Impeachment inquiry against gorkymoo1119

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(pictured top to bottom) TheSuperGamer205 started the impeachment against gorkymoo1119

The impeachment inquiry against gorkymoo1119 (then 57gorky), Prime Minister of Nubia, occurred on the 2nd May 2020, filed by Minister of Cultural Affairs TheSuperGamer205. It was dropped on the same day, after an agreement between the two as a result of gorkymoo1119 opening an impeachment on TheSuperGamer205. All incumbent Ministers but TheSuperGamer205 opposed the impeachment.


TheSuperGamer205 and gorkymoo1119 had a long rivalry, due to differences in politics as to how Yemeni Africa and Nubia should be run. TheSuperGamer205 staged some opposition to a democratic system, due to his lack of popularity amongst many of the active population, however the rest of the population involved in the matters of creating a democracy was in favour.

Gorkymoo1119 would be elected Prime Minister in late June, after TheSuperGamer205 was elected Minister of Cultural Affairs. TheSuperGamer205 would be one of only 2 voters to not vote for gorkymoo1119 as Prime Minister.

Impeachment procedure beginning

Debate over political humour

After a comment in regards to humour surrounding the politics of Nubia by gorkymoo1119, TheSuperGamer205 would state he was in opposition to such humour, suggesting it could confuse people easily, deciding to impeach gorkymoo1119. This was met by backlash from many of the PM's supporters, saying that the government should have the ability to understand humour.

Impeachment start

TheSuperGamer205 would then ask gorkymoo1119 to start an impeachment vote in the Lower House after the debate, with reasons of 'joking around in politics'. It would be voted against by all members of the Minister Cabinet but TheSuperGamer205. Debate would continue after, with Minister 57billy and Deputy Prime Minister _Demon1932_ giving their input on the subject.

Response to impeachment

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In response to the impeachment, after a debate with TheSuperGamer205, gorkymoo1119 would open an inquiry into the impeachment of TheSuperGamer205 for being allegedly incompetent and thus not fit for government. This would be voted on in the Lower House, with those who voted against the impeachment of gorkymoo1119 voting in favour of TheSuperGamer205's impeachment.

Gorkymoo1119-TheSuperGamer205 agreement

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After noting the impeachment inquiry into him was succeeding, TheSuperGamer205 made a deal with gorkymoo1119 to end the impeachment processes. TheSuperGamer205 would immediately drop his impeachment into gorkymoo1119, in an attempt to have him end his impeachment inquiry. After a small debate of gorkymoo1119 mocking TheSuperGamer205, he would drop the impeachment inquiry too, with both inquiries being announced about being dropped in the Lower House voting channel.


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A few days after the impeachment inquiry ending, Ethiopia would be founded by gorkymoo1119 in response to the lack of involvement of Yemen in helping with democracy, as well as the alleged incompetence of zovely as the Nubian leader. This would later result in Nubian independence from Yemen after the unification of Yemeni East Africa.

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