Gorkymoo1119-Plushie_Foxy feud

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The 2 key figures in the feud

The Gorkymoo1119-Plushie_Foxy feud is a rivalry between gorkymoo1119 and Plushie_Foxy that started in the February 2021 Nubia elections. Several scandals and controversies were involved in the rivalry, especially with the attack adverts launched by both gorkymoo1119's campaign and Plushie_Foxy's campaign.


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Gorkymoo1119 would launch his campaign for the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs on the 25th January 2021, with Plushie_Foxy launching his campaign for Minister of Trade and Commerce a day later. Plushie_Foxy would start to make several comments that stirred up controversy and criticism, with gorkymoo1119 planning to comment and be involved in the criticism after making comments privately with other Nubian politicians.

First interaction

On the 29th January 2021, Plushie_Foxy would announce that he had his first endorsement, from th0op. Gorkymoo1119 would question this, as th0op had not publicly discussed politics with Plushie_Foxy.

Soon, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mengan_ would ask in the #election-discussion channel within the Nubian discord 'gorky do you think ill win'. Despite the question being aimed at gorkymoo1119, Plushie_Foxy would reply with 'You might. If you do, I will help you, even if I am not Minister'. This would be met with a reply about inactivity by Mengan_, which gorkymoo1119 would proceed to backup.

Plushie_Foxy trading comments

Prior to this, Plushie_Foxy had suggested the usage of minecarts before, which other Nubian politicians had suggested wouldn't work. In reply to comments about inactivity made by gorkymoo1119, he would suggest he had a 'list' of helpers to do his job and said he had 64 gold. These were called out as unlikely to be true by gorkymoo1119 amongst others, commenting that for his short activity he can't have that many people to help him.

Whilst Plushie_Foxy did not directly acknowledge the comments made about how truthful he was being about his 'list of friends', he suggested that they write, saying 'I guess you right' before informing of his intentions to leave the race for Minster of Trade and Commerce.

February 2021 Minister of Foreign Affairs race

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Entry of Plushie_Foxy

Later on the 29th January 2021, Plushie_Foxy would announce his candidacy for the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Gorkymoo1119 saw this as the fault of his involvement against Plushie_Foxy's candidacy for Minister of Trade and Commerce.

Official election debate

Between the 29th and 30th January 2021, a debate would occur, with gorkymoo1119 asking the other candidate attending the debate, vaguemoo119, who their closest allies were. Plushie_Foxy did not attend the debate, stating after that he was busy in a quote that read:

"For all Nubians, I am sorry I was not on the debate. I had a lot of work trying to create treaties with other nations. A vote for gloomy gorky is a vote for war! A vote for Foxy is a vote for Nubia!"

He was criticised more for his lack of attendance at the debate, and gorkymoo1119 in response saying with a quote from Plushie_Foxy:

"'A vote for war' - not true at all! Our closest allies are all close friends of me! A vote for Gorky is a vote to keep a peaceful Africa with nations happy and familiar with Nubia!"

Plushie_Foxy DM scandal

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'Who is our closest non-Empire ally?'

Gorkymoo1119 would ask Plushie_Foxy who their closest non-Empire ally was, with Plushie_Foxy saying he had to check, before saying he had to find his 'list of allies' on his computer. Unknown to him, Plushie_Foxy was messaging th0op in private, asking them the same question. They would reply with Katanga, with gorkymoo1119 then informing him it was a member of the Second Nubian Empire.

Discovery and confrontation

Th0op would message gorkymoo1119 about the messages, with gorkymoo1119 then confronting Plushie_Foxy about it, with Plushie_Foxy initially denying that he had done such. After an image was shared as proof, Plushie_Foxy would ignore the situation before accusing him of 'allegations of privacy'.

Post-February 2021 election

After the elections, the rivalry would mostly continue, with gorkymoo1119 informing Plushie_Foxy that he wouldn't be getting his home in Turkana back after Plushie_Foxy had attempted to demand it back. Plushie_Foxy was also ridiculed for allegedly faking dissociative identity disorder as an excuse for his past actions.

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