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This article is about the current town, and should not be confused with Nyala from early 2020.

New Nyala Flag.png
Town Information
Full Name The City of Nyala
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Population 1 (Nov 8, 2021)
Area 121 chunks
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png 4520, -2104
Continent File:Africa blank black.svg Africa
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalist
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png The Cult of Isis
Government Information
Mayor NickStorm1086
Political System
Historical Information
Established July 27, 2020
Disbanded December 16, 2021
Past Nations
Past Mayors ArcaFace.png ArcaPlays
KallusFace.png Kallus66


Past Councillors

Nyala is a town of Nubia located on the real life border of the nations of Sudan and South Sudan. The town was founded by ArcaPlays on July 27th, 2020. Although larger than most towns in size by plots, it has a small population.

Before Nyala

Prior to founding Nyala, ArcaPlays was a resident of Mersa until he recieved 64 gold from a gold crate just 4 days earlier. Nyala was originally going to be a proxy town of Turkana, as ArcaPlays had established a decent relationship with their Mayor at the time. However, after some discussion, ArcaPlays changed his mind and made his own independent town.


The First Chunks

The area that Nyala stands in today was filled with sand, grass, red sand, and podzol. Among the conglomerate of blocks, ArcaPlays saw a 1 block deep pit that gave him an idea. He moved the pit in order to fit in in 2 chunks, and then deepened it to create Lake Nyala. The two chunks that Lake Nyala spanned became the first chunks of Nyala.

The First Resident

Around two to three weeks after the founding of Nyala, twomoo1119 approached ArcaPlays asking if he had any open residential plots. Soon after, a former El Obeid resident, mucksock, joined the town. This was as part of the Nubian policy, at the time, of mass recruitment where possible, that was first put into place after reunification with Ethiopia.


After exactly one month, the initial plans of Nyala (built in creative on Jul 27) was complete, covering an area of 49 chunks. During the next few weeks, houses would be built by ArcaPlays for future residents. On September 15, new plans were made to expand Nyala to 11x11 chunks (121 chunks). These plans were finished exactly 2 months later, on November 15, 2020. Nyala's claims have remained the same since then.

Drama and De Facto Status

Due to the severe drama occurring on the Nubia discord servers over the past weeks, the town of Nyala became nationless temporarily around 1:50 PM EDT on September 10, 2020 and kicked the other two residents. About 6 hours later, Nyala joined Sudan, the nation lead by Dharug for a short period. Eventually, ArcaPlays realized that the 40 chunk nation bonus of Sudan could not allow him to expand, so he rejoined Nubia in a de facto status. ArcaPlays did not recognize his town as being a Nubian town, although it was displayed as one on the Dynmap. Then on September 11, 2020, ArcaPlays rejoined Sudan for a little while before fully rejoining Nubia again.

Post Drama

Since September, Nyala has remained loyal to Nubia and has not been involved in any drama.

ArcaPlays leaves Nubia

On January 9, 2021, ArcaPlays announced to his fellow Nubians that he would be leaving the nation. Kallus66 took over Nyala as Arca created a new town, Seward, as part of Yukon in Alaska.

Cadenstolethetoe Buys Nyala

On, January 16, 2021, Cadenstolethetoe decided to take the town off of the holder to revamp it to what it is today.

The Fall of Nyala

Sometime in early November of 2021, Caden gave ownership of Nyala to a new player named NickStorm1086. Shortly after, he logged off and didnt come back online. Near the start of December, Caden, Arca, and Var attempted to get in contact with NickStorm, but he said he wouldnt log on and blocked them. At that point, it was futile. On December 16, 2021 at around 5-6 AM EST Nyala fell after almost a year and a half of being worthless. Raiders of Nyala were seen in the EMC Towny chat getting mad over the fact Nyala was a 121 chunk town yet was so poor and had no valuables in it, likely being taken by Caden or NickStorm prior to the fall. Later that day, ArcaPlays built a monument for Nyala in Turkana by taking the concrete flag found in Nyala's Ice Road Station and rebuilding it in Turkana.

Sister Cities

Notable People

Currently, the only notable person in the town is the Mayor, ArcaPlays.

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