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Greaseballer in front of Kiir's logo
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Profile Information
Aliases Noah
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town Kiirflag.png Kiir
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Mayor of Kiir (Nova), Dictator of Niagara (Aurora), Admiral-General of Gizzard (Aurora)
Organization Kiir Strip Clubs
Political Party
Spouse(s) Greaseballer claims to be married to several people, however they do not recognise the marriages. These include:
Signature Man3.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 17th September 2019
Place of Spawn Persepolis
Physical Information
Nationality American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Zodiac carrot
Height 5'11
Weight 147 lbs
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Usage of DD/MM/YY
  • 19/09/2019 - 'Present' Flag-0.png Nubia

Greaseballer (formerly Noahser and noahsermoo1119) is a Nubian player who first joined on the 17th of September 2019, and has been playing since. He was formerly Minister of Cultural Affairs for Nubia (from September 2020 - January 2021), and former Nubian Minister of Defence. He is also the leader of Kiir, which managed reached over 70 residents at peak with gorkymoo1119 and twomoo1119's help.

First days

Greaseballer joined in September of 2019 after escaping a factions server he was hated on, He spawned in Southern Iran, in modern day Persepolis. This was convenient, as he wanted to make Medina, which is a bit north of Mecca. At the time, no town occupied that area. He quickly realized that there was no way he was going to make that much gold. He was then offered to join the town of Tiger's Nest, in Bhutan. He declined this, instead continuing to persue medina. Finally he was approached by twomoo1119, who wanted to invite him to El Obeid. He would accept this, and join the town.

Short time in El Obeid

When he joined El Obeid, he was given a small house and a horse. He would explore areas, and go along the ice roads to find new lands. Eventually, he started to gather gold for a town in South Sudan, and it was to be called South Sudan. When Greaseballer asked twomoo1119 for funding, he declined, saying that if it doesn't have enough money to found itself, then it wont be able to afford claims. Eventually, Greaseballer would gather enough gold to make a town, and on September 25th, 2019, he made South Sudan, now called Kiir.

After making Kiir

When South Sudan was founded, he brought in one of his friends, Lopile, to help him. Eventually Lopile became inactive, so Greaseballer would be on his own. Greaseballer would be an on and off player, usually coming back to EarthMC when he got banned on another server or something interesting happened to the server (such as the Ethiopian Revolt). He played during mid September - late September, late November - late January, early March - early April, early May - early June, and early July - Present. He also has the 2nd oldest /res date in Nubia, only behind twomoo1119. Along with Twict and Bigdaddythunder, he would grief areas around Osiris during the war with Ancient Egypt in late 2019. The Grief would eventually get rolled back.


Greaseballer's first political position was Kephale in the GRE in late 2019. He was appointed to be one by twomoo1119, along with a resident of El Obeid. He would later run for Magister Militum, and win. He didn't do much of anything as MM, and would take a break near the end of his term to focus on other servers. It would be all the way until June of 2020 when he would get another political position. He was Minister of Defence for Nubia for 3 days in June before resigning to focus on other servers. When he came back, he ran as Minister of Cultural Affairs several times, but was never elected. He managed to get MoCA when iamkeg resigned in October. He would then run again in November and December, winning both terms, but would stop running in January.


Visit main article: Marriages of Greaseballer

Greaseballer has attempted to engage in marriages with several people, often ironically with the other individual in the alleged relationship not recognizing it. Driifter is the only person to recognise their marriage with Greaseballer, however no wedding has been held yet.

Greaseballer also claims to be married to 4 others, being Amphire, gorkymoo1119, nbax and SovietLord.


Greaseballer has written several books and publications, most being erotica between members of Yemen. A list can be found below:

  • Vlad x Oranges: made to annoy Raining Oranges and Vlad, written in March 2020.
  • Lottie x Alex: made for the same reason as above, written in May 2020.
  • Raining Oranges Rant: Made during the Ethiopian Revolution to attack Raining_Oranges, the leader of Yemen, for his failure to rule Nubia. It talks about how he has failed to run Yemen, him putting his friends in high positions of power, and him allegedly simping for Zovely, a resident of Yemen. He then posted it in the Yemen discord, which got him banned from it. Then, he converted it into a mp3 file and played it in the Yemen vc, which got the alt he used banned. Written in May 2020.
  • Oranges x Zovely: made to annoy Raining_Oranges and Zovely, written in May 2020


Greaseballer was involved in several wars, almost all in defence of Nubia. In late 2019, he was one of the few that would fight for the nation, now Nubia has a large army.

