The services provided this business are:

Service Description
Ice Roads Building ice roads


Every 50 blocks of roads will cost 4-5g, if your're in Europe, around 6-7g. This is because Europe is tight, and building is harder.

Former Employees

Owner - ENLS

CEO - Bobberson07

President - CubingEli

Chief Engineer - Wertzui2

Roads Built

Barcelos (Inca) to NewField (Para), including stops at Tefe, Bay Island and Belem.