Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the May 2021 Nubia elections

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gorkymoo1119 for Foreign Affairs
One of his main posters, with his slogan Keep Foreign Affairs Competent
Campaigned for May 2021 Nubian MoFA election
Candidate GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Status Announced: 25th April 2021
First election propaganda: 27th April 2021
Won election: 1st May 2021
Key people
Slogan Keep Foreign Affairs Competent
Keep Foreign Affairs Working
who else might he trust?

Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the May 2021 Nubia elections for the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nubia was first announced on the 25th April 2021. He first campaigned on the 27th April 2021, winning the election on the 1st May 2021, posting 20 pieces of election propaganda during the election.

Gorkymoo1119 would mainly campaign on the previous experience, competence and stability. This was due to his main competitors not having worked in foreign affairs or in government. He would also suggest the other candidates would prevent continuing the current foreign policy, which he believed was working.

As the incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs, he entered the race as one of the main front-runners. He would also receive support from major politicians. As had been the case in his other campaigns, he would be one of the most high-profile candidates. With this and his campaigning strategy, gorkymoo1119 would go onto win the election by a landslide, with Fijiloopins coming in second place with gorkymoo1119 receiving about 13 votes to Fijiloopins' 5 votes.


Previous political campaigns

Gorkymoo1119 had campaigned for every Minister race but the January 2021 Nubia elections ever since Nubian independence from Yemen, consistently being elected to government.

Minister of Foreign Affairs campaigns

After the January elections, gorkymoo1119 would start campaigning for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. He would often use political adverts, posting multiple times a day. He also would post attack adverts, most notably in the February Minister of Foreign Affairs election in which he created a political advert questioning the notability of his competitors.

Speculation and interest expressed

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Gorkymoo1119 would soon become subject of speculation about who would run in the election and would go onto confirm interest in running to be re-elected as Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Visit main article: Timeline of gorkymoo1119's campaign for the May 2021 Nubia elections
  • 25th April 2021 - Gorkymoo1119 registers for the election.
  • 27th April 2021 - Gorkymoo1119 posts his first piece of election propaganda.
  • 1st May 2021 - Gorkymoo1119 wins the election.



Due to him expressing interest prior to the official announcements about the ability to register and start of campaigning, twomoo1119 would immediately put him down as a candidate for the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mass registration of competitors

Due to his lack of competition in the April elections, multiple active members of Nubia would register to run against gorkymoo1119 to prevent a repeat of the last elections, most notably Fijiloopins and Greaseballer. There would be 6 others competing against him initially, with ToastPanther1 also registering later the same day on the 25th April. Many of these candidacies were viewed as a joke by the Nubian population.

First election propaganda

2 days after registering for the election, on the 27th April 2021, gorkymoo1119's campaign would post their first advertisement, with the poster promoting voting him in one large piece of text, then a smaller piece of text reading 'Keep Foreign Affairs Competent'. It would also picture his skin by it. The poster would be posted in the Nubian discord #propaganda channel, with a caption reading 'The only serious and competent candidate! Gorky for FA.'

The attack advert against Fijiloopins

Attack adverts

Visit main article: who else might he trust?

Gorkymoo1119 would use one main piece of election propaganda as an attack advert titled, who else might he trust?. It was targeted at Fijiloopins, who gorkymoo1119's campaign considered to be the main competitor in the race for Minister of Foreign Affairs. The advert focused on Fijiloopins' alleged friendship with TheRealJewy. He would post the advert 3 times, often with a caption suggesting Fijiloopins would damage the stability of Nubian foreign policy.

'Foreign Affairs is stable. Let's not break that' advert

Gorkymoo1119 would also use an advertisement about stability, which indirectly suggested he was the only candidate who could keep the Nubian foreign policy stable. This would be met with some backlash, with other candidates suggesting it was 'anti-change'. Gorkymoo1119 had confirmed he was in favour of keeping Nubian foreign policy similar to it was already. Similar adverts had been published in prior political campaigns.

Response to attack adverts against him

Fijiloopins, Greaseballer and phrouge would launch several attack adverts against gorkymoo1119 as he was the favourite to win the election. These would be of varying quality. Despite the attack adverts against him, gorkymoo1119's campaign decided not to respond, as the attack adverts were of questionable quality, with many clearly being a joke.


The campaign's strategy mainly focused on campaigning on stability and keeping foreign affairs 'sturdy', as he had done prior. He also campaigned on the alleged inexperience of his competitors, with them allegedly knowing little about foreign relations. It would also campaign on the fact the majority of his opponents had openly registered for the election as a joke, meaning they did not actually want to be elected.


All 3 predictions published across the elections suggested gorkymoo1119 would be the winner of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as had been the case in the past.


Gorkymoo1119 would receive 5 endorsements, less than his previous campaigns. This was credited due to the fact many of his competitors were those who had previously endorsed him. These endorsements were by:

  • Lopile, incumbent Minister of Defence and mayor of Sanaa
  • MapleVK, former leader of Svalbard and incumbent government advisor in Britain
  • Mengan_, incumbent Minister of Cultural Affairs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and incumbent mayor of Suna
  • t0ess, former Minister of Trade and Commerce and former Mayor of NyalaTemplate:Refn
  • Yoshigamer1298, former Emperor of Katanga, former Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs and mayor


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Issues and positions

<references group="note" />Gorkymoo1119 mainly campaigned on keeping foreign policy and foreign relations as had been under his tenure already. He would also campaign on a strong foreign policy against enemies, especially after the Jewygate scandal.


There were 3 main slogans used by gorkymoo1119's campaign, all 3 making appearances in image election propaganda, with one being in an attack advert.

Keep Foreign Affairs Competent.

Gorkymoo1119 would first use the slogan 'Keep Foreign Affairs Competent.' in his first piece of election propaganda, on the 27th April 2021. It would be used to push the idea that other candidates were not as competent or skilled as gorkymoo1119 or what was required for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. The word competent at the end of the phrase would be in bold.

The poster the slogan 'Keep Foreign Affairs Working' would mostly feature on

Keep Foreign Affairs Working

Inspired by his other slogan 'Keeping Foreign Affairs Competent', gorkymoo1119 would first use the slogan on the 29th April 2021, in an advert that focused on stability. It would be used 7 times with that advert and often in election propaganda captions alongside comments about stability. The caption would also be shortened to 'Keep FA Working' sometimes.

who else might he trust?

Visit main article: who else might he trust?

The slogan who else might he trust? was mostly used in attack adverts against Fijiloopins, suggesting Fijiloopins could not be trusted due to his relationship with TheRealJewy.