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Kiir Strip Clubs is a non-profit organization founded by Noahsermoo1119 on November 20th, 2019 in El Obeid, Nubia, making it the longest lasting strip club organization in history, as it is still active today. It was founded even before South Sudan changed its name to Kiir. Its main focus is to build strip clubs across the world, as it isn't going for money. As of March 2021, there is 8 locations in 7 towns on 2 continents. The organization has attempted to expand beyond Nubia before but those attempts failed. Kiir Strip Clubs also holds the largest strip club on the server, Flex Tower, a giant skyscraper complete with a large strip club at the top, a pool, and a mechanized sex machine. Its headquarters is in Kiir, Nubia.


Early History

KSC was founded after Noahsermoo1119 bought an old store in El Obeid called Ubbayid Supplies in November 20th, 2019. He then revamped it into a strip club. The strip club would be used for some parties and as a cow farm as there was one under it. There was also several small parties held at it once it was build but there wasn't much else to do since it was so small.

The Chicago Deal

In December 2019, Noahser wanted to make KSC international, by buying up a plot in Chicago to make a strip club. Noahser then contacted HueyFreeman in an attempt to get him to sell him land. Huey said he would, but later refused to. Noahser then dropped it, seeing it was going nowhere.


Flex tower. The largest strip club on the server and the 2nd tallest building in Kiir. Construction was started on December 28th, 2019 and finished in July of 2020.

In July 2020, Noahser became active again. He wanted to expand his strip club business as it only has 1 location. He then contacted StarKiller1744, mayor of Turkana and asked him if he could buy a plot. Star agreed and KSC got its 2nd location. A few days later, Flex Tower was finished, adding it as the 3rd location and the largest strip club on the server. Next up, he asked Meganmoo1119 if he could buy a plot in Suna to make a strip club. She agreed and the plot was bought. There was then a small party which was then interrupted by an "attack" by StarKiller1744. Eventually, expansion would slow down, though small parties would occur in the strip clubs, the largest one being Kiir 1 Year, in Flex Tower, which saw several deaths as 2 people drowned and several jumped to their deaths.

Current History

When former resident of Kiir, Lopile, came into control of Sanaa, Noahser asked to buy a strip club there. Lopile agreed, and gave him a plot. This one featured a Cock and ball torture chair, but it wasn't as active as Sanaa had less people. Noahser then got Gorkymoo1119 to give him a plot in Mersa to build a strip club. This one also wasn't active. In December 2020, when El Obeid had expanded, it started giving away shop plots. Noahser asked for a building near the /n spawn, but it was declined to make room for a shop. He then convinced Twomoo1119 to give him the back of the casino. It worked and he got it. This was to be the 2nd largest location, and the first to feature games, like Yes or No and Never have I ever. This one is also where the maid party happened, when Nubians put on maid skins and had a party in the strip club. The latest location being added was Azula, which was given to Noahser by Th0op before she left for Turkana.


Each red dot represents a location

KSC has many locations across Nubia, 7 being in Africa, 1 in Asia. There are locations in Kiir, Azula, Mersa, Turkana, Sanaa, Suna, and El Obeid. There are 2 in El Obeid though, one being by Old Obeid, the first location, and the other being in the /n spawn area. The largest location is Flex Tower and the smallest is the one in Suna.