May 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election

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May 2021 Nubia MoFA election
Last Election April 2021
Next Election June 2021
Candidates CharlieCrafterFace.png CharlieCrafter18
ElectroZaidFace.png ElectroZaidYT
FijiFace.png Fijiloopins
FrankHorriganFace.png Frank_Horrigan_E
GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
NoahFace.png Greaseballer
PhrougeFace.png phrouge
SadFace.png Sad_poo
CadenFace.png t0ess
ToastPantherFace.png ToastPanther1
KostasFace.png UsualKostas
Incumbent during
GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Winner GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119

The May 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election was part of the May 2021 Nubia elections, with this race electing the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It would be won by gorkymoo1119 in a landslide result. The race would be notable for the mass registration of candidates, with the race hosting about half the total amount of candidates in the May 2021 Nubia elections.


In the April 2021 Nubia elections, gorkymoo1119 would win the race for Minister of Foreign Affairs due to a lack of competition. He had been in government since the February 2021 Nubia elections elections, after an agreement about incumbent Ministers from December not running for re-election in January.


Early registration

In the initial announcement of opening registration and campaigning, gorkymoo1119 would be included as a candidate for Minister of Foreign Affairs as he had expressed interest prior. Fijiloopins would register soon after on the reasoning of gorkymoo1119's lack of competition in the elections prior, with him also saying his campaign was a joke.

Mass registration of candidates

Following Fijiloopins' public registration for the race, many others would register, including most notably Greaseballer and phrouge. These candidacies were widely viewed as a joke due to their timing and suggested reasoning by the candidates. This would firsttake place on the 25th April 2021, the same day the announcement for registration was put out, and over the next few days.


Visit main article: Jewygate

On the 28th April 2021, one of the front-runners in the competition, Fijiloopins, would find himself in a scandal. The scandal started when gorkymoo1119's campaign found Fijiloopins had posted a screenshot of TheRealJewy, who had fought against Nubia in the Yemen-Nubia Conflict, calling Fijiloopins his 'best friend'.

Attack adverts

There were 3 attack adverts launched throughout the election, with one targeting Fijiloopins and the two others targeting gorkymoo1119. The one targeting Fijiloopins, titled 'who else might he trust?' focused on Jewygate. The two others would revolve around gorkymoo1119, with one accusing him of being anti-capitalism, using one of gorkymoo1119's adverts as a background.

Official debate

Visit main article: May 2021 Nubia elections debate

Several candidates who had previously not campaigned or announced their plans for the position would announce them within the debate. One receiving much attention would be CharlieCrafter18, who would suggest he would declare war on every nation to have them 'fear Nubia'. Others announcing their plans would include Greaseballer and phrouge.

Contesting candidates

Major candidates

Candidates in this section received at least two first choice votes.

Candidate Political offices Announced Campaign
GorkyIsis.pnggorkymoo1119 Emperor of Ethiopia (former) Grand Vizier of Darya (former)

Prime Minister of Nubia (former)

25th April 2021 DontJustHopeForABetterLifeVoteGorky.pngCampaign
FijiSkin.pngFijiloopins Leader of Nejd (former)Minister of Trade and Commerce of Nubia (since 2nd April 2021)

Mayor of Kemenkaya (former)

25th April 2021 FijiChangePropagandaMay2021.pngCampaign
Skin of cadenateyourtoes.pngt0esss Minister of Trade and Commerce (former)Mayor of Nyala (former)

Mayor of Serapis (former)

29th April 2021 No campaign
PhrougeSkin.pngphrouge Councillor in Kiir 29th April 2021 PhrougeAdvertMay2021.pngCampaign
CharlieCraftSkin.pngCharlieCrafter18 Mayor of Arxcia 29th April 2021 No campaign

Other candidates

Candidates in this section received fewer than 2 first choice votes
Greaseballer ElectroZaidYT ToastPanther1 UsualKostas Sad_poo
Usual Kostas' Skin.png
Minister of Cultural Affairs of Nubia


Minister of Municipal Development of Nubia


Minister of Imperial Affairs of Nubia


Campaign No campaign No campaign No campaign No campaign
Announced: 25th April 2021 Announced: 26th April 2021 Announced: 25th April 2021 Announced: 1st May 2021 Announced: 29th April 2021
No campaign
Announced: 25th April 2021


All 5 predictions published across the elections suggested gorkymoo1119 would be the winner of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as had been the case in the past.


Only one candidate would receive endorsements being gorkymoo1119.

Endorsements for gorkymoo1119

List of endorsements
  • Lopile, incumbent Minister of Defence and mayor of Sanaa
  • MapleVK, former leader of Svalbard and incumbent government advisor in Britain
  • Mengan_, incumbent Minister of Cultural Affairs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and incumbent mayor of Suna
  • t0ess, former Minister of Trade and Commerce and former Mayor of NyalaTemplate:Refn
  • Yoshigamer1298, former Emperor of Katanga, former Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs and mayor


Victory of gorkymoo1119

Gorkymoo1119 would go onto win the election by a landslide despite extra competition. This would be credited to his high-profile name, active campaign and incumbency. He would receive 13 first choice votes, with Fijiloopins being second to him with 5 first choice votes. The results would be announced last in the official result announcement.


Visit main article: Claims of electoral fraud in the May 2021 Nubia elections

Most other candidates in the race would not give reactions, however Greaseballer and phrouge would claim electoral fraud by twomoo1119, the election host.


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