Electoral reforms in Yemeni Nubia under zovely

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The electoral reforms in Yemeni Nubia under zovely prior to and during the first premiership of gorkymoo1119 was important in the creation of a more democratic Nubia, with the first constitution of Nubia being passed. Many of the reforms took place from the 6th April until the 27th April 2020, with other voting reforms and amendments to the constitution taking place after.


During the First Nubian Empire, there was a push for a democratic system of Nubia, with a channel in the Nubian discord dedicated to discussion around such. However, after the abdication of Emperor twomoo1119 these discussions would come to an end, until zovely took power on the 27th March 2020. Discussion would start taking place hosted by gorkymoo1119 about a new constitution.


After discussion around the first constitution, gorkymoo1119 would announce the creation of one inspired from that discussed during the First Nubian Empire on the 6th April 2020. During the next 21 days, amendments would be made to constitution alongside election plans for the democracy to be properly put in place. Gorkymoo1119 would oversee all of this, announcing updates in regards to the reforms.

On the 27th April 2020, the first elections would take place, with Ministers elected to government, and soon the Prime Minister position elected too, gorkymoo1119 winning such.

Gorkymoo1119 Premiership

Under the first Premiership of gorkymoo1119, final changes would be made to the electoral system and laws around it. Preferential voting would be officially implemented for future elections (of which there were none during Yemeni Nubia). Other amendments would be made to the constitution during his tenure too, correcting mistakes and adding an article about Nubian relations with Yemen.

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