War with Ancient Egypt

In November 2019, Ancient Egypt took the town of Le Caire from Nubia. In response, Twomoo1119 met with louisdek to talk about it. He was then killed. This started a war between the 2 nations. Greaseballer would become active again shortly after the war declaration, and procede to grief Osiris heavily, racking up 2 warns. The dynmap outside of it would be griefed, with him writing "Ancient Egypt Sucks", "Louisdek Smells", and "Fuck Egypt" along with several dicks. He would also use water and glass to grief which would get him warned. For attacking, he would kill louisdek twice, but be killed by Daviq, a Bosnian defending louisdek, several times. Eventually with the help of the Greater Roman Empire (GRE) louisdek would be killed much more. However, by January 2020 the war had cooled down.

War with Ottoman Rumelia

In January 2020 when Nubia joined the GRE, they were dragged into a war with Ottoman Rumelia, a nation that rebelled and was owned by Vlad. Greaseballer was Magister Militum during this, so he would lead attacks. Much of the time the rest of the GRE wouldn't come to the attacks, so Greaseballer would go with just Lopile and Novamaeda to attack them. The majority of the time it would be a success as Vlad would claimhide. Later into the month, Ottoman Rumelia would disband, ending the war.

Conflict with Ethiopia

When Ethiopia (May 2020) revolted, Nubia's population would decline heavily. The only semi-active town that stayed in Nubia besides El Obeid was Kiir. Greaseballer quickly started attacking small towns in Ethiopia, first being Ssadoo_Sanctuary. Ice, who owned the town, would be killed several times. He would then attempt to attack Kiir, but would be killed again. Greaseballer then started attacking Kraftier, becoming the first person to do so. It would fail however, as Kobikraft refused to go out of claims. Greaseballer would then attempt to attack Mersa, and build a large penis in the south. This would be taken down, so Greaseballer built a field of them to the west with the help of Novamaeda. They would be taken down. Twomoo1119 would then take control of Nubia, and attacks would stop.

Conflict with Yemen

Main article: Yemen-Nubia Conflict

Greaseballer would briefly be involved with the war with Yemen. Even before Ethiopia was disbanded, he would try to get Nubia to secede from Yemen. In June 2020, Yemen declared war on Nubia. Greaseballer would be involved in several fights including in El Obeid and Massenya, but would later go inactive to play on other servers.

War with Sudan

Main article: The Sudanese Rebellion

In July 2020, kobiKraft toggled PvP on Greaseballer and StarKiller1744 while they were in kobiKraft's home. This is when he was still in Nubia, so the rest of Nubia defended him. They were unaware of that kobiKraft planned to do. in August he would secede and set up Sudan, Greaseballer quickly started raiding them, but would fail to get any kills as kobiKraft and TheSuperGamer205 would claimhide. Eventually he scored a few kills on Kraftier residents outside the city. He would also grief the outside of Kraftier. Greaseballer would also participate in Frog Moore, attacking Nicky_Who several times, but still not being able to get any kills. The war would later cool down as kobiKraft wouldnt come out of claims.

War with Kindu

Main article: Nubia-Kindu War

in February 2020, Kindu would revolt again and join Rwanda. This would be a disaster for them, as Nubia would quickly start attacking. He would lead the Second Kindu Offensive, which saw the deaths of several Kinduans. He also held off 2 5v1s, killing zwin32 and deathmongr in them. This war would also cool down as Kindu went inactive shortly after the battles.


Greaseballer joined Aurora on the opening day, May 1st 2022, creating Niagara Falls, the first town in North America. He would then invite his friends phrouge, FloorLicker, and Driifter to help run the nation. On June 22nd 2022, he founded the nation of Niagara, and later joined Canada as a province. After which, he began to host Ice sumo tournaments, a sport that was first created in Kiir. Ice sumo became a huge hit, with many big names competing, with kazucc, Mikey__, and pezos dominating the sport.

Greaseballer temporary left EarthMC in March 2023, due to boredom, but would return in November 2023, unclaimed most of Niagara, and run with the gold to create Gizzard, an entirely underground town in the North Atlantic.

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