Second Battle of Kindu

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The Second Battle of Kindu was a hour long battle that happened at Kindu in relation to the Nubia-Kindu War. It happened on the 17th of February 2021.

The battle would be started after Nubians wanted to bother the people of Kindu and there was discovery of iceroad grief between Azula and Nyala that was by Kindu citizen, jumpy1111. The battle would mostly be PvPing, however the Kindu would occasionally use end crystals from claims. Trenches would later be built by the Nubians in an attempt to trap the people of Kindu and kill them. During the battle, Nubia and allies would have one death and Kindu have 5.

During the Battle

Arrival of Nubians

The battle started after Noahser and Twomoo1119 arrived at Kindu geared. They started to attack residents, however fighting was mostly limited at this stage. During this time a couple more Nubians arrived to fight.

Arrival of British

After noticing a battle at Kindu, MapleVK, a friend of the Nubians, decided to come over and help. He had his friend LegoVK also come over. As soon as they arrived, the battle tilted in favour of the Nubians. Immediately they started to attack Kindu's residents, and helped in making a trap on the eastern border.

Trench fighting

After the fighting slowly moved to the western border of Kindu, Noahser dug a long trench covering the entire side of the town. Multiple people fell in, and came out quickly. However after one Kindu resident fell in, he was killed, resulting in the first death of the battle. After this, the battle heavily raged on this side, with a blindness potion being thrown. This resulted in many falling into the trench at once.


After the King of Vinland, HSHZ arrived, the battle was starting to slow down. Kindu residents resorted to blocking off entrance and lava buckets being placed. By now, the battle had become taunting in chat mostly. However the trench was still a large fighting spot, and 4 more deaths resulted for Kindu.


Kindu claims victory

After the battle, Kindu claimed to have gotten 3 god sets, and a stack of gold. However when asked, they did not show any proof regarding this